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Edit: Previous input lag discussions and how to reduce/negate it:

Intial post:

More input lag crap from me:

Windows defaults to a 125Hz sample rate for USB attached devices which while fine for the most part, falls far short of what USB attached devices are capable of. By upping the sample rate of USB ports, your PC is provided with a busier stream of updates from your attached devices, which also reduces any read delays (or input skipping outright) for inputs performed.

The most noticeable result of upping your USB sample rate is mouse movement. Input and cursor movement is much smoother and more precise. Due to the increased input polling of the device however, cursor movement will be around 25 - 30% slower, which will require a bump in the associated pointer speed to set things back to a familiar handling, and with it comes the improved accuracy and smoothness associated with a higher sample rate.

So how does this relate to Street Fighter (or PC fighting games in general)? Put simply - USB attached arcade sticks. I tinkered with the the USB sample rate of the port my stick is attached to (A Hori VLX) and found some interesting results. Firstly, I noticed a reduction in input drops and much greater consistency with tighter 1 and 2 frame links in SFIV. Secondly, I noticed the 'backup' input from plinked combos appearing much more consistently than before. For example, plinking after E.Ryu's MK axe-kick felt not only more consistent, but I noticed multiple times if I flubbed it, the c.lp would more consistently come out to 'save' my link (this can happen if you perform the input too soon after his MK axe kick).

I've noticed the PC version of SFIV has a few irritations (the way vsync works is particularly nasty) though I did find input registers to be noticeably sloppier than the Xbox which only made sense given the inherent variability the PC has as a games platform. Upping your USB port sampling rate seems to address this, at least it certainly does from where I am sitting.

There are a few resources online that detail how to alter your USB port sampling rate, though right out of the gate I'd recommend giving this a read:

Running the attached 'mouserate' application will give you a means to test whether your sample rate input changes have applied or not. The attached 'dimr' application and associated driver also have a setup utility that allows you to view and set the sample rate of all attached USB devices, including arcade sticks. I have mine jacked up to 1000Hz. That's almost an 8-fold increase in input sampling.

Some things to keep in mind:

- Applying this driver mandates that you DISABLE Windows driver signing. This allows you to install uncertified drivers and performance hacks, although it does enable the unsightly "Test Mode" dialogue in the bottom right corner of your screen. This can be removed with some additional tweaks however.

- You make these changes at your own risk! While this has worked nicely for me, it may not for you. I have not tested this on Windows 8, only 7.

- Mileage may vary. I've personally noticed an improvement in how inputs are registered. Input lag and delay of any kind irritates the unholy shit out of me so I'm always tinkering with ways to reduce it. Fighting games make a great acid test for this kind of stuff.

Those that give this a try please share your thoughts. Some discussions I had with some guys who are just as picky as I am about input lag who happen to play Super Turbo made me look into how this could work for SFIV on PC. They were looking at ways to reduce input lag on their outlandish arcade hardware emulators and stick hardware they had piggy-backing off a PC. USB port polling was among the areas looked at which helped in their case also.


Updated release available here:

From the Readme:

Changed effects are:

- Blocking sounds for normals and specials
- Claw equipped blocking sound for Vega
- Projectile impact effect
- Projectile on projectile collision effect

Installation instructions included in the archive.


Spoiler for Hidden:
I had a couple of folks ask me to share this with them recently, so I figured I'd give it a public release if you're into this kind of thing.

Short version: This mod replaces key sound effects for SSFIV:AE (PC only) with the meatier effects from the vanilla SFIV arcade release.

Download link:

Update: New(er) Link: (8Mb)

Long version: (from the Readme.txt):

(Version 1.1)


A sound pack replacement for the PC version of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcace Edition that reinstates the meatier/better sound effects found in the vanilla SFIV arcade version of the game.

Changed effects are:

- Blocking sounds for normals and specials
- Blocking sound for Vega's clawed attacks
- Projectile impact effect
- Projectile on projectile collision effect


- Impact effects for all normals (having trouble normalising the volume to something acceptable) as the arcade sounds for these effects differ also
- Impact effect for all flame effects (Viper's burn kick, Ken's HP SRK)


Because I found it disappointing that the console and PC releases of the game featured such lacklustre sound effects compared with the arcade version, specifically the projectile effects and blocking sounds. Stranger still was Capcom claiming there was "no difference." Try this pack and decide for yourself.


