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Community News / Re: Weekly Show: [Insert Name Here]
« on: February 22, 2011, 08:54:46 PM »
Not bad :D

Between this and the podcasts Mutton, Goswu and Kientan are putting together there's actually quite a few SF-centric media avenues going on in Australia now.

I'm curious to see how it shapes up with your signature presentation/editing work!

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: PSN - Post match feedback
« on: February 22, 2011, 10:32:41 AM »
Don't forget the Marvel Versus Capcom 3 influence. My contact list on the Xbox for example is mostly filled with folks playing MVC3 now rather than SFIV.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: XBL - Post match feedback
« on: February 22, 2011, 12:51:08 AM »
Quote from: garylok
Any tips so i dont get rolled so hard next time? Seems like i cant take rushdown at all :(

You were the Cody player, ya?

I'm not very good at giving advice, but it might be a good idea to get an understanding of Akuma's vortex and how it works. Under certain circumstances Akuma has a lot of ways to mess with people's wake-up and a lot of the time we can force you to flip a coin and guess. It makes it pretty tough for some characters to deal with his bullshit, particularly after they have been knocked down. Akuma's strength (among others) is his vast array of options.

Its my understanding that Akuma is a tough match for Cody and from my side of the fence, all my vortex and knockdown options work on Cody making it pretty tricky to get back on your feet once Akuma scores a knockdown.

I guess the thing is to perhaps work on your defense as I thought your offense wasn't too bad - Cody is a frame trapping machine and you certainly had that shit down well to the point where I wasn't going to press any buttons and get counter-hit mauled. I did notice that I got a few fireballs in for free when you had a stocked Ultra, which is something you might want to consider practicing. Buffer your Ultra once stocked and you suspect a projectile is gonna come your way and then kick sand in my face for massive damage. Once you can demonstrate to an opponent that you can reactively snuff projectiles with your Ultra, it forces them to rethink their approach giving you an element of control otherwise not available. You took me down when I threw fireballs with your EX slide thing, instead those should have been Ultras!

Its also worth nothing that Akuma bleeds, so any damage you can dish, give it to the bastard. It doesn't take much to cut Akuma down and any mistake is very bad for us and can often turn the tide.

Random Discussion / Re: Marn reveals TTC sponsorship offer on Cross Counter
« on: February 20, 2011, 09:39:22 PM »
I still feel the sponsorship/pro market is relatively pre-mature in gaming but its clear that it is making large strides to establish standards and also work to both the player's and the sponsor's advantage. Its a new and emerging market that is still feeling itself out.

With PC gaming sponsorship, the ability to attach a wider array of relevant companies to a player is much easier as is evident with many sponsored FPS guys. They have graphics, CPU, mobo, input device, case mods, etc companies clamoring to get some semblance of association with the player's preferred hardware, which can be very effective at shifting units and providing income for both sides of the fence.

As I see it for fighting games, the motivation behind a dedicated sponsor I personally cannot see yielding great returns. Unless there is something I am missing, I'm just not seeing what bounces back to the sponsors themselves. Sure, we have a small amount of hardware promotion in the FGC (Madcatz) but there really isn't a great deal else for players to float from a promotional perspective that I can see. For fighting games, I am really surprised screen manufacturers haven't hopped on board to offer lagless options considered acceptable to top players for example.

I can however see sponsors playing a part in large events by way of completely unrelated material that only seeks to feed off the exposure large tournaments offer. Say you had an event that attracted a few hundred (or thousand - EVO?) participants. Thats a large market to expose a product or service to which in many ways could be completely unrelated to fighting games, but still be an effective promotional platform because of the audience it gets presented to. Perhaps you could identify something that presents a common thread of interest in fighting game players, but frankly I find that difficult to pin down. The irony to me about the FGC (from a promotion perspective) is that it attracts an otherwise wholly diverse range of people who come together quite simply because of their love of fighting games. Outside of that, they are quite honestly a very diverse bunch of people. Some niche avenues you can promote widely attractive stuff to that group. With fighting game fans, outside of the game itself and maybe a stick, there's bugger all you can really offer us relative to the game and our means of playing it to be honest or perhaps I'm over simplifying.

