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Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSFIV XBL - Post match feedback
« on: September 19, 2012, 01:49:04 PM »
what derrace said is kinda right though.

afaik,all this time NTD game plan never really change and i doubt it will change. no point pointing out flaws and giving pointers since he's stuck on the same game plan forever.

a good plan however, since the game mechanics really allow stupid shit to go here and there. but plain boring ass

I'm up for some 2v2 mm will be fun :) if anybody from melbourne wants to give it a crack with me.

Team up with me Louie :D?

Done zg now u have a sagato buttering ya instead of salting ya :P

lol what a hocker getting a sagat to smash gief :p full on butter

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: Balrog VS akuma :(
« on: September 14, 2012, 10:11:28 PM »
lol who did palm os u2 on you? gamogo?

just do it.

back when 3s in melbourne i think our player were more serious about fighting game.

pault, hong, kevin(coach), akira, gavin, lok etc actually spend $$$ in bluehouse and travel internationally that's commitment.

sf4 era. everyone's a hocker, sandbagger hope their dirty tricks will work forever til get beaten by an internationals.

We eventually formed a great bond and discussions happened naturally as our minds began to think in very similar ways. In due course, I was able to slowly see an improvement in my game and we were able to impart new information to each other.

ugh....come on guys margarine each other with hot knife and says thats rapport? :P

on another note. dude we need to play an extensive set.

its pretty stupid that i have to deal with kunai every fortnight friday 3-4 games in bluehouse before i start blocking it right (with random guesses) and when i finally win you went for dinner. YOU CHEATED THOSE WINS BEYOTCH!.

and the next fortnight i see you again same shit happens rinse and repeat forever.

ibuki is by far the strongest character that flying outside of majority's players radar. and there's not much resources available to counter this character really annoying and potentially best in tourney as move/tricks/shikis are hardly seen and no muscle memory to help react against it.

something just don't click i can't block that kunai! stupid youtube tutorial just doesn't ring a bell to me if i don't get to block a proper kunai 100(min)-10000 times.

i want to improve against ibuki seriously.

tried to play few other ibuki but heck they don't throw kunai properly and shit's just random. and i don't think i should be playing robsux either at current rate he beat me with just footsie maybe i should just shamelessly waste his time until i can block those crap or give a decent fight which perhaps will take 100s of game.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSFIV PC - Post match feedback
« on: September 05, 2012, 11:02:14 PM »
Speaking of Claws, does anybody know where Punk54U hangs out these days?  I'm guessing xbox, since I haven't seen him on psn during my biannual logins.  He'd be a welcome addition to PC.

played him on xbox. he's gonna go on xbox more often he says. i figured out stupid rolling dumbass flash is actually punishable after i got abused like 5 rounds more dumb shit.

why aus suck...its the culture...

kor. playing at home your parent think your working to stardom ESPORT!

sg/japan/hk/tw. playing at home your parents swear at you playing games. hence arcade culture is very strong and information is shared like contagion.

aus. playing at home you parents think that your not going out making a mess of yourself get drunk/dead and saving money. welfared by centrelink too. With shitty internet playing online includes being fraudulent, alot of sandbagging mashing abusing and excuses abt losses. heaps of keyboard warrior never go to any tournament or goes to it once every bluemoon and pretend that they are supporting the community. facebook more than training. tournament in shadowloohq means nothing if u just lose 2game(1 winner, next loser) and after that you go back into socializing, cheering for your friend or playing in comfy zone instead of trying to figure out how to kill that ♥♥♥♥♥♥/bastard/retard that just killed you.

someone afaik can't even do their bnb right and tells everyone he can do it (yea perhaps in training mode only). were just mashing dp whenever there's chance and don't bother changing even after 3rd-4th safejump instead choose to quit. picks fei/seth/sammy/yun or divekick dp, dp doesnt work chooses to chicken wing, chicken wing doesnt work choose to u2 rinse repeat if all else fail quit or pick another character to spam. not even one single bit trying to learn but flowcharting. high level mago fei poongko seth and cammies videos are everywhere

already community is small enough as it is. it is further divided into a smaller crew of 3-4 member sorta like a team. if anyone notices eg. like bluehouse warriors, boxhill players, sith's crew, shadowloo crew, that viet crew and of course online warriors club. so really each team just helping in a small pool but when thrown into the big pond cries and jumps back straight into their pool again and feel all comfy though soiled.