Lumped together by Gamogo. Original effects created by Capcom's Hideyuki Fukasawa.


Using a copy of the vanilla SFIV's arcade board data I extracted the key effect samples and merged them into the .CSB pack used by the PC version.

To install:

Assuming you own the Steam version of SFIV and you have it installed on your C: drive, the default data path for this replacement pack is:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\super street fighter iv - arcade edition\resource\battle\sound\"

Otherwise, go to the game's root directory and open the folder:


Within this directory you will see a file named "BTL_CMN.csb" (or just "BTL_CMN" if you do not have file extensions displaying). First, take a backup of this file. i.e. copy and paste it and rename it to "BTL_CMN - Original" or similar. This way if you do not like the modified effects, you can simply re-instate this file to go back to how things were.

Once you have a backup, copy and paste the "BTL_CMN.csb" file included in this archive into this directory and when prompted, choose to overwrite the file that exists. That's it - start the game and play.

Tournament Announcements / The Evolution 2013 Thread
« on: July 12, 2013, 09:24:56 PM »
Here 'tis.

Le timetable: (click for maximum power PNG)

A timezone thinger:


Le Streams:

- SFIV Pools start at 1.00am Saturday, our time.
- SFIV Quarters start at 11.00am Saturday, our time.

- Marvel Pools start at 1.00am Sunday, our time.
- KOF Pools start at 1.00am Sunday, our time.
- Marvel Quarters start at 11.00am Sunday, our time.

- KOF Finals start at 3.00am Monday, our time.
- Marvel Finals start at 9.30am Monday, our time.
- SFIV Finals start at 12.00pm Monday, our time.

Pretty sure that's about right. I'm not seeing any Tekken stream info. Sorry Youssef.

Have at it. Get hype, etc. Best of luck to all those from New Zealand competing.

Post Event Discussion / [NSW] YSB 17 + BAM Qualifier Results
« on: May 05, 2013, 01:26:28 AM »
(Results updated with Injustice, VF.)


1.) Shang Tsung
2.) Robuki
3.) ThirdEye

4.) AfterDeath
5.) Genxa
6.) ArnoldDesu
7.) Gamogo
8.) Maxsze


1.) Arnolddesu
2.) Afterdeath
3.) Bksama
4.) Twin (Red)
5.) Jaytencgo
6.) Forever Doomed
7.) Goswu (?!?!!?)
8.) Kelvin (Asian Brad Pitt)


1.) Alexk
2.) kyokugen
3.) Bukkake Storm
4.) Cabjoy
5.) Chen
6.) TactileWater
7.) FithAlucard

Tekken Tag Tournament 2:

1.) Meat
2.) MMT
3.) Aris
4.) Kantoro
5.) Nall-ohki
6.) Handsome Boy
7.) Snoozer
8.) Draelor

Mortal Kombat: (YSB's First MK Tournament!)

1.) n-megabytes
2.) Gilbagz
3.) Tony-T
4.) vladmadkid
5.) RW1991
6.) cavalryshere
7.) x5star
8.) Jordfrog

Injustice: (YSB's First Injustice Tournament!)

1.) RW1991 (LEBANON)
2.) cav
3.) vladmadkid

4.) Gillbagz
5.) n-megabites
5.) AtomicX
7.) Erks
7.) ?

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown:

1. Myke (LEBANON)
2. Chill
3. Renzokuken
4. Mademan (LEBANON)


As you're perhaps aware, moderation on is somewhat lax. This is largely by design as I'm personally against excessive moderation on discussion forums.

This however is perhaps a little naive on my behalf. As we've seen in recent weeks (and indeed over the past couple years), conversation sometimes strays outside of what is both topical and acceptable. As such, I'm looking for moderators to assist us and to help keep things in line when this place frays around the edges.

