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Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / AE 2K12 in BH.
« on: January 23, 2012, 01:28:38 PM »
i know its a little late. but i've heard that bluehouse finally got its 2k12. time go come back to spread some salt during the new years in bluehouse guys. jeff,baz,hayden,kilok,etc etc etc.

I have a couple of problems with PC version. There is always a lot of lag. I have my computer connected via wireless (no ethernet in this room). does it really cause such huge lag problems to use wireless? I've got all ports open and everything.

sojiokitaau, just out of curiosity who is your ISP?

Telstra. In the end I connected the router to the PC via ethernet cable, at first it looked good, but then I went back to a lot of lag... I realised it's not my stick or my display because training mode is fine for me. Don't know what I can do about it. I just stopped playing on PC because this lag problem doesn't go away.

my experience with pc sf4 was real bad at the beginning.

1st was ram issue 2gb ram not enough to run all my application+sf4. after upgrading ram still lags.

then realised processor and gpu is coughing up as well.

until i got salty and bought a new pc(mobo,cpu,ram,gpu) and everything becomes wonderful.

soon after heard 2k12 not coming out til later date got back to xbox ignore pc sf4.

finally got sf on xbox add me khmerboxer1986 but dnt have much time playing bc my family use the tv

beat them up boxer style and tell them to stay away from the tv like A BOSS

no worries, the force is strong with TOXY and H.

Curses! My flights at 7pm...cant go......

lol $230 is extremely idealistic...

1. i prefer madcatz over qanba and suggest everyone to be either hori VX/VLX, madcatz
2. dual mod is dodgy and getting people to mod it sometimes takes ages.
3. i would like to keep ps3 as an option when ppl port to xbox. reminiscing ps3 at times the spartan's rank battle in ps3 is enjoyable. xbox is too private might not be enjoyable.

so. $400 sounds more realistic. but yeah... $230 for hockers.

imo to make a jump. cost about $500.

XBOX: $148-$168
AE: $39
TE STICK: $200
Headset: $10-100
HDMI: $10

Buying and Selling / Re: Deals Thread
« on: January 15, 2012, 07:16:16 AM »
warning that headset is piece of crap. it only works on pad....cannot plug into te stick.

it has those green & pink audio connector then connected to another cable clutters its so bloody messy.

@kechu: BOSS, its time for you to show up on xbox.

good capture card here :

its a good capture card but too bad it fimbles without HDMI connection.

Community News / Re: CrossCounter Live...
« on: January 12, 2012, 12:37:54 AM »
where can i check the replay?

is it just me or does it seem like no one really plays anymore =/

Gotta update that internet connection of yours being horribad lately man  :(

Yeah.. I don't know why but whenever i play someone else its fine just whenever i hav a few games with you it spikes a bit =/ and i havent been able to join certain games either dunno whats going on

Dont think its me but, one method of finding out if your going to lag before starting Sf is go to speedtest, and check the pings to your recommended server. For example for me the normal ping to Melbourne server is 7ms, if I get 10ms or more I dont play as I know it will spike as the connection is not stable. So far I found you, findlay, robsux and phero to lag alot for me lately.

Dunno why you were lagging last night Vlad!!!!!!!!!!  we are usually good

i find speedtest unreliable. with speed test is get 5-7ping. but with pingtest. i get average 20ms with 1 jitter on good days. and occasional 20ms with 5-10jitter that explain the spikes.

nah i am not talking about me air fireballing and getting slided from it.

i'm getting slided from a range exactly like rose. getting poked by it i can't whiff punish it and it seems to be a good keepaway tool.

eg. guy into slide backdash/ex bunshin
eg. rose slide into backdash/ex drill
eg. ibuki slide into backdash/ ex dp
eg. sim slide into another slide/backdash or air drill?

they aren't as OP as rose one but doesn't mean they can't be used the same way. just have to aim a bit better.

i get guy players that can do 3 move and irritate the hell of out me. if they are on life lead, they will just and slide and if opponent jumps ex air grab. 

i always wonder if it is actually realistically or maybe intuitively good to focus air tatsu. i mean i am sorta training myself to dp stuff thats comes from the air then suddenly air tatsu will make dp whiff. and trying to focus it seems unreliable coz one of my mate love doing empty jump/ 3/4 air tatsu or tatsu behind me.

eg. i noticed she jumped proceed focus attack expecting air tatsu end up she empty jump and got closer to her advantageous distance. and since i reacted to wrong move she can walk up dp etc. so irritating and worse if she managed to get a jump hk.

few things could happen.

i pressed focus and she  air tatsu's behind me and i couldn't let go in time. and she goes doing her loop 300+ dmg.

i guess it comes down to me not reacting well enough eh?

sry dude, i just edited. i meant air tatsu.

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