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It strikes as me as having too small a community to warrant a purchase right now, combined with the PS4 being a pretty lacklustre platform on the whole compared with the PC. I expect the PS4 to become more attractive to players once SF5's release inches closer however.

I seriously think Capcom (or more specifically, the third party Other Ocean Interactive that they are fobbing this port off to again) are foregoing a major opportunity by not crafting this release out of the gate to support cross-platform play with Steam in line with what they are planning for SF5. It would allow them to tackle any cross-platform play gotchas and issues early on that may prove to be useful knowledge for when SF5 enters its final development stretch.

The real question I have is whether Capcom/OOI are implementing the Lab Zero USB driver or not for this release. That is going to be a true test of character for me. Given their partnership with Madcatz however, I think I already know the answer to that.

Any update on this? I noticed the file link isn't even there anymore.  :o

Don't bother. The latest public and beta Steam clients address the majority of SFIV's network issues.

Tech Talk / Re: Razer Atrox failure
« on: April 29, 2015, 09:46:49 AM »
Can I ask for full non sale value to be returned?

In short, no.

If your receipt reflects the sale price and that's what you paid for it, that's what you are refunded.

Consider it a bonus that you also no longer own a Razor stick.

One option might be to create a dedicated Steam group that is administrable by key organisers of the bracket.

i.e. "Tournament on X date, join <group name> to enter."

That way when you lock down your registrations and are ready to generate brackets, you will have a shortlist of immediately accessible Steam handles that the tournament runner can use as a shortlist to invite into the stream game lobby. For those not playing in the stream lobby, they can pluck out the Steam handles from the group of those they are scheduled to play next and fire them an invite. Anyone not present/online in the group after the tournament starts could be considered bksama'd. Also keep in mind that Steam groups also have dedicated chat channels, which would be handy.

This might help get around the "Is <player> online? What is his Steam name?" I noticed cropping up when Mike and I were commentating. Even if players aren't on your personal buddy list, a dedicated Steam group for this kind of thing will help people find one another and kick off a bracket match quickly. There would be no excuses for not having them as a contact (unless they are using an alias - which I suggest you request players register as their tournament name) so you could then start getting aggressive with start times, which in my experience is the only way to get online tournaments to run smoothly.

Steam groups ALSO facilitate event creation AND allow you to invite players by Steam name to populate a short list. It also fires out reminder notices to players in advance of events that are beginning which I feel would be handy.

Something to consider.

I figured it can't hurt to have a dedicated board for MKX given its popularity.

Have at it!

Stumbled across this today:

The short version is that by default, on multi-core systems, Windows parks or suspends cores if your system is not actively using them which invokes queue latency and performance hand-braking under some situations. When disabled, you gain  full access to all your CPU cores at all times. The real world result is that it offers some performance gains in CPU intensive applications and games.

I've been running it for a couple hours now and have noticed an even distribution of CPU requests across all eight cores. I'm yet to do anything very CPU intensive this morning, but some quick reading has revealed some folks reporting that it offers some FPS gains and so on in various games. Sounds kinda nifty.

The Atrox functions as a standard Xbox controller. In order to have it recognised by Windows, I expect you'll need to have the Xbox (One) controller drivers installed and present on your system. Download them from here:

Once installed, then follow Razor's instructions if it is not recognised automatically:

1. Click on your Windows icon in the lower left corner, then Right click on Computer
2. Go to Properties
3. Click on Device Manager
4. Double click on the Unidentified Device that should be highlighted in the list by a yellow icon
5. Select "driver" and click on Update Driver
6. Browse my computer for driver software
7. Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
8. Windows Common Controller for Window Class
9. Xbox 360 Controller for Windows
10. Update Driver Warning
11. Click Yes

no matter what capcom does, it's still up to valve to step up their game. this will hopefully strengthen all their current p2p games.

Ye, it looks like its a global fix and not targeted at SFIV specifically (though SFIV has certainly been a valid poster boy for the problem). The issue was Capcom and Q-Loc's implementation of Steamworks, not Steamworks itself. Quite a few P2P games under Steamworks perform just fine, Skullgirls perhaps being the best and most relevant example. Others have argued KOF also, but my understanding is that KOF was still a turd online regardless.