Anywho, getting back to it, I think the best part about the sponsor deals we are seeing lately is that they in effect facilitate the players' ability to travel and compete in tournaments with subsidies in the expenses involved (entry, travel, and in some cases accommodation) which allows them as players to really soak up a tonne of experience in the games they love. I think thats pretty awesome for folks keen on the sponsorship thing. If you're not sponsored, you have to fork out for everything yourself, which quickly adds up. Consider's recent Shadowloo Showdown tourney in Melbourne - for those of us who made the trip from Sydney and beyond, the costs mounted when you factor in food, booze, accommodation, entry, etc. For sponsored players, some of those costs are offset which is kinda neat, allowing them to compete more often without it making such a dent in their wallet.

As with any sponsor affiliation though, you need to do your part in promoting the interests/products/services of your promoter. Given how niche the fighting game community's sponsors have been so far, its hardly a big ask on their part. Maybe wear a tshirt, drop the name a few times, recommend a product. All this stuff is part of the deal and a small price to pay provided your sponsor offers a decent deal by signing up to them. From what Marn is saying it sounds like he agreed to a deal which perhaps had a bit of fine print or perhaps wasn't as sweet as he (and folks outside looking in) thought it was.

A TTC deal would be interesting. You'd then have Marn, Toxy and Tokido all batting for the same team who are all massive IV players AND are pretty keen on MVC3 which so far is shaping up to be massively popular and is likely to attract large amounts of players to tournaments. I guess we'll have to wait and see :D

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: XBL - Post match feedback
« on: February 20, 2011, 08:48:03 PM »
Sorry meeks, thats the second time we've played where you've joined just as I'm getting ready to bail :/

Next time! I need me some Chun practice too :D

Tech Talk / Re: HDTV/monitor enquiries
« on: February 20, 2011, 08:28:24 PM »
Quote from: shadowsoul
Edit: also just tempted to go with the LG 32 460 model. I'm not that sensitive to input lag so I'm thinking the 1 frame wouldn't matter to much to me

Its a good screen and definitely the best performer for a television.

I found for local play it was fine, but when playing online (where I play the most) it invoked just that little bit extra lag (screen + online lag) that didn't sit right with me compared with the BenQ. I was in the middle of a first to ten session and switched screens halfway through and the difference was actually quite noticeable for me.

If one was building a cab and really wanted a 32" screen, these are the ones to go for - they're quite simply the best you can get for input lag in Australia in that size right now.

My problem is that I am spoiled by the fast response of the BenQs, so anything else I test either has to be on par or better. So far, no such luck.

Random Discussion / Re: OzHadou - the new forum
« on: February 19, 2011, 12:05:07 PM »
Soooo, how about increasing avatar size limit from 64x64 to 100x100? Please.  8)

Cheeky xD

Its currently set to 64x64 (default) as I didn't want the forum to become a sea of garish images of varying sixes. 64x64 infers that most get resized which applies a uniform standard across the avatars we all see.

I understand that this kills off some detail though, so maybe we'll tinker with that side things soon along with other aesthetic odds and ends.

Tech Talk / Re: HDTV/monitor enquiries
« on: February 19, 2011, 12:01:01 PM »
Quote from: KellyNUTS
Would it help if u set the screen resolution to 720p in the "Display Settings" of the PS3?

For IV, no. The PS3's forced output resolution option only works for a handful of games. Its largely an abandoned option with the net result often being games scaling DOWN to 480. Yuck.

Been looking for a 2420 myself but it looks like they may be phasing them out for 2430?
Im guessing this would be the one u guys would recommend now?