If you feel you'd be able to assist in moderation, please submit a PM to myself with a brief summary of the area(s) you frequent and how often you drop by the forums on average and we'll see if we can add a few more to the moderation team.

Paired with this I will put together some reasonable forum rules and/or conduct guidelines to assist posters with a general clean-up approach of their own. I'll aim to have this available in a day or two, with the motivation being to make everyone aware of what is acceptable and what isn't. The bulk of it is quite literally common sense and won't impact any half reasonable regulars in the slightest.

Now moderators aside, the general vibe and tone of this place shouldn't have to be honed by hack 'n slash tools and ban hammers. It's up to everybody to conduct themselves in a respectful way both towards themselves and others. Moderation shouldn't define the general vibe here - the posters should. That is where everybody comes in whether you drop in once a year, multiple times a day or maybe just once a week.

Many of the positive aspects that we enjoy within the FGC when we gather locally I feel can be reflected within these forums provided we all make an effort to up our posting and general conduct game between one another.

- Gamogo

Buying and Selling / WTB: Ninja Gaiden Black (Xbox)
« on: March 18, 2013, 04:06:19 PM »
I'm looking for a copy of Ninja Gaiden Black for the original Xbox (which to my understanding plays on the 360 just nicely). I am specifically after Black; not the original NG nor Sigma.

It is unavailable on the Australian XBL Marketplace (it was refused classification here because it was considered too scary for Australians) and it never made it to stores. I was curious if anyone local (ideally Sydney) had a copy they wanted to part with before I hit up eBay for a UK release.

Tournament Announcements / OHN 11 - Live Streams + Stuff
« on: February 22, 2013, 10:09:27 AM »

Here be your stream channels for OHN 11 over the next three days.


This will feature SFIV, Marvel and on finals day everything (KOF, VF, SFIV, Marvel, Tekken). Note that tonight is casual play so you may see all sorts of obscure stuff pop up, including some money matches, exhibitions and so on. Our commentators will keep you informed as best we can. Tomorrow is when we run the brackets, so on this stream you will see bracket matches for SFIV and Marvel featuring what we feel will make for entertaining watching. Think rivals, strong players, new players, etc.


Our Tekken stream. This will feature Tekken and nothing but Tekken. Tekken all weekend long. Yes, glorious Tekken, which incidentally is the best fighting game. Tune in here if you're a Tekken fan. Note that on Sunday for finals, the Tekken matches will be broadcast on stream #1 above. As above also, Friday is casuals and so on, Saturday will be brackets. Likewise with the primary stream, we will do our best to direct the more interesting clashes to the Tekken stream.

The usual deal applies with the streams - jump on and go crazy. Support your favourite players and trash their rivals, but do your best to be clean monsters. If you have any words of encouragement you'd like relayed to those at the event, let us know and we'll do what we can to get messages to people within reason.

Above all, please enjoy the streams and support the players. Please give special thanks to JB of LanSmash for the primary stream and Erks + FaYd from Sydney's prestigious and glorious Tekken community for their work on the dedicated Tekken stream. We hope this allows you guys at home to get a feel for the tournament and watch fools get bodied live catch some interesting matches live.

Other stuff:

Attendees and their pools:
The schedule:
Index of ALL live brackets:
An otter:

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Ozhadou Xbox Live SFIV Stream
« on: January 28, 2013, 07:07:55 PM »
I'll be hosting a SFIV stream over the next few days from time to time. If you see me logged into Xbox Live hosting an 8 slot lobby with the title "Everyone Welcome" - that's your queue that a stream is on. My Xbox name is 'Gamogo AU'

The stream is viewable here:

When the stream is live it will also dynamically populate details on the front page's "Live Streams" section (

If any of you want to organise a broadcast FT10 or rival match or anything like that, sing out (with ample time for me to prepare) and I'll fire things up. Perhaps we can use this threads to field requests or whatever.

At any rate, for now I'm just playing around with things.

For those of you interested, when I host streams I do not play, so don't be discouraged by the nasty looking connection to me. The reason for this is because my spectator session needs its bandwidth to relay the stream to Twitch's servers and I don't want to burden opponents with a poor connection to me.

