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Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Brisbane - arcades with SSFIV?
« on: September 07, 2011, 11:48:34 AM »
Hey guys,

Are there any arcades in Brisbane with AE? If so, can someone hit me with an address and details?

I'll update with results later on once I get my hands on them.

Update: Results

SSFIV:AE - Top Eight

1. kientan
2. Afterdeath
3. bbbenson (f)

4. ABM|Monmi
5. Gamogo
5. Shangtsung
7. Goodpart
7. jfizzman

MVC3 - Top Eight:

2. ABM|acedizl
3. ABM|Moca

4. Afterdeath
5. ABM|monmi
5. ABM|bksama
7. jfizzman
7. ABM|k3npachii

3S - Top Eight:

1. MN
2. Xenogears
3. Afterdeath

4. Ineffable
5. Genxa
5. jfizzman
7. Hebretto
7. kientan

An archive of the stream station matches can be found on TheMuso's Twitch.TV channel here.

Thanks to all for coming out and supporting our event again! Special thanks as always to those who brought equipment and setups for all to use.

I felt Saturday's running was a bit tatty and we perhaps could have done a little better, but it was good to see so many setups cranking and everybody getting lots of games in.

The 'surprise' we wanted to unveil was the projector that we bought from the funds raised from previous events combined with a sweet deal we scored via Youssef of the Sydney Tekken community. Unfortunately we had a cabling issue so we couldn't crank it in tandem with Luke's/TheMuso's stream setup. Next time we SHOULD have this issue cleared up so a projector cranking matches ought to add a lot to the atmosphere. This kinda bummed me out all day as we organised for Luke to bring his stream setup to compliment the projector so we kinda let everyone down there. Apologies to Luke and to the rest of you for that screw up.

Now, that with that stuff out of the way it was great to see the new gear we've picked up recently get a work out - namely the new BenQ screens and the Xbox and Gadge's donated stick. Likewise it was interesting to see Third Strike's resuscitation - its been a long time since I've seen that game and it was entertaining to see 3S veterans put it through its paces.

As always, we'd appreciate feedback on how things run on the weekend. For me personally I wanna hear about the shitty parts as usual, so give me both barrels.

Tournament Announcements / [SYD] 99York Street IV (September 3rd)
« on: August 20, 2011, 09:19:34 PM »
Hey guys,

Time to push on with another fighting game event for Sydney. This one kicks off a little sooner than we expected due to room availability. As such, we're looking at Saturday, September the 3rd.

Date: Saturday 3rd September, 2011
Time: 12pm - 11pm
Location: Phillip Suite, Level 2, 99 York St Sydney NSW 2000
Entry Fee: $15
Tournament Entry Fee: $2 each

General Schedule:

Typically we open the doors at 11.30am so we can begin initial setup. From midday onward, casual matches with one another are the order of the day with people playing a mix of Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Street Fighter IV, Blazblue and various golden oldies such as King Of Fighters, SF2, Guilty Gear, etc.

You are free to move about any setup you like playing various casual games, though in the interest of fairness and ensuring everyone gets games in, please restrict your casual matches to the best of three, before swapping out with someone who is waiting. Winner stays on.

Casuals run all day (from midday until 11.00pm) however during tournaments, setup will be cut down so we can move the brackets. Usually we split the setups into two groups so while a tournament is running on one half of the available setups, you are still free to play other games on those remaining.

As with last time, we will run a double elimination tournament for AE and possibly swiss style for MVC3. MVC3 will start at around 2.00pm then AE following after a short break. We will consider swiss style for IV, though it largely depends on numbers.

People bringing gear:


How to Get Here:
The venue has directions here: We are in the same room as last time, still on level 2. When walking out of the lift area it should be on your left. You will likely hear us before you see us!

View Larger Map

The venue also offers parking. Details can be found here: The parking entrance is located at 168 Clarence St Sydney NSW 2000. The rates are $10 for members/$15 for non-members. Please note: you will need to hand your keys to the car park manager.

Please click the register button at the top of the page to convey your interest. If numbers are sufficient we will lock in the event. Also, please let us know if you're able to bring gear so we can gauge setups.

On the subject of setups, we have recently bought two Xboxes for these events via the money squirreled away from previous event support. Ironically, this comes at a price. Two Xboxes translates to us needing an additional four sticks which is something we simply cannot afford right now. It would be appreciated if we could have a few extra sticks brought to the event by players so we can put these setups to use.