Its hard to say as there isn't a great amount of tested information on new screens. It sounds like Excessum might be onto a winner. He's been playing for a while and also runs his fair share of events so I'd be confident in following his recommendations if he says its a solid performer.

I want as little input lag as possible while having a high refresh rate(that defines fps doesnt it? & is measured in Hz?)
Ive noticed on some monitors/screens that SSF4 animates smoother/more fluid than it does on my HDTV(plasma).
Could it be that the TV im using now only pushes 30fps, whereas these "smoother/ more fluid" looking monitors run @ 60fps, which is what SSF4 runs at?

No, refresh rate doesn't impact a game's frame rate. It does make display updates (and model interpolation) noticeably smoother however as the image is redrawn a lot more frequently. This is particularly noticeable with fast moving objects. The catch is that high refresh rate screens while very nice to look at give mixed results with respect to input lag. Some offer no difference, some introduce horrendous amounts.

LCD screens typically have a 59~60Hz refresh rate though this functions somewhat differently to the old school CRTs.

Last week I played SSF4 on an old CRT, I felt like Neo in the Matrix, everything was running slower, making everything easier, had to adjust my timing tho. Could that run at a higher frame rate than my HDTV too?
Either way, the monitor in the link above should push out 60+fps yeah?

We have a guy here who has had a bunch of us over for games here in Sydney and he uses a CRT. CRTs typically yield 0 input lag so you'll find the game noticeably more responsive if you're accustomed to playing on a laggy LCD or Plasma  screen. The game's framerate regardless of display options will always run at 60fps. No frames are dropped due to the chosen screen - the only variation (image quality aside) between screens and how the game 'feels' when played on them is input lag.

Also, if I go with that Monitor and use HDMI, is there any way I can use external speakers? Or do I need a monitor with audio out? If not hows the speakers on these things?

Typically most LCD panels have a little headphone/stereo-out socket on them whether they have built in speakers or not. You can jack a set of speakers into this socket and away you go. Actually, you'll find most screens with HDMI in feature this. I run my BenQ's stereo-out/headphone socket into an amplifier and crank the subsequent channel out of a pair of desktop monitors and a sub.

Or maybe should I just use component cables or something more practical since id prolly only need 720p output for SSF4 & the other fighters?

720p is only worth considering if you use a PS3. Even then, the gains are minimal due to the speed most screens now rescale images - particularly if you opt for an Asus or BenQ screen. Rescaing tends to be noticeably poorer on LCD televisions.

Your best bang for your buck right now will be a 24" 1080p LCD screen from either BenQ or Asus. The BenQs (for previous models) could be had for around $200.

A wealth of information about this stuff can be found here:

A bunch of us have contributed a lot of information to this thread on SRK but its become mis-managed and a bit of a shambles. Its in dire need of a rewrite or FAQ generated from it. I'm too busy to do that right now but I think it might be worthwhile.

For new screen test results, I'd recommend shooting to the end of that thread and browsing backwards - a handful of newer screens have been tested and reported on. The last bunch that came recommended (32" televisions) unfortunately are not sold in Australia though which is a real bummer. The 'EVO monitor' however gets a lot of love in the thread.

In short though - I recommend the 24" BenQs and a LOT of people in Australia do also. You'll find essentially every offline event you go to is cranking a bunch of them too, making them the defacto standard here in Australia.

Myself and Shadowsoul are trying to find something a bit larger and at this stage have pretty much written all 32" and above options off as complete crap compared to the BenQs. Asus and Viewsonic have some tempting 27" offerings though, with one Viewsonic option actually weighing in (in testing) slightly faster than the BenQs.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: Getting into the scene
« on: February 19, 2011, 11:36:27 AM »
1. I'm in Year 11, HSC is a pain in the ass

I gotta re-iterate the importance of putting school before delving into SF also.

I grew up when SF2 dropped and arcades were thriving and it was an absolute phenomenon. A lot of people I know sacrificed school as a means to play more because the game really roped people in. When the high wore off a lot of people realised that they'd pissed too much time away playing a game when they should have hammered out their closing year of high school properly.