However, when you are paired up with an opponent in the lobby your connection goes directly to them and bypasses me completely. Also worth mentioning is that I will never ready up, so if I appear in the game queue, just ready up as usual - my slot will time out after a few seconds, allowing things to progress as per usual to the next opponent waiting.

Anywho, feel free to join and play and idly talk nonsense and so on. Last night we had a test run and it was kinda fun.

Post Event Discussion / [SYD] - YSB #16 + OHN 11 Qualifiers Results
« on: January 21, 2013, 09:53:34 AM »
YSB 16 has wrapped up and here are the partial tournament results. The top three of each game also qualify for seeding points at OHN 11 in February.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012:

1.) Shang Tsung
2.) AfterDeath
3.) Kientan

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3:

1.) Arnold Desu
2.) Forever Doomed
3.) AfterDeath

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown:

1.) kientan
2.) MN
3.) Genxa

The King Of Fighters 13:

1.) Chen
2.) AlexK
3.) Kyokugen

Tekken Tag Tourment 2:

(The Tekken community did not run qualifiers at YSB 16. These are to be held at a later date.)

This marks the last YSB until after OHN. Those of you from NSW who plan to attend OHN 11, be sure to organise some local sessions to get into gear for the competition at OHN in late February!

Once again, thanks to all for your support at this YSB. This has allowed us to maintain a presence in the larger Red Room for events, which I'm sure you'll all agree is a much nicer (and more spacious) location for our meet ups. Special thanks to the newcomers who came in to check things out - here's hoping we see you again in the future.

Keep practising and perhaps we'll see you in a few weeks at OHN!

- Shane and Spencer

Tournament Announcements / [AUS] OHN 11 equipment thread - Casual Setups!
« on: January 15, 2013, 11:20:36 AM »

We're making our usual call out to the community to those of your perhaps interested in contributing casual stations/setups for OHN 11.

Like last year, OzHadou will be providing a number of complete stations for both casual and tournament play, but as with any tournament numbers are up and more casual stations for games = more fun for everybody. At least, that's how the science goes. Last year we saw a great turn out of equipment volunteers and it would be awesome to see that again. Last year's Friday night and Saturday casuals were especially successful due to the generosity demonstrated by those who contributed setups so everybody could get a stack of casual games in.

So, if you are able to contribute a setup for OHN's casual arena by all means sing out and let me know the details of what you can provide. In the interest of consistency, please use the following format to relay what you can bring to the table whether it be via a reply to this thread or a private message to myself:

Gaming handle:
Console type:
Supplied game(s):
Screen type:
Equipment labelled:

So for example:

Name: Dude Guy
Gaming handle: Tekkensandwiches
Console type: Xbox 360
Supplied game(s): SFIV, KOF
Screen type: BenQ E2400
Speakers: Yes
Equipment labelled: You bet your ass it is
Notes: I can't make Friday. I'd prefer my station was dedicated to KOF.


Each section should be self explanatory. Note the 'equipment labelled' section - this is important. While we do not have any recorded instances of equipment being stolen at OHN, we HAVE had some cases of folks picking up the wrong game discs and so on when packing gear up. This has NOT been the case for those with labelled gear.

In the notes area please also specify if you'd prefer your gear was dedicated to a specific game. For example, if you're bringing a setup and you're a Marvel fan - naturally you want it dedicated to the glory that which is Marvel and not something else like Skullgirls or Street Fighter. This will also allow us to gauge our balance of setups so we can shuffle the OzHadou console software accordingly.

If you have any questions, please fire away via a reply to this thread or via a private message. To those of you able to contribute setups to OHN - your generosity is much appreciated not just by those running OHN, but also by your fighting game peers. We all salute ye.

Community News / Security & malware warnings -
« on: December 31, 2012, 12:22:37 AM »

We had a brief scare for those of you using Chrome browsers whereby Google flagged (and its associated sub-domains - i.e. forum, etc) as being infected with Malware. This was the result of some suspect code being injected into the front page.