Thank you for all your support at these events so far - hopefully we catch you all at this one also!

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / MOVED: Promo test #1
« on: August 20, 2011, 06:53:17 PM »

Random Discussion / The Virtual Fighter X Tekken thread
« on: August 18, 2011, 11:19:12 PM »
Looking forward to this one.

Tech Talk / Stick maintenance + neat VLX trick
« on: August 14, 2011, 12:35:26 PM »
So I just got back from the recent 99York event in Sydney and dumped all the gear on the floor and realised a lot of it was looking pretty well used. Greasy paw marks galore combined with the usual "hey I think button <blah> is a bit funny on that stick" towards the end of the night.

I use 'Mr. Sheen' as it works wonders on sticks as it creates a thin gloss film over plastics which gives them a very smooth feel. It also removes accumulated grease and so on easily and leaves sticks looking and feeling like new.

On the VLX sticks and I'm sure others, the buttons can be easily removed. With Sanwa buttons they are split into three main parts - the main part being a little pot or cradle for the actual button to sit in:

the button itself (which extends into a sleeve):

and the button trigger mechanism:

The trigger mechanism is essentially a closed unit and there's very little that can be done here in terms of maintenance, but the button + its sleeve and the pot/cradle tends to accumulate a lot of crap over time and can cause the button to become unresponsive or sticky. If you flip the button assembly upside down and pinch the clips on either side of the black trigger mechanism, you can then push the tabs on the side of the pot/cradle and the button itself will pop out. From here you can clean away any accumulated crap with a cloth (and a bit of Mr. Sheen!) and snap it all back together. The crap tends to accumulate on the inside of the pot and also up the walls of the button sleeve which creates friction between the two parts and in some cases cause the button to outright stick in position killing its snapback properties. Typically (i.e. in a new button) this is a gunk-free smooth surface and buttons immediate snap back into position after being pressed.

The end result? A button that responds like new. The difference was actually pretty striking for me as one button in particular was a bit soggy in terms of response and this fixed it right up. It now snaps back immediately and doesn't cause problems.

The other thing I wanted to share is specific to Hori VLX owners. The VLX for modification and maintenance purposes (combined with it just plain being quite large) actually has a very hollow and empty sound to it was gives it a unique feel. A lot of people don't like this, but you quickly get used to it. I actually like the solid and dull feel of TE sticks and wished the VLX shared this also. Luckily the VLX can easily be opened like a car bonnet via its locking screws allowing you to quickly get right into the (hollow) guts of it:

As a means to remove the hollow feel and sound I dampened it by packing the insides with a bunch of buffing cloths. Any kind or thick cloth of fabric will do - such as an old towel or whatever, but I lined it with enough to deaden the sound and when I closed the stick up the difference in feel is actually pretty noticeable. This is a lot like door packing mods people do to cars to give doors that solid feel and to also deaden road noise. I figured the same could be done to the VLX stick and it seems like it works well. Give this a shot if you feel so inclined :D

Post Event Discussion / [SYD] 99York Street III: Results and Discussion
« on: August 14, 2011, 12:08:20 PM »
The third 99York fighting game event has wrapped up in Sydney with another solid turn-out. The results for the tournaments are:

SSFIV: (Double elimination)

Shang Tsung

Damiyus D

MVC3 Top eight: (Swiss brackets)



Blazblue, GG:

No results from these guys yet!

Once again, thanks for the support from the Sydney community for coming out and making these events possible. Special thanks again to those who brought equipment and setups - your efforts are appreciated by myself and Spencer and the community at large.

This also marked the first event using the recently purchased Xbox that was made possible by support from previous events combined with the sweet deal offered by KellyNUTS of Melbourne. As we hold more events the plan is to amass more equipment which benefits everyone. We hope to make another console purchase very soon and with any luck we will have it for the next event meaning we will have an additional setup.

The flipside to providing an extra setup is that we may come up short on sticks. Sticks are perhaps one of the more expensive pieces of equipment to purchase (as each setup needs two and a console can be had for around $200) so we may need to call you guys next time to bring an extra stick or two if we look like we're going to come up short. Obviously we'll detail this as the next event nears, but its something worth keeping in mind.