From what Valve has been saying, Capcom's implementation was odd, but as a result it did actually highlight an area Steamworks could be improved upon which appears to be where Valve has stepped in (as the alternative would be for Q-Loc to rework their Steamworks tie-in, which given Capcom's refusal to spend money on development time strikes me as simply not happening) to address the problem.

With any luck some valid lessons for SF5 have been learned here. Speaking of which, I'd like to think that the forthcoming PS4 release of Ultra actually factors in cross-platform play with PC users as a means for Capcom (and potentially Valve + Sony) to identify and stomp out any potential cross-platform issues they may encounter with SF5. PS4 SFIV would make a perfectly valid test-bed for what is a pretty ambitious plan for SF5 combined with giving them a sizeable playerbase (i.e. with enough variability) out of the gate.

The newest steam client beta seems less like a placebo and more of a fix.

I noticed an update dropped for the public client last night citing network improvements. I played a few games last night against some chaps who are usually a little sludgy and it was a little bit better (though this was before my client was updated) so I'm pretty keen to see how these latest updates go.

It's cool to see Valve have stepped in to assist. It was pretty clear Capcom and Q-Loc have been lost for ages.

The Steam beta client that features the netcode changes went live earlier today for those NOT in the beta program (i.e. the changes have been rolled into the standard client), so it is safe to say that over the next couple of days everybody will benefit from these changes now regardless.

It should be interesting to see how this pans out. Results insofar appear to be quite mixed, though the majority seems to be enjoying a noticeable improvement.

Looks like I jumped the gun like a complete retard. Not all changes were rolled into the public client.

Update from Valve:

"We have been finding more cases of short hangs with Ultra Street Fighter IV's usage of the SteamWorks P2P APIs and will be rolling out a Beta Steam client next week with fixes for these occurences. Problems might still occur when playing against users that have not yet updated to the latest Beta client, so it might take a few days to observe a consistent improvement.

If you have played against a "pgriffais" recently I apologize for my poor performance and the matches that I abruptly left, as it was during attempts to track down the cause of the problem."


The Steam beta client that features the netcode changes went live earlier today for those NOT in the beta program (i.e. the changes have been rolled into the standard client), so it is safe to say that over the next couple of days everybody will benefit from these changes now regardless.

It should be interesting to see how this pans out. Results insofar appear to be quite mixed, though the majority seems to be enjoying a noticeable improvement.



I assume you guys are all on the beta program anyways? If this does what it claims to do, it ought to make ranked playable (from a connection quality standpoint, not the smarts of the players) in addition to improving connection quality in general.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Potential Lag Fix - PC Users
« on: February 10, 2015, 05:12:18 PM »
So this has cropped up a few times lately and I figured it was worth mentioning here to see if we can get more AU/NZ players giving it a try.

From r/kappa:

A french player named KS | Kichigai found the way to correct the lag on USF4 online. Original post:

The way to correct the lag is simply, you must replace the steam_api.dll on your original folder for USF4 (if you didn't change, this is here : Steam\SteamApps\common\Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition) by this one:!vQNDiBzK!P6k5WHzcGaBF8PJ9gnN9xh-mEOWhtFUfl_1DvhTYMkc

Actually this is working. The steam_api file that you have in your USF4 folder is an old one, and the file that you will download is a new one. I played against some players who did this and it was perfect, lag free ! Make a backup of your actual steam_api.dll file ;)

So in summary:

- The steam_api.dll file that ships with SSFIV is old and has not (yet) been updated as part of Capcom's latest patches
- Replacing this .DLL with the one available here seems to issue an improvement to online play

Note: This .DLL's default location is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\super street fighter iv - arcade edition

If you choose to go ahead with this fix, be sure to backup your original .DLL beforehand.

I've just replaced it and am going to have a plod around.

Of course, you do all this at your own risk and all that. If others have given this potential fix a try let us know how it went. I expect this will yield little change unless your opponent has also applied this fix, but who knows.

Tournament Announcements / Re: [SYD] YSB #27 - 10th January
« on: January 10, 2015, 09:43:09 AM »
I've only just arrived back in Australia and after sleeping on airport chairs for two straight days, I feel like shit.

Harden up, sistah.

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