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Butter :D

I'll money match anybody for any amount at a freestyle battle .... but im not a rapper!

alright. i'll play abit :D. $20 each it is!

if 3v3 im teaming up with xian :p

ps: im a fraud

$100 on antman!

the force($300) is strong with toxy

add another $300!

As for supporting the community, I did to try and run my own stream for a bit, but it hardly got any attention so i couldn't be bothered in the end. Gamogo was on it though ;)

the problem with streaming is that...fucking laggy. whats the point of doing something.

i rather 1st to 10 someone and with specatators telling us what did we not do. to improve matchup.

Tournament Announcements / Re: [NSW] OHNX, Sydney: 17th-19th Feb, 2012
« on: February 07, 2012, 03:02:01 AM »
???can't i just pay on the day and compete in the tourney?

i just realised its bloody over as well...can i register now lol? should make a big note abt the registration thing....

dk has the best honda. I verse him a couple of times already. he definitely the highest level Honda player I've played online. he is very patient except he sometimes jumps into my uppercuts and because of that I take a round of him ahaha.  if you remember back in SSF4 he was versing daigo ryu in a tournament. he did pretty good

Yeah DK's Honda is amazing. He can beat really good players without any combos at all but using mix-up / mind games alone and he makes it look easy.

Who is DK?

He plays on xbl. He uses Honda as his main. His Honda is amazing.

Ah. I'd like to take him on but no xbox

he will slap you silly.

I posted this in Shoryuken forums but i thought I'd post it here too and see if anyone had any tips:

Hi Guys,

The one thing I've found playing SF over the past few months is that now that im getting more into the frame trap/counter hit setup side of my play I still have trouble with cr tech mashers or cr.lp mashers. Specific examples include vsing Bisons, Chuns etc. I'll jump in start doing a block string attempt to do a staggered or cr.lp and i'll get blown up by online bisons who just spam even when i try different timings for frame traps I still get blown up.

My general habit is to jump in with normal, If they block, chuck out a delayed or delayed cr.lp, or maybe a few cr.lps step forward and do another delayed Alot of the time I will try these setups and the opposition just end up counter hitting me anyway.

Does anybody have any tips as an Akuma player to what is effective during block strings? I swear it feels the timing is slightly different for every character you vs or depending on how much your opponent mashes.

your losing to 3frame light kickers. try practicing breaking boxer c.lp and do the same to bison and chun(pretty much same). also ex hurricane helps. i think you're doing frame trap that beats normal tech/delayed when ur opponent is mashing it fastest. leave lesser gab.

try... into a true block string), c.lp inch in a bit real fast c.lp again while holding db(safe from psycho crush),
anyway its very hard to break chun/bison tech pattern. don't get obsessed with frame trapping it can destroy your whole gameplay(note to myself).
c.lp delay s.hp fireball. if s.hp trades with u get enough frame advantage to asap or sweep. if s.hp hits ur fireball followup!
close to sweep/s.hp(maybe)
all loses to UPPARKAT!

in the end it comes down to understanding of the timing i guess. for a long time i always thought i am doing a frame trap to beat fastest tech (but actually i am doing a delayed one). mind not following the body...and don't get repetitive with the c.mps...

hope my nonsense helped :D


(I'd also had 5 beers by that point but I don't think it would have mattered) 

i hate people who tell me about beer issue while playing. i don't care. :D just enjoy anyway.

Thing is I usually play better until really late on.... Bit like a night out really...  ;D

I'll hit you up when I'm back next, I need to practice that Sagat - Akuma match, it can't be as hard as it feels to me.

i'll be really honest here. i cbf playing that matchup when i am dealing with khan, flashy adam, and heavy weapon enough for me to digest sagat matchup. try heavy's akuma perhaps. his akuma is stong! really.

but perhaps i'll still play abit of fei and sagat i guess.

i am looking out for viper,ibuki,and dictator match though.

y u need mirror match practice?


(I'd also had 5 beers by that point but I don't think it would have mattered) 

i hate people who tell me about beer issue while playing. i don't care. :D just enjoy anyway.

anyone but suicine honestly.

Tech Talk / Re: good headset around $70
« on: January 23, 2012, 04:10:50 PM »
"Turtle beach is very competitive"

you can use any pc headset and use a converter.
i found one that works really great with my razor headset and i can just plug it in to my te fightstick.
sound quality pretty much depends on your headset.

where can i get the converter?

Tech Talk / good headset around $70
« on: January 23, 2012, 03:57:56 PM »
hi guys,

whats a good headset to get for xbox around $70?

previously i was using that $10 motorola headset and generic xbox live headset.

is wireless good? those bluetooth ones im scared of the sound quality so i skipped those.

any reccomendation?

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