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Wish I could have made it up :(

Grats to Stef/Toxy for taking out marvel/ae.

Grats to Melvin for finally winning a tournament, its been a long time since you won anything haha :P

Wish I could make it to BAM/EB Expo, but I'll be overseas =/

I'm in, but leaving early for a mate's buck's night

See you guys there =]

Random Discussion / Diablo 3 Hook Up Thread
« on: May 16, 2012, 03:53:16 AM »
Hey guys, I thought I would create a thread for all people playing d3, maybe we could group up and kill shit together, just list your battletag below and if you want, list class and lvl.


GGs to everyone I've played lately, atomicX, abortzee, nightryderr, upmostapple, anonjohnny, bodsta, ripthejacker, muli dragon. I'm sure I've forgotten some people. I'm think finally getting the hang of the game again after my little 3 month break (I still can't mash as hard as I used to though), and I've lost about 600pp lol.

Shout outs to GirlsDigMyScore for taunting me (I dunno why you would taunt when you're losing and haven't taken a game off me) and then kicking me from the lobby lol.

So I started playing this game again, haven't played since OHN pretty much, ran into nonatomic's dictator, half of the matches involved him going full screen and taunting me... then he rage quit after I landed an ultra =[

ggs nonatomic, good to know that i can still make people rq =]

Post Event Discussion / Re: OHNX: Results, Discussion and Feedback
« on: February 22, 2012, 02:11:09 AM »
Maybe next time if we're running behind schedule, maybe we could ban charge characters in the AE top 8? :P

Post Event Discussion / Re: OHNX: Results, Discussion and Feedback
« on: February 21, 2012, 07:25:38 AM »
I think I should also get credit for not saying 'cunt' on stream!!! That was so hard to do!!! :(

Man, this shit was so hype.

I thought I'd come here and clear some stuff up.

I don't like how people are saying that KG was sandbagging, he wasn't. Pretty much the only thing he was 'sandbagging' was his Dorm/Wesker/Mag team which he considers to be his main team, and it's actually pretty decent when he doesn't choke lol (btw... that statement wasn't meant to take anything away from Antman, that cunt is legit as fck).

Days before OHN at bk's house (since KG doesn't have the game at home), KG was practising various teams against bk who was running Antman/ToXY's teams (btw... at this stage I already told KG that wolv/wesker can crouch under hawkeye arrows... thanks QLD ;) )

KG thought it would be best to run 2 different teams for the 2 MMs so, as he said earlier there would be less chance that he gets downloaded for the match against ToXY. The plan was to run Wolv/Wesk/Akuma against Antman and run Dorm/Wesker/Mag against ToXY. But as you saw, that didn't work out too well haha.

...And while KG may seem like a cunt, he does most his call outs for reactions and profit. This stuff was actually planned months before OHNX (art of war :) ). Also, KG only really 'sandbags' his teams, never his skills... Even when we play casuals, he treats it as if he's at Evo finals, real talk.

arnolds trish isnt the only one you should be afraid of  8)
Yeah, gotta watch out for Colin's Trish too. :P

KG if your 3rd best who was 2nd best?
BK is considered our 2nd best, but when it comes to tournaments/MMs he chokes harder than a broke hooker trying to make ends meet.

I was just lucky with the outcome of that day :)
LOL, stop saying stuff like that! Haha, we already told you that you had a good chance of winning! :D

make sure you get Ace back into it too, was great to play that kid again.
Was good playing you as well, I was going to run my supposedly 'main' team against you, but after I saw you play Jake with your X-23, I remembered how fun she was too play haha. Oh and don't worry, I'm already working on a new team for SS. Not sure if I'll be entering the tournament since I'll be celebrating my birthday at night, but if I don't end up entering the tournament, I'll just be playing casuals and making money I guess ;)

Oh, btw... QLD! Does this mean that Jake is now your #1 player?!?!?!

Post Event Discussion / Re: OHNX: Results, Discussion and Feedback
« on: February 21, 2012, 03:15:59 AM »
I'll move my post here from the other thread:

I want to give a big shout to the event organizers for providing the OHNX with the most HYPE!

Congrats to all the winners! I'm "buttered"(was that right?) up to see NSW get the highest placing in AE/UMvC3!!! Good shit to Shang and Rob for holding it down for us in AE and props to Arnold for taking UMvC3, I told you that you could win the whole thing!!!

Also props to ToXY, Antman, and KG for bringing the fucking hype!!! I lost my voice from all the screaming. Props to KG for stepping up and agreeing to run the MM in the hotel on the same night instead of waiting till the next day, I've never seen you wrecked like that after losing to Antman, good shit for stepping up and holding that shit down after losing a big MM. I lost $300 on the Antman match, but I won it all back on the pokies, so it's all good. :)

Even though the KG vs ToXY MM was in a hotel room, the tension and hype in that room was so intense! Shit was so quiet, I didn't even want to flush the toilet cause I was scared it would make too much noise! (sorry guys :( )

I hope we can make big MMs a tradition in Australia. Rivalries always bring good hype. :)

I don't even care that I did ass in UMvC3, I hadn't slept in more than 24hrs and I was hung over (what else is new?), I wanted to sleep so bad, but couldn't with all the anticipation for the exhibitions!

Congrats to Melbourne winning the 5v5, even though we talk shit here on the forums and yell out and do dumb shit during the matches, in the end it's all in good fun, no hate. Melbourne brought a completely different play style to UMvC3 than what we were used to playing which was good, you guys have some "sharp" (is that right?) players. :)

See you guys at SS. SS2k12 will be 1 day after my birthday and I've made plans with my friends to celebrate my b'day in Melbourne, so all that shit you've seen from me in the past... That shit is nothing to what I plan on doing in Melbourne this year... I'm going to be more wrecked than ever before. :)

Thanks again to all the organizers, players (especially those who travelled interstate), and people taking care of the stream for making OHNX a VERY good experience.

...I just watched the replays of the AE/UMvC3 top 8, so sad that I woke up at 5pm and got to the venue too late (got there in the final match of grand finals -_-). Shit looked so hype :(

Tournament Announcements / Re: [NSW] OHNX, Sydney: 17th-19th Feb, 2012
« on: February 17, 2012, 07:29:42 AM »
Hey guys, OHNX starts tonight!

Some of us are going out partying tonight at Pontoon, which is near darling harbour. Everyone is welcome to come.

I've got a guest list there and I added EVERYONE from OzHadou that I have on Facebook, but even if I don't have you on Facebook, you're more than welcome to come :)

If you want to go, your name will be under "Ace's Guest list" and I've just put down what ever name you have on facebook minus the middle names (ie: Kevin Burnout Kim = Kevin Kim)

Pontoon is a night club that plays R&B/Hip Hop/House/Dance. So if you decide to go, just wear something nice, don't need a collared shirt, but no running shoes (...I'm looking at you Shangtsung!). =]

If you guys want more info or have questions, just ask me at the event.... I'm the Asian guy.

Community News / Re: OHNX - Who Will Claim the Throne?
« on: February 17, 2012, 04:51:10 AM »
My picks:

AE: ToXY, Xian, Shangtsung, Rob, or Sol

UMvC3: Tyrone, Tom, Arnold, or Ali (I heard he's gdlk!)

SC5: ...

KOF: probably me, since i'm undefeated on XBL, 17w 0l

I'll put $3.50 on NSW to win the 5v5, any takers?

Up my bet on KG to $300 please.

If theres more money on Antman, I'll be willing to go up to $1000 :)

Sweet as, we'll sort out the conditions and shit on Friday.

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