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Will drop by after work.

Tournament Announcements / Re: [SYD] YSB #20 - 15th February
« on: January 29, 2014, 04:42:33 PM »
I'LL BE THERE I SWEAR (for real this time)

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4AE 2012 @ City Amusement
« on: November 15, 2013, 12:58:01 PM »
GGs to everyone yesterday. Particularly Dave, your Dudley has improved splendidly, you've adjusted to the boxer match-up very well since we last played. Looking forward to more matches with you soon.

Tournament Announcements / Re: [SYD] YSB #19 - September 21st
« on: August 24, 2013, 01:07:39 PM »
I'll be there, i promise.

All dudley needs is:
  • A buff on short swing blow, more specifically full throw invincibility from start to finish, and maybe initial lower body invincibility on the first 2-3 frames of start-up.
  • improved vertical hitbox on fwd mk
  • either a faster or make it less negative on block

He doesn't need all those things, but the list is organized according to priority.
Even one of those things will significantly improve his game.
3 additional frames on overhead might not make him broken, but it certainly isn't a necessary buff. As the move stands its already very good. If you want to make a change to it, make it have less push back on counter hit, as it stands currently, its impossible to get any kind of follow up on certain characters. (namely boxer and juri {iirc}]

Good seeing people again this week, hardly been in due to work and uni.

i swear to god, i am the most free person to throws, geese effect's dudley has some sort of untechable hack on it i swear :SwiftRage:.  good dudley though.

ggs to him and watery stool :bort:

He lags just enough to abuse the throws and the c.jab setups. He's kinda free whenever the connection isnt crapping up.
Don't be so eager to talk shit on others, especially on those who are tolerant enough to overlook lag, arrogant attitude and unsavory messages :)

ggs bort, stekoh and everyone else i played last night, and you too blue wizard.

GGS yesterday rob, sorry if i looked a little sad when i left haha.
Combination of the laggy cabinet, and too many poor decisions on my part.
Looking forward to playing more sets with you soon!

Severely disappointed with TZ cabs, went down for a few games yesterday.
Frequently the connection between the cabs would lag profusely, rendering the game unplayable till the lag stopped (which often took a minute or more.)

Furthermore TZ staff were unable/unwilling to help.
Never thought i'd miss GW service or cab quality, but this is ridiculous.

GGS today guys

Actually Dudley isn't bad.  His damage is good, he has some deadly high/low mixups, you just need to get in!  But once his in he can do a lot of damage.  But still above 3 recommendations seem fair, no?

In all seriousness, only thing i would change is his sweep (, if they'd make that faster OR give it a better hitbox, i'd be happy.
Better sweep = higher probability of UKD = more chance to implement high low mixups = more chances of winning.

Lack of midrange tools aside (only really has f.hp), he's definitely a viable character

Gentlemen, Happy Lemon.

YOOOO, Happy Lemon is awesome too, pudding and messona jelly. Will you be rockin' that Dudley on Monday?

Indubitably. Looking forward to a classy time gents!

Gentlemen, Happy Lemon.

That is all

Also, who is heading in on monday?

oh man, yesterday was packed, ggs all ! can see how momentum driven he is once you start getting those wins. Good win against Genxa.

Haha very much so, he's an undeniably fun character to play! My god though, the amount of work you need to put in.
I applaud you for playing him as your main hahaha.

ggs all,

special shoutout to the fellow boxer sitting next to me.
your understanding and implementation of his normals is solid, and your overall gameplan too.
Aside from small execution and defence issues, really just work on the decision making process,
while some high risk manouvres may pay off now and again, only do so when you have scoped out a conditioned habit from the opponent, there were quite a few high risk decisions that i winced at as they obscured your chances of taking an otherwise easily winnable match.

Also we both need to work on that close range DS punish :(.
I swear that punish was a little easier in super

Apologies if i seemed despondent while we played, i take mirror matches far too seriously, but i enjoy them profusely!

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: Balrog VS akuma :(
« on: September 15, 2012, 11:30:06 PM »
The matchup definitely isn't in balrog's favor, but it's nowhere near as hard as you make it out to be.
Given the opinion of 5ivestar, who i presume has played you before,  there isn't much advice to be given at this point in time that would extend beyond the points he's raised.

To make the matchup a little easier, the following are small tidbits that you should try and fit your gameplan by:

    1. Stick as close to mid range as possible, this is where balrog tends to dominate.
        Your normals at this range will generally outdo akuma's if you know what you're doing

    2. Be weary of the ranges where Akuma's sweep or stand heavy kick will connect.
        Akuma players tend to like to throw these out raw from time to time due to relatively high reward from relatively low risk.

    3. If you see jump back fireball at approximately 3/4 to mid screen, torpedo punch/dash low smash will punish it clean

    4. Crouching medium kick into fireball is NOT a safe block string at any range.
        If you see it or anticipate it, headbutt/ex dash punch through the fireball.

    5.Do NOT be overzealous with dash punches or head butts, you will be punished and punished hard

    6. An addendum to the previous point, learn your ranges.
        Against a proficient akuma,or any character for that matter, a whiffed dash punch can usually mean the end of a round.
        If you don't know if the dash punch is going to hit, don't do it at all

    7. If you see a demon flip, just block.
        There is nothing threatening about this move, and more than likely any retaliatory attempts will  be punished hard by either
        the OS or the armor break.
        If you want to do something really badly, or can't handle the oncoming pressure, block the smash and then attempt whatever it
        is you want to attempt.

    8. Crouching fierce, use it.
        If akuma is in the air during the neutral game, this move is basically guaranteed free damage.
        It is a remarkable and essential tool for keeping akuma's endless list of options in check

    9. Alternatively, if during the neutral game akuma throws out a demon flip, jump back/jump forward heavy punch will beat it clean.

    10. Patience is key, more often than not after you land a knockdown, akuma will find a way to escape.
          More often than not you will find yourself bulldozing against oncoming fireballs, and more often than not
          there will be situations where sitting at downback for 20 seconds is the best option.
          Getting flustered and wanting to press too many buttons will be your undoing.

    11. Lastly, do not forget that you have 1050 points of stamina, akuma has 850. Akuma has to land more hits,
          make more guesses in order to win the round. Yes, he has a much larger host of options at his disposal to land that damage,
          but as the numbers show, this match is yours to lose, any hit you land is proportionally equivalent to 2-3 hits from akuma.
          Therefore it should be painfully obvious that this match is all about calm and solid defensive play.
          Focusing/evading fireballs for 20 seconds to build ultra/ maintain overall life advantage is definitely not an unusual occurence in
          this matchup.

P.S. Meeks you need more random EX Legs. Wakeup EX Leg, Hazanshu -> EX Leg, blockstring EX Leg, play like kientan.

When-in-doubt EX Leg

meeks, please don't

ggs to all, apologies for the rowdiness on our end, a few of the older players just really enjoyed/miss playing this game,
which may have lead to some excessive loudness and unintended offence. - rogs

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