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ggs to those i've played. just a few question i wanted to ask.

how do you guys deal with 3/4 screen (edit) "AIR" tatsu not the ground ones. eg. ken ex tatsu, sakura tatsu, and ryu's (his one not significant yet)


slides namely close to perfect/close to perfect spacing slide rose,guy,ibuki i don't feel like im playing a footsie game when that move is around and i can't deal with it apart from block and ignore and try to guess their next move which is could be backdash/reversal most of the time.

trying to space those move and whiff punish just give them space to close in..

@suicine: why don't you just prove yourself offline a little? hand out in (syd) galaxy, (mel) timeout and see how you fare offline with your skill.

your online performance and bragging aren't going to impress anyone only gonna get insults over and over.

since your at hk now afaik i really do hope those hk players will slap you back into reality.

from the post seems like your from melbourne. since the only area that has AE2k12 arcade is boxhill that will be the go to place for most on tues and saturday. $1 for 2 credit.

or you can

check out the casual event section.
tourney section.
or facebook melbourne fighters -->
just stay at home go online and beat out randoms.

btw, that idea of yours is already up and running ages ago.

boxhil is patched already. bluehouse no yet. not til january


The strange thing for me is that hitbox exploited unblockables didn't exist in vanilla

actually, they exist. i can only remember chun df hk setup on ryu/akuma back in vanilla that's abt it.

ahhh whats this

One of maybe half a dozen made possible by the throw recovery nerf.

It changed the go-to unblockable VS Ryu, Ken and Makoto, but in its place affords frame count setups for several new ones, including a pair of particularly dirty setups VS Viper and Ibuki.

These aren't Akuma specific though, all characters have unblockable setups due to the goofy nature of IV's hitbox and collision detection that gets weird during the side switching invoked on wake-up. I guess for Akuma they're more prevalent due to the fact that his general style is setup oriented. When 2012 dropped the first thing we did was run through the entire cast figuring out what was no longer possible and what was due to the +2 frames we had to deal with. We lost some stuff but actually ended up gaining some interesting new setups.

Yeah I know lots of characters have unblockables. Ikuya was telling me that he had an unblockable against Boxer practically every second week with Ken lol.

I tried to focus out in a match and I got an auto correct and dashed back into the corner.

Its just that his throw got nerfed for the reason of his forward throw unblockable but nothing changed I guess. Oh well, such is the nature of the game.

And yeah, alotta dead pandas.

the grab was done to nerf the vortex with unblockable changed as a bonus. either way. think about how much change has the forward grab has affected the matchup. i can think of 7 setup based on forward grab that i can do to ryu now basically pointless to do.

and with so much buff to ryu now i wonder why is there a need to whinge about an unblockable that has been there since super and ae.

no one complained abt cammy,fuerte,blanka,gouken etc etc unblockable.

Buying and Selling / Re: where can i get a cheapest TE?
« on: December 27, 2011, 03:48:15 PM »
@kelly: they are out of xbox ones. ps3 left.

@kim: doubt they have any left at $100. doubt they have any at all.

Buying and Selling / where can i get a cheapest TE?
« on: December 25, 2011, 10:01:16 PM »
brand new please.

best i can find from amazon is $199(not including shipping). so perhaps comes down to $230 at best i can find.

anyone can find a better hocking price?

man i could have started a business selling these bloody stick if i knew they sell so well. i bought 4 of them last year for $130.

ggs NNG and zgnoud.

@NNG: those 2 chars you used so interesting. this 2k12 buff made both your char hard to deal with. but generally i kept staring at the hop when you already jumped at me gg...rofl.

more games next time guys.

Ero_oyaji - we have yet to play. When are u going to show me this deadly akuma of yours?

yea, i would really like to play you, but recently i got stuck in xbox again. its just closer to me. and less hassle swapping te and hori.

lets do this in xbox anytime after 12

i need blanka matchup experience as much as possible. especially with the new blanka roll knockdown.

I said "you don't need to turtle, you chose to turtle"


Buying and Selling / WTB - XBOX 360 TE
« on: December 19, 2011, 02:59:19 AM »
any discount/offer lately?

Bison seems better with his scissor kicks. I feel better with him overall. I haven't noticed the changes too much basedon people I've played. I ve found it easier against Akuma so far.

definitely dude. nerfkuma vs buffson.

Random Discussion / Re: Good Japanese Animation
« on: December 13, 2011, 06:33:39 AM »
fate zero got me watching anime again.

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