Also, thanks to the newcomers for dropping in. I noticed a few new faces among the mob which was cool to see with some throwing down in the tournament also. Hopefully we catch you guys again! Thanks also to those helping with setup and packup - when 11.30pm rolls around its a mad rush to get equipment into cars before the carpark closes so your efforts helping here are much appreciated.

Oh, and my apologies for being so terrible with names. I'm slowly getting there.

It also looked like the setup separation between IV and Marvel worked out well and helped things run much smoother. Apologies for thieving a Marvel setup for the IV tournament, though we had to do so as a means to keep the brackets churning quickly. As a result IV wrapped up quite quickly and ran smoothly from where I was sitting.

As usual, please let us know which aspects you liked and which things you felt could use improvement and which things you think outright sucked. Feedback helps us better refine how we run these events which benefits everyone!


- Shane and Spencer

Community News / Calling all fighting game communities!
« on: August 08, 2011, 08:13:34 PM »

I'm starting to put together content for the OzHadou front page and wanted to get a summary of the various communities around Australia.

By this I am referring to the regional bunches that gather such as Couch Warriors, Stick Addiction, the new SA group, Box Hill, etc.

If the organisers of these various groups could please send me a private message detailing your community along with a link to a logo or image to promote it (for example the Couch Warriors logo, etc) that'd be excellent. What I am basically after is:

- Community name
- Location (a Google maps link would also be very handy)
- Key contacts and organisers, URL, forum handles, e-mail, etc
- Community description (i.e. games played, history, etc)
- Any other information you feel is relevant for promoting your community such as event regularity, entry costs, Twitter feed, Facebook page, etc.

The idea behind this is to promote various communities around Australia beyond just a simple link to a community's web page. i.e. the goal is to create a little contact or go-to list with some meaty information for people looking to get into goings on in their area, or perhaps in areas they are are visiting. So say for example I was planning on dropping into Melbourne in a couple weeks, I'd be keen to check in with the listing of Melbourne groups to see if anything was on and where, and whom I could perhaps flick a message at to get any additional details.

Of course, if you feel additional details concerning regional communities should be promoted, by all means sing out!

Random Discussion / MOVED: Promotion Test #1
« on: August 07, 2011, 02:18:49 AM »
This topic has been moved to The News Room. (promo link)

Tournament Announcements / Test July
« on: July 31, 2011, 12:40:14 PM »
test july

Tournament Announcements / EVO 2011 - Discussion
« on: July 29, 2011, 06:44:14 PM »

Alrighty, EVO 2011 kicks off soon so lets get all the discussion for the ongoing carnage consolidated into one thread, this being it.

Links, streams, discussion, the works, share it all here. - official page - official EVO 2011 trailer - official schedule - official stream - official stream (two?) - dual stream!/evo2k - official EVO twitter - live bracket updates - International clock (Las Vegas time)

Note - EVO kicks off at 1.00am Saturday Australia time.

Australians participating:
(list compiled by Hebretto)

Hebby's original player announcement thread is here:

bbbenson (NSW) - SSF4AE (Pool 1 Fri 8am) / MVC3 (Pool 1 Sat 8am)
Bugsimus (VIC) - SSF4AE (Pool 64 Fri 2pm)
Carnage (VIC) - SSF4AE (Pool 16 Fri 8am) / MVC3 (Pool 19 Sat 10am)
EXC355UM (VIC) - SSF4AE (Pool 6 Fri 8am) / MVC3 (Pool 7 Sat 8am)
HeavyWeapons (VIC) - SSF4AE (Pool 38 Fri 10am)
humanbomb (NSW) - SSF4AE (Pool 71 Fri 2pm)
Jorjet (WA) - SSF4AE (Pool 80, Fri 4pm) / MVC3 (Pool 55, Sat 2pm)
OZTRILLYA (WA) - SSF4AE (Pool 85, Fri 4pm) / MVC3 (Pool 61, Sat 4pm)
naruga (VIC) - SSF4AE (Pool 22 Fri 10am)
NefeliousG (QLD) - SSF4AE (Pool 43 Sat 12pm) / MVC3 (Pool 23 Sat 10am)
NiCCk (aka Nick CC) (VIC) - SSF4AE (Pool 27 Fri 10am) / MVC3 (Pool 25 Sat 10am)
PyroZeroX (VIC) - SSF4AE (Pool 48 Fri 12pm)
Sol (VIC) - SSF4AE (Pool 69 Fri 2pm)
Somniac (VIC) - SSF4AE (Pool 53 Fri 12pm) / MVC3 (Pool 43 Sat 12pm)
SpiderCarnage (VIC) - SSF4AE (Pool 75 Fri 2pm) / MVC3 (Pool 49 Sat 2pm)
ToXY (VIC) - SSF4AE (Pool 37 Fri 10am) / MVC3 (Pool 16 Sat 10am)
yoguy (NSW) - SSF4AE (Pool 32 Fri 10am) / MVC3 (Pool 31 Sat 12pm)

