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Do you have to time it right or just press it whilst blocking anytime?

you can press it any time while in block stun, you can also mash on it, example:
ryu does his shinkuu hadouken hyper combo and you block, while you're blocking, you can mash the crap out of the two attack buttons.

it's good for pushing opponents away when they do a block string on you, so you get breathing space. but just remember, if you try to advance guard and the opponent hasn't thrown anything out, your attack will come out and you could potentially eat a counter hit into combo.

Marvel VS Capcom 3 - General Discussion / Re: XBL - Post match feedback
« on: February 17, 2011, 12:14:33 AM »
GGs to Low Blow, daN kXo, impakt55 :)

MvC3 is fun! I'm really loving x23!

Having to Press Y in an endless lobby after joining to participate is kinda lame

Yeh it's really lame. Also no spectator mode sucks, I'm starting to think 1v1 lobbies will be better than multiple lobbies so you don't get bored -_-

Picked mine up at JB at The Strand for $88

PSN: acedizl
XBL: acedizl

On xbox 99% of the time. SSF4 and MvC3!!! :D

At the moment I've been using:

Storm (whirlwind) / X-23 (ankle slice) / Sentinel (drones)

X-23 is my favorite character at the moment, so frickin fun :)

...Can never go wrong with storm/sent. Tier whores ftw! :D

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