Anywho, not everyone is an idiot when it comes to priorities, but I figure it was worth mentioning.

I agree with cyph that maybe you should look at your options to pick up some part time work to pull together enough cash to get a console and a stick. You'll find that your motivation to do so will be much easier given that you have a clear goal in mind. The expenses combined certainly aren't cheap but if you're keen to put in the hours you'll find its a very manageable amount to pull together. I also noticed the buy/sell sections on the forum tend to have good deals and they're obviously going to be targeted at the kind of gear you're after.

As cyph mentioned, keep an eye on the events sections to see if anything pops up that you might be able to go along to. Make yourself known in the threads promoting events or gatherings so you can organise to tag along with some of the regulars to get a foot in the door. One thing I can say about the SF community now and way back in the past is how accomodating people are with those joining the fold to get into the game and learn.

From what has said above I assume you are from Melbourne and I can say that all the regular players down there that I have had a chance to meet (I'm in Sydney) are a great bunch of guys and very approachable. The best advice I can give about getting involved with the regulars is to quite simply introduce yourself, say hi and come along to a couple of events - whether they're casual or even tournaments.

Tech Talk / Re: HDTV/monitor enquiries
« on: February 18, 2011, 03:14:36 PM »
Response time has nothing to do with input lag.

Also, response time has nothing to do with input lag.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: XBL - Post match feedback
« on: February 18, 2011, 03:11:07 PM »
Quote from: Mooseking
Anyone up for team matches online?

Ooer. Team games are always fun. Try and get a mob together and let us know :D

Tech Talk / Re: HDTV/monitor enquiries
« on: February 18, 2011, 10:14:37 AM »

The BenQ G2420 sounds great but is there a monitor that is even smaller (probably 18-22", <$250) while having a low latency?

You can't go wrong with the BenQ. They've pretty much become a standard here in Australia due to their low input lag.

For 22" and below, there's not a great deal of lag tested info out there as many people default to 24". I believe Asus has a 22" variation of the EVO monitor however. I actually have a 22" Samsung screen that performs quite nicely that I am looking to sell. If you're in Sydney we might be able to work something out.

Lastly, what console do you use? The Xbox has the added benefit of being able to forcibly output any game to a chosen resolution, effectively removing image rescaling duties from the screen which further reduces input lag as you can match the screen's native resolution. The PS3 unfortunately does not have this feature and it is instead game specific, of which few games even bother supporting it.

FYI, SFIV and SSFIV are 720p titles. If you have a PS3 and minimal input lag is your goal, in some cases a 720p screen is ideal though the Asus EVO screens rescale super fast making this less of an issue anyway.

Tech Talk / Re: [SYD] Timezone George St Cabinet Problems Thread
« on: February 17, 2011, 08:31:49 AM »
A bunch of us played the other night and I have to admit that I was blown away by just how many of the units were essentially unplayable due to faulty sticks and buttons.

I'm not too sure how many customers GW sees with respect to IV, but I suspect its a lot as those machines are seriously starting to show signs of wear and tear.

Random Discussion / Neo Geo: Bigger, Badder, Better.
« on: February 17, 2011, 08:19:39 AM »
"Prepare yourself to experience the biggest, baddest arcade game console ever to be released for the consumer market! Showcasing the sleek design of the hardware, legendary character artwork, and the games that crushed the competition, "Neo Geo: Bigger Badder Better" is a cinematic tribute to SNK's arcade powerhouse."


Random Discussion / Re: Mortal Kombat
« on: February 16, 2011, 12:55:55 PM »
I gotta admit, I'm curious. I'm eager to see how it handles as it certainly looks nice.

Some of the character movement looks kinda off, but I'm really keen to give it a shot regardless.

The MVC3 crowd has a lot of dedicated fans and after talking with a few people there's a small cache of folks anticipating the new MK also. Catch is that they are (significantly) fewer.

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