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Please use this thread for discussing regular and ongoing PC-GFW network matches.

Casual Event Announcements / Attention all events organisers
« on: July 06, 2011, 01:42:05 PM »

Some changes are on the horizon which will invoke a bunch of new features for events organisers. To take advantage of these features, I'd like to get a list of those involved in events coordination and organisation around the country so I can tweak some settings.

Could you please reply to this thread if you are an organiser of sorts. I'm thinking folks along the lines of the Shadowloo crew, the Stickaddiction guys, LAN Smash, Chris' Clubhouse, Couch Warriors, anyone organising Boxhill, Bluehouse, Galaxy World gatherings, any WA organisers, Perth organisers, etc.

Basically, if you're someone who submits somewhat regular posts to the 'Tournaments, Events and Gatherings' forum, I want you to sing out.

The end result of this will be a useful mechanism for promoting events and so on which I feel will be beneficial for organisers. More details soon.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On the 18th of June we had our first Sydney casuals revival at 99onYork and managed to pull in around 50 people. We were blown away by the support and everyone had a kick ass time. We hope we can continue to do this on a regular basis and provide the community with a place for everyone to play games. The catch is that these events are only possible via the support of the community so the purpose of this thread is to get a rough idea on who is keen so we can again get a feel for numbers. If we can pull in sufficient interest, we can get the same venue again.

Updated Details

Date: Saturday 23rd July 2011
Time: 11am - 11pm
Location: Phillip Suite, Level 2, 99 York St Sydney NSW 2000
Entry Fee: $15
Tournament Entry Fee: $5 each

At the moment we intend to run tournaments for SSF4AE and MVC3. I am unsure if there is any interest in these.

During ACL I was introduced to the Swiss-system tournament format. People at ACL were happy with it, so I would like to try running one of these to see how it goes. We will play the minimum number of rounds until we get the top 8, where we will then play double elimination. All matches are best of 3 games. If people don't want to play Swiss we can just do standard double elimination tournament.

How to Get Here
The venue has directions here: We are in a different room this time, but still on level 2. When walking out of the lift area it should be on your left to the right of the administration office.

The venue also offers parking. Details can be found here: The parking entrance is located at 168 Clarence St Sydney NSW 2000. The rates are $10 for members/$15 for non-members.

Other Stuff
Also, right now we'd like to give this thing a name. Give this some thought as we plan to run a competition where you can submit your ideas and we'll have a draw as to which one we think is the best. So far the names Spencer and I have come up with are terrible. The winner will get something awesome like free entry and a "hey, thanks man" from Spencer HIMSELF. YES.

Last time kicked ass for two primary reasons:

1. Support from players
2. People bringing equipment for setups

If we can repeat this, we should be able to have ourselves another successful little event. If you're keen for round 2, make yourselves heard! Please let us know if you're interested in attending the event, if you're interested in both or either of the tournaments and if you intend to bring equipment.

If you have any suggestions, by all means lets hear 'em. If you'd rather PM me or Goswu your ideas or criticisms, feel free to do so. Give us both barrels if you feel something sucked about the first event as these are the things I personally want to know so we can just plain make things better for the players.


- Shane & Spencer

Expressions of Interest
  • Gamogo (1x Xbox360, 2x sticks, 2x monitors, games)
  • Goswu (1x Xbox360, 1x stick, 2x monitors, games)
  • mR_CaESaR (1x Xbox360, AE, 1x TE)
  • Gadge4321 (1x TE)
  • ABM|bksama
  • X-fade
  • idiotcat
  • Genxa
  • Auxide
  • raccoonist
  • HeartProfessor / ByeBi / Tokyonative (1 setup, 4x sticks)
  • jarop (2x monitors, 1x Xbox360)
  • ABM|k3npachii (1 setup)
  • robsux
  • Sahn
  • Crimson
  • ABM|acedizl
  • Crazy FreeRider (1x Xbox360, 1x TE)
  • Shangtsung
  • furyblitz
  • Remxi (1x Xbox360, 1x monitor, 1x stick, games)
  • Alexk (1x Xbox360, 1x monitor, 2x sticks, AE)
  • kyokugen (2x monitors, 1x Xbox360, 4x sticks, 1x PS2)
  • AtomicX (1x Xbox360, 1x TE, games)
  • Fireryda (1x PS3, 2x sticks, games)
  • hornjo
  • Goodpart
  • 0Renzokuken0
  • bbbenson
  • jaunty
  • Deadpool
  • Some Random
  • kientan
  • Yoguy
  • Ineffable

Random Discussion / o_O
« on: June 27, 2011, 06:28:05 PM »


Match Videos and Streams / Shadowloo Showdown II Stream
« on: June 25, 2011, 10:37:49 AM »
The live Stream for this weekend's Shadowloo Showdown II tournament being held in Melbourne is available here:

Other handy links: (general info) (schedule) (external stream link) (Shadowloo Showdown II discussion thread)

Best of luck to all the players and a huge thanks to Bugsimus and his crew for providing a live stream!

Community News / Ozhadou Tapatalk support
« on: June 21, 2011, 07:59:04 PM »
Hi guys,

After a bit of procrastination and prodding from some users I have finally enabled Tapatalk support for the forum. Those of you familiar with it, please add the forum to your Tapatalk client. It is listed as 'OzHadou' or 'OzHadou - Discussion Forum' under the category 'Gaming - Other.'

Be sure to let me know if there are any issues though so far things seem ok.