I have since removed this code and its method of propagation, though until I can complete the site re-validation with Google, expect these messages to appear with each visit to the domain. This re-validation process typically takes a couple of days. I will update this post once this is complete. As a precaution I have also disabled some features I feel need reviewed further from a security perspective.

Feel free to fire away with any questions you may have. By the looks of things so far it appears the code injections were trying to use our domain as an ad relay which I've since knocked on the head.

Your attention please.

Here are the details for the next YSB ('York Street Battles') fighting games event. One again, the plan is to hold this event in 99 on York's Red Room.

Date: Saturday 19th January, 2012
Time: 12pm - 11pm
Location: Red Room, Level 1, 99 York St Sydney NSW 2000
Entry Fee: $15 prepay online*, $20 at the door

(*In the coming days we will have an online payment system available again. Details soon.)

In addition to the usual YSB format, this YSB's tournaments will double as Sydney/NSW's OHN 11 seeding qualifiers. In short, this means that the top three placers in each of the tournaments will receive seeding points for OHN 11's official tournament brackets.

The doors will open at 11.30am so we can start setting up. If you're bringing setups, it is recommended that you come at this time so you can set your stuff up as well. Also, if you plan on parking downstairs you will have more chance of getting a spot if you're early.

You are free to move about any setup you like playing various casual games, though in the interest of fairness and ensuring everyone gets games in, please restrict your casual matches to the best of three games, before swapping out with someone who is waiting. Winner stays on.

Bring Your Own Controller (BYOC)
To prepare for future major events like OHN and aligning ourselves with EVO, setups provided by OzHadou for casual and tournament play will not have any controllers (sticks/pads). If you want to play on these setups, you will need to plug in your stick or pad. There will be no spare controllers available. On the slight chance that people aren't using their stick or pad, you can ask them for permission to borrow it. Keep in mind they are allowed to refuse. Guilt tripping them will not be tolerated. Alternatively, if you have made arrangements beforehand with your friends to share sticks that's fine as well. Seriously though, save yourself the hassle and carry a back pack with a stick/pad in it.

OzHadou setups are all Xbox360. For those people who are bringing their own setups that use other consoles, sticks should be provided. The Sydney Tekken Community intends to provide all equipment (including sticks) and will be playing TTT2 on PS3, although availability of setups for Tekken at this stage is yet to be confirmed. Further details for Tekken will be coming soon.

Entry fee: $2
Start time: 2pm
Format: singles, default settings, double elimination, best of 3 games
Other: white Stage soft bannable on request. If you pick random, players can agree on what they want to do, otherwise just rematch. Top 3 players will split the prize money 60/30/10.

Entry fee: $5
Start time: 3.30pm
Format: singles, default settings, double elimination, best of 5 games
Other: top 3 players will split the prize money 60/30/10.

Entry fee: $5
Start time: 5pm
Format: singles, default settings, double elimination, best of 3 games
Other: top 3 players will split the prize money 60/30/10.

Entry fee: $5
Start time: when the AE tournament starts finishing up
Format: singles, default settings, double elimination, best of 3 games
Other: loser can change character and request stage change. Top 3 players will split the prize money 60/30/10.


How to Get Here
The venue has directions here: If you're catching public transport, get off at Town Hall Station or the Queen Victoria Building (QVB). When you arrive at 99 on York, head through the automatic doors that lead into the club on the right and walk up the stairs to level 1 and turn left.

The venue also offers parking. Details can be found here: The parking entrance is located at 168 Clarence St Sydney NSW 2000. The rate is $20 non-members for the whole day. Please note: you will need to hand your keys to the car park manager. As mentioned before, you will probably need to get in early for parking as other rooms may also be booked.

There are other car parks around the area if you don't like the idea of handing them your keys and for cheaper too.
Cinema Centre Car Park (Centro Parking): accessible 24/7 from 521-527 Kent St and 306-318 Sussex St. $10 on Saturday if you enter before 5pm. (Darling Quarter is $7 for the whole day)

Also, please let us know if you're able to bring gear so we can gauge setups.

Thank you for all your support at these events so far, hope to see you there!

- Shane and Spencer

This looks quite decent. Free too:

Here's hoping for an Android release :D

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