Best of luck to our lads participating! Lets roll!

And so another 99York event in Sydney has wrapped up. The results for SSFIV AE and MVC3 are:

SSFIV top eight:

1.) robsux (Viper, Ibuki)
2.) Shangtsung (M. Bison)
3.) Crazy FreeRider (Blanka, Seth)

4.) Gamogo (Gouki)
5.) ABM|acedizl (Yun, Ryu, Adon, Sagat, Boxer, Andru)
5.) kientan (Balrog, ?)
7.) Genxa (Yun, T. Hawk)
7.) Goodpart (Fei Long)

MVC3 top eight:

1.) hebretto
2.) ABM|acedizl
3.) beliall_j
4.) ArnoldDesu
5.) bbbenson
5.) MN
7.) Afterdeath
7.) yoguy


1. Isorropia + Entropia
2. Zerokage + Bailey
3. Keithkimyh + FatalxInnocence
4. Davo87 + Jarop
5. Fireryda + Remxi
6. Runis + Renzokuken
7. Paul + Alan

Thanks to everyone for supporting our event again, it really means a lot to us to receive such a solid turn out. Evidently Sydney's community is quite active and these events are a reflection of that. We had 59 formally registered players today, give or take a few more.

Special thanks as usual to all of you who make these events possible by way of bringing equipment. Screens, consoles, sticks, software, cables, etc. None of this would be possible without your generosity and efforts to lug gear around. As organisers we are indebted to you and I'm sure I speak on the behalf of all the players that your efforts are much appreciated. We are working towards purchasing more equipment to minimise people having to bring gear but irrespective of this, community members bringing gear on the day is truly the lifeblood for these events being as enjoyable as they are. So thanks to:

- Kyokugen
- Jarop
- AtomicX
- Heart Professor
- CrazyFreeRider
- Remxi
- AlexK
- Gadge
- Hebretto
- Prince
- Fireryda
- Auxide
- JBHewitt

I believe others brought equipment, though I wasn't across all that was brought in - if you have not been mentioned, thanks again all the same. Likewise to the microcosm of players running DIY, BlazBlue and Guilty Gear setups.

It was pleasing to see many new faces and newcomers to the community and it'd be great if we could see you all again. Hopefully those of you who are new to this chaos enjoyed yourselves and got a taste of what it is like to mash around with us offline.

Lastly, thanks for your patience as we trialed the 'Swiss' or 'Round Robin' tournament format. We'd be curious to hear your thoughts concerning this as opposed to the double elimination format we're all accustomed to. I felt the Swiss method was great in that it maintained player interest throughout the duration of the tournament, as you can't get wiped out quickly.

I felt this was especially good for new players who would otherwise find double elimination a bit discouraging if they found their first couple of matches against strong opponents. Swiss allows everyone to stay in the tournament for longer and also provides a lot more games, thus beefing up your experience. The only drawback is that is does stretch on for a bit longer but I figure so long as people are still cranking out games, that's a minor problem. I don't play Marvel, though I assume Swiss had no overly negative impact to how that game is played either.

Full credit to JBHewitt for lugging in a complete streaming setup for the day, which completely took me by surprise. This was decked out with a commentary setup and everything. Insane. In the process we also learned that we actually have access to projectors, so next time around we'll be sure to take better advantage of those for spectating, etc.

Anyway, far too much waffle from me. I trust you all had a kick ass time. As always, if you have any suggestions, complaints or kudos, be sure to let Spencer and myself know. We're still trying to iron out little issues here and there but I think part II went ahead better than the first in some respects. With a bit of luck we can only continue to get better at this.


- Shane & Spencer

Hey guys,

Just to let you know that event registration is now in place for all calendared events. Hopefully this will assist in collating names and numbers for event organisers. Forum members can simply click 'Register' at the top of events announcements/threads to express interest.