Post Event Discussion / [SYD] SSF4AE Launch Party Results
« on: June 19, 2011, 01:55:32 AM »

1: ABM|HumanBomb
2: Furyblitz
3: Kientan
4: ShangTsung09
5: Xavier
5: Andru
7: Afterdeath
7: Skitzr
9: kyokugen
9: hornjo
9: Genxa
9: Ivan

13: Goswu
13: Elmssy
13: jfizz
13: Auxide
17: yoguy
17: bbbenson
17: Ineffable
17: Peter
17: ABM|bksama
17: pdcsky
17: Paul
17: Jarop
25: ABM|acedizl
25: jpr
25: Madenka
25: Zerokage
25: Harvey
25: ABM|mR_CaESaR
25: Allen
25: Gadge
33: Remxi
33: HeartProfessor
33: Sahn
33: AtomicX
33: Schmickmik23
33: ABM|KG
33: Fireyda
49: Phatphob


2: bbbenson
3: Afterdeath
4: ABM|bksama
5: jpr
5: ABM|acedizl
7: CrowdPleasingNoob
7: yoguy
9: Skitzr
9: Furyblitz
9: Genxa
9: Terry

13: kyokugen
13: Jarop
13: ABM|Moca89
13: MN
17: harvey
17: Elmssy
17: AtomicX
17: Peter
17: Gadge
17: Remxi
17: danel
25: Ineffable
25: Andru

Thanks very much to all who came out today! Congratulations to HumanBomb for winning SSFIV AE and to KG for winning MVC3.

Special thanks to all who brought hardware with them - we had a record amount of setups today due solely to your efforts. This ensured everyone got a tonnes of games in and didn't have to idle around waiting for an opportunity to play. Thank yourselves for the wealth of hardware today - that was a community effort through and through.

Special thanks to jaunty for his invaluable assistance in running the tournament brackets. Without his help the tournaments for both games would not have been possible and I'd probably still be plodding my way through brackets.

We appreciate your patience today as it was the first event myself and Goswu have run together. We've learned a lot and already have ideas for things that can be done better in the future. We really appreciated the support today and trust you all had a kick ass time.

Lastly, my apologies for the singles nature of the SSFIV tournament. We simply ran too short on time and could not complete a best of 3 bracket with the number of players present so we had to scale things back if we were to finish. Tournaments were a last minute decision to run for today (as the main focus was casuals) so for future events, we will clarify (or field for prior interest) tournaments in advance and lock in start times + registration.

Again, thanks for coming out and be sure to thank one another for bringing equipment and setups. If anything went well today, it was the community extending a hand for setups. Very cool to see - you guys are awesome.

And with that, I'm going to crash.

Community News / New forum toy
« on: June 16, 2011, 08:50:15 PM »
I've put a crappy and hacky little ajax thinger in place that gives you a live feed of post activity on the forum. This saves you having to press F5 which can be quite an effort.

The page is:

There is also a button above next to 'My Messages' called 'Recent Topics' - clicking this will take you to the same page which will auto-update as posts arrive on the forum a little bit like IRC or MSN messenger. You can leave this page open and see things unfold in (almost) real-time.

Clicking on the little icon on each line will take you to the new post in the thread/topic displayed. Only the top five most recent threads are listed.

Give it a try and let me know if it sucks.

Tech Talk / Larger low input lag LCD panels (24" +)
« on: June 01, 2011, 08:40:59 PM »
The usual shit from me. Trying to find a low input lag screen larger than 24" that performs as well as the BenQ E2400 HD.

I found this today:

BenQ M2700. 27", $390, x2 HDMI inputs, VGA, sound, etc. Reviews as having low (i.e. none) input lag though I cannot find any solid figures yet.

Does anyone here own one of these?

Pre-Order SSFIV:AE on Steam here:

$120 USD for a four pack, otherwise its $40 a copy.

I'm pretty keen to pick up AE for the PC this time around provided they address the woeful framerate issues online matches suffered when paired against people with ghetto machines. With any luck a system rating filter is available perhaps.

I really hope this uses Steam and not GFW for online play too.

This is kinda interesting:

It makes for a nice go-to list for character specific match-up details when you know who can use them properly.

Daigo Umehara | BP: 175,497 | U . MASTER
Mago | BP: 149,849 | G.MASTER
Iyo | BP: 77,537 | G.MASTER
Momochi | BP: 66,886 | G.MASTER
TOKIDO | BP: 56,184 | G.MASTER
Uryo | BP: 51,939 | G.MASTER


Community News / OzHadou - Old forum
« on: April 16, 2011, 10:53:41 AM »
Hi guys,

I've removed the link to the old forum in the general section given that it has formally been retired and can no longer be posted on.

Should you wish to continue referring to the old forum yourself, the URL is:

Feel free to bookmark this if you're the nostalgic type.

We've been on the new forum for a while now and it looks like most of the main annoyances have been mopped up and a couple of requested features are now being used (Youtube, Maps, mobile support). If you have any additional suggestions or wishes for new features that you're perhaps used to on other forums, be sure to let me know.

Community News / Whoops!
« on: April 15, 2011, 06:40:19 PM »
Sorry dudes, our web host had to do some maintenance on their servers today which incurred an after-hours outage.

Catch is that after-hours in the US is the daytime for us. This took down the forums, OHN and the main page for a short while today.


Random Discussion / OzHadou - Mobile phone support
« on: April 04, 2011, 10:40:12 AM »
Hi guys,

There are several experimental mobile versions of the forum you are welcome to try out. The links are:

Those of you who browse the site with phones might find these handy. I've personally been using wap2 and imode and both seem to be pretty functional.

You can also change a regular forum link into the mobile version by adding a semi-colon followed by the mobile version after the URL. For example:

Would become:;wap2

Please give these a try and drop any feedback here if you find problems.


- Gamogo

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