@mikethetv: i totally get what you mean you want to be spoonfed to lvlup faster like eating steroids. but in all seriousness can't you just put a goal to beat everyone that you've faced and figured out why u lost and improve from there? take too long? doesn't your mate that plays help you at all. and after the information somniac gave you, have you played som again and give him trouble/beat him in a game/set or your just gonna lose to him again and request to be spoonfed some more when, is this going to end?

personally i only give help to those who are willing to learn and put in hours.

jeff is one for example, back when he's a scrub he so keen at improving that he gets a bunch of players to play with him and loses almost 80% of the time and within 3 months everyone that used to beat him gets destroyed by him including me.

phil is another example he looked for better player than him get destroyed later asked me what went wrong i told him the counter to the matchup and he got better. but he always target the better player trying to take them down climbing the ladder within few months he took down/soiled alot of sharpies in tourney and get handed down as well.

those people that are saying they are playing kof...please stop unless you really mean it, majority of the players are extremely capcom mind infused uppercut addict that when they play kof they just mash/dp their way to death....or playing it wrong as if its a capcom game.

someone make a league tourney already so that they can play their own league instead of challenging sharpies with troll and expected to be spoonfed for no reason.

on another note: you think kof is a good game and balanced? i worry in the end its like everyone just picks kula/gato/foxy/maylee nothing else. though at least atm the only reason its enjoyable coz its not uppercut friendly. unlike uppercut fighter 4/reversal fighter 4.


What incentive would it take for top players to sit down and play extended sets with newer/midrange players with the aim of levelling people up and offering extensive feedback? Why is it not worth their time, and how can we make it worth their time? In Melbourne, I only ever see Vitriol and Phero do this freely and often, and I'm really glad they do, because for us in the middle of the pack, going it alone or just with other midrange players leads to slower progress, and a more tedious, more time consuming, less enjoyable experience.

And when the experience is less enjoyable, that's when I start thinking of all the other things I can learn to be excellent at with the time I'm devoting to SF4.

Plenty of us are willing to learn, who else is willing to teach and speed the process of turning Australia into an SF4 threat?

Chains only as strong as their weakest links, et cetera.

you don't play with top players straight away because whatever top players do you won't be able to digest it quickly enough to utilise it.

instead play with same range of players and stop them from doing their retarded abusive shit and progress to beating up another better player in your range.

that's how top player improve.

information is shared in youtube/srk/iplaywinner/ozhadou, already teaching materials is plenty.

to get recognized you have to prove it. instead of fucking getting someone to help all the learning phase.

if the mentality is all about getting someone to teach you then.........>>>> FUCK THAT LOSER - jay wilson

I will just put this out there, I am willing to money match anyone on KOF XIII

I know I am one of the best in the country, so if you believe otherwise or are up for a challenge, you know what to do

$20 each against you, collin and Qmar 1st to 5 if you guys are coming down. pocket's not deep enough to go $50.

i'll have to skip this one again. but i'll come to all future thursday tourney.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: Bluehouse
« on: August 27, 2012, 03:00:03 AM »
I went into Bluehouse today around midday, and it was really empty.

why the heck will you go to bluehouse on a sunday midday?

roughly majority is in Sloo hq.

and the rest being lazy at home.

sunday bluehouse is dead zone.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: Bluehouse
« on: August 16, 2012, 04:27:46 PM »
yea confirmed that bluehouse is down and machines are all moving to "red house" or whatever you guys like to call it. i have no idea lol.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4 AE 2013!
« on: August 16, 2012, 04:16:50 PM »
character divekick gets away with murder.

both are really shit....

PS3 naturally lags.

on pc occasionally its real good occasionally it does this screen tear lag spikes that's horrible that affects only one sided. people with different pc setting (v-sync and framerate) can cause that stupid frame tear.

xbox by far is the best if you don't count those laggers.

arcade/offline the best.

only kids and scrubs plays in casino. i wouldn't be surprised if you get 99 win streak.

just go to bluehouse during lunch hour.

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