If you are a mod or event organiser, you can edit any functions specific to event registration in your calendared event by clicking on the 'Edit' icon (the little pencil) available to you in the announcement/thread title. You can then set registration cut off dates, duration, a registration message/greeting, etc.

Please let me know if this breaks anything.

Hey guys,

Just to let you know that event registration is now in place for all calendared events. Hopefully this will assist in collating names and numbers for event organisers. Forum members can simply click 'Register' at the top of events announcements/threads to express interest.

If you are a mod or event organiser, you can edit any functions specific to event registration in your calendared event by clicking on the 'Edit' icon (the little pencil) available to you in the announcement/thread title. You can then set registration cut off dates, duration, a registration message/greeting, etc.

Please let me know if this breaks anything.

Community News / and forum updates
« on: July 06, 2011, 06:56:44 PM »
Hi guys,

We're slowly chipping away at some new features for the forum which tie-in with the yet-to-be-released front page.

This will be a place where we let you know of new features as they roll into place. I'll update this post as new stuff becomes available.

18th April, 2012:

- Added front page comment system driven by Disqus (testing)

7th July:

- Event Registration

Forum members now have the ability to register for events added to the calendar. This is particularly handy for organisers to acertain a list of attendants and also get a list of player names and so on.

When mods and event organisers create a new calendar entry or link an announcement to the calendar, a bunch of registration fields become available. This includes registration duration, cut off date, registration agreement message, etc.

For users, when you visit a post or calendared event, a "Register" button appears at the top. Clicking this effectively 'registers' your interest in the event allowing organisers to generate player lists and gauge how many mashers they can expect.

Please give this option a try as I expect it'll make event organisation a little less painful. If you encounter any problems, please let me know.

6th July:

- Live updates to private messages and posts

As you receive new PMs and replies to your posts and topics, a little ajax applet will appear in the upper right corner of the site that allows quick access to the new messages and posts. This is a live feed connected to your account, so you can see messages and posts directed at you personally. To see this in action, ask someone to send you a PM (or reply/quote your posts).

- Calendar for community events

You will notice the 'Calendar' link in the nav bar towards the top of the forum next to 'My Messages.' Clicking on this will take you to the OzHadou calendar, which gives a run-down of events and goings on within the community. Clicking on a calendar event will take you to the post detailing the event where discussion (and eventually event registration) will be available. The link for the calendar is:

Forum moderators and event organisers have the permission to add posts to the calendar. You have two options here:

1.) At the bottom of posts, click 'Link to Calendar' - this will then present you with options for publishing the event to the calendar, including start date, duration and a description. The linked post is then made accessible via the calendar day so visitors can then go to the post to get details and view the discussion surrounding the event.

The new front page has a section that is automatically populated with upcoming events for the current month so at a glance you will be able to see what is going on within the community. Clicking these events on the front page will then take you the the threads detailing them with associated discussion. The new front page we hope to have ready soon. Mods - please note that only posts in the 'Tournament Announcements' and 'Casual Event Announcements' should be linked for the sake of consistency. If your permissions are lacking here, please let me know.

2.) If you are a mod or an event organiser, when you visit the calendar you can click on a day and you will then be presented with a form to fill out your event details which will automatically create both a post and a calendar event for your event.

So what goes in the calendar and what posts get flagged as calendar linked events? Pretty much anything that you feel involves the community in your respective areas. Tournaments, meets, gatherings, etc. Things that you feel the community should know about that involves getting together or involving others. Examples being Shadowloo Showdown, OHN, Boxhill, 99York, Couchwarriors, etc. Another good example might be active streams you fire up ('sup Bugs!) and so on.

I only ask that we try to maintain some presentation consistency. So prefix your events with [MELB] or [SYD] or [QLD] etc. Everyone seems to do this anyway, so lets keep that ball rolling.

I have also added an "Upcoming Events" section in the forum info center which appears at the bottom of all the available sub-forum lists.

More stuff soon. If you encounter any issues with these features, please PM me or post in this thread. If you have any feature suggestions by all means sing out.

- New profile fields

Added profile fields for Steam and Games for Windows to accommodate details for those playing SSFIV AE on PC. To add these details, click 'Profile > Forum profile' and add your details in the fields displayed.

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