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Hell yeah. Love me some derailin'.

I thought Prometheus was a disaster despite looking kinda nice. When we came out of the theatre I was the first of my mates (who are also big Scott fans) to label it a turd and they reluctantly agreed. I found the deleted scenes quite interesting though, especially the alternate Xeno/Zombie and the extended opening sequence. Still wasn't enough to save it though.

Here's hoping the follow-up patches up the logic-holes or at the very least has a screenplay serviced by something other than a retarded donkey.

SF related: What do ya'll think of the patch that dropped yesterday? Any improvements? I've found public lobbies to still be problematic (i.e. still laggy) and ranked remains a complete crapshoot with erratic ping/connection ratings to the point where I find it unplayable. Private lobbies seem to actually be a little smoother, but it still sucks that public lobbies are still an issue. It sucks being chained to private lobbies to enjoy GFW comparable performance.

Alien isolation eh? I love the Alien mythos, might have to give that one a try if it's not anything like that last cluster fuck by Sega.

Oh dude. If you're into the series (well, the first and the second primarily) you'll love it.

This one is published by Sega, but was not developed by Gearbox. It's pretty good. There's some very cool nods to the original movie in this too to the point where (so far) I consider it a far better addition to the series than the sorry effort that which was Prometheus.

Anyway, has anyone played Alien Isolation? Apparently the AI in that game is ground breakingly good and OP strong. Like proper Google R&D division, next level shit. Someone needs to develop a good AI for SF as a training tool. Not the typical scripted shit that we've come to expect from fighting game artificial unintelligence.

Yep, it's pretty cool. The AI can be a mixed bag, sometimes it performs impossible feats (warping/teleporting) but on the whole its actually quite impressive. There's lots of fun to be had in exploiting its intelligence to your advantage by goading it into attacking other foes as you continue to sneak around while the resulting carnage unfolds.

It really is a fine game though, but I'm blown away by how bad the voice acting is. Valve still carry that crown.

Edit: Re: SFIV AI, I spent some time a while back tweaking the weighting tables to see if I could get it to do some interesting things and had some success in manipulating the personalities of some CPU characters. The problem is that weighting tables aside, the AI is mostly bound up in the EXE which is encrypted and pretty much unfuckable when it comes to the more interesting aspects. I agree that the single player AI could use some work. I'd like to see some simple aspects such as basic footsies and poking combined with it actually applying legitimate punish combos when you screw up.

Instead we get an army of CPU retards who insta-reversal on button presses all the while being horrifically exploitable. Oddly, the arcade system's AI is a lot more varied and actually ups the ante if you are about to snuff him out provided it's the third fight onwards. Perhaps that's intentional as a means to keep the single player coins/cards flowing like in the old days.

I like the custom skins you are using. Got a link? I'd like to save them to my tape drive.

We should use Mic more , nobody does it, I wanna hear what you punks sound like. You can listen to me giving you shit in real time.

I tried using mic for a few sessions with some local lads and it really ate into my connection latency. Had to kill it. Huge bummer.

Still, that was Skype and not the built in Steam voice support. Perhaps Steam is a little lighter on network utilisation.

Also how come I pretty much never see anyone who posts here play the game? Always just see some randoms on. Is there a certain time you guys play? You play private lobbies only?

Pretty sure I can speak for most gents here when I say both ranked and public lobbies are fundamentally broken (excessive lag due to a bug) on PC.

The 'fix' for now is to host private lobbies only.

Your best bet is to add dudes to your steam list, start a (private) lobby and invite folks in. Either that or request an invite.

A fix to address this (finally) is dropping this month. No date has been set, though webacon from Capcom ensures us it drops 'this month' which in Capcom terms means we should see it by Summer 2018, 2017 all going well.

Community News / Re: and forum updates
« on: October 05, 2014, 12:37:37 PM »
5th October, 2014:

- Fix: Reworked LS to factor in Amazon's changes to the Twitch.TV API for both the forums and front page. Now at v2.

Fix it for me, right now.

Shift + TAB will bring up your in game messaging as an overlay to the game instantly. Shift + TAB returns you back to the game.

Also gee gees \o/

If you were to give one special/command normal to your main, what would it be?

You get all properties of the original move, including ex. Also you may not overlap motions.

Akuma: Fireball + k = animation that starts one frame faster and has slightly extended hitboxes both forward and downward. EX version leaves him at +6 (currently +5) on hit allowing for a fs.hp (1 framer) or cs.hp link afterwards. 100 damage for regular, 120 for EX.

Both versions -2 on block. Same ducking properties against select characters remain (thus negating abuse and making it punishable).


USFIV update status conversation log with wbacon:

"They also need to get that first major Title Update out and level the playing field across all SKUs too. I'm sure they're getting lots of feedback on bugs, balancing issues, and feature requests across all platforms. So they need to prioritize and see which ones are feasible and then determine when to implement and then roll them out"

Hey mate, you've posted a broken link for the Qanba Q3. I believe you may be looking for this URL:

f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5

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