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GGs to all the ppl i played last week. I jump on once or twice every few months but there is no one ever takes me at least 20min to find anyone, Looks like I might have to jump on pc.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4 AE 2013!
« on: November 26, 2013, 08:02:59 AM »
You realise Ryu has always been able to do that since Vanilla right? What do you think happens if Bison uses immediately after lk scissors and Ryu dps? Scissors is 0 on block and both moves are 3 frame start ups. The difference is Ryu has invincibility on dp. So how would that be any different now if lk scissors is -1? You seem to think being 0 on block means Bison can do anything uninterrupted but that has never been the case.

If you want to use Ryu's super after a -1 move then enjoy that lol.

all true points and well said, its just what i was trying to point out is that cause now bison scissor kick will be at -1 any 3 frame move will beat his cr,lk if he decides to do it cause he will be -1 not 0. when he was on 0 frames most 3 frame(ryu cr.lp) moves will trade with his then get punished with scissor but now its harder.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4 AE 2013!
« on: November 26, 2013, 06:58:53 AM »
- Light Kick Double Knee Press is -1 on guard
- Far stand Medium Punch start up is 6F, can special cancel
- Crouch Heavy Punch start up is 10f
- Scissors LK, MK, HK,EX +10 damage
- Teleport +5f recovery
- Headpress startup 22->20f
- Devil Reverse EX Followup falls faster
- Ultra 2 damage 450->420
- Ultra 2 charge 55f -> 40f

3 nerfs. Teleport was always average versus strong minded players, damage nerf to ultra 2 is fair given the 50/50 it has afterwards. The only real nerf is to LK scissors kick, and it isn't even that bad - it just means you can't use the move recklessly against characters who can punish it like you said.

The Ryu match up doesn't change at all, not even sure why you wanted to mention Ryu. He's still free to most corner pressure.

Bison is still just solid and most definitely not RIP.

bwhahaha yeah sorry madenka i forgot to finish the reason i put ryu in there ;) the reason i put ryu is his 3 frame dragon punch and his super which can also punish if bison still decides to continue with cr,lk after his scissor .

yeah evil ryu will be stronger with that 6 frame sweep but most of his strategies and mix-up's will be harder to setup with that delayed wake up (unless your new to street fighter). The why i see it if character like evil ryu that can explode with half life combos and now he can keep you lying on your back, hell be a very strong character in USSf4 in my opinion.

looks like elana is gonna be a strong chacater in USSf4

- Ultra 2 (Healing) heals about 45% of her health if used as a single ultra and fully charged. Amount of health healed depends on how long you hold the buttons.

- QCB+K is an armor breaking move.

- Has a walk speed similar to Ryu's.

- Has strong air to air attacks.

- Dashes reportedly lacking in effectiveness.

- Ultra 1 is Brave Dance.

- Super is Spinning Beat.

- Her slide is good.

- Overheads are long and fast. EX Overhead is CRAZY fast.

- EX Spin Kicks appear to be safe on block.

- Her footsies are reportedly very strong.

- Jump is floaty.

- Ultra 2 (Healing) heals 100 damage when it's a 50% Ultra in Double Ultra setting (as in, the weakest possible setting for it), but you have enough time to jump towards her and attack when she starts it.

- Crouching Elena has an extremely low profile. Makes Yang's Rekka and Dan's Danku whiff

- Lynx Tail (reverse DP + K) whiffs easily. Comes out by accident

- DP doesn't have a lot of invincibility and is not throw invincible at all.

- EX Spinning Scythe not comboable?

- EX Mallet Smash is extremely fast, can combo off of, and is positive on block

- EX Rhino Horn - When used to go through projectiles, it tends to only do one hit and doesn't knock down

she has all the tools beside some moves(which are marked in red ) that wont make her broken. She is a character to look out for in USSF4.

i want to play hugo now soooooo hurry the fuk up capcom.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4 AE 2013!
« on: November 25, 2013, 12:16:22 PM »
Bison!!!! what can i say his pressure is gone with that scissor knee press going to -1 on block(RIP Bison :)))
His scissor kick pressure isn't dead by all means. It's fairer against the characters that had little answer to it but that's about it. The concept of scissor kick pressure wasn't spamming it forever since there has always been a 10 frame gap, now there is an 11 frame gap, how you going to say the pressure is dead based on that? They even buffed the scissor kick damage, which means more chip overall.

If anything they buffed Bison.

Now that scissor kick being -1 on block means he can't use his into scissor kick effectively anymore in which will slow down is pressure game a lot. Bison cant win the next move if the opponent has a 3 frames(ryu). And if i waste a meter he can block because PC EX startup is like ... 14 frames.

-1 = scissors punishable by grapplers U1 and akuma/evil ryu's raging demon.Gief is a bad matchup for him already.

It's not a big nerf but now there are characters that can punish him for reckless scissor kicks.

So I personally can't say they buffed bison.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4 AE 2013!
« on: November 25, 2013, 07:54:54 AM »
Wow evil ryu is gonna be way more stronger with that 6 frame sweep(i hope they keep it for the final build) in which he can come into a knockdown. His Sweep combo into dive kick or, its gonna be great.

They nerfed yun yet again I don't see the reason why they had to Nerf him again, hell be a dead character if they end up going through with changes for Ussf4.

Bison!!!! what can i say his pressure is gone with that scissor knee press going to -1 on block(RIP Bison :)))

To me the rest of the cast look much more even now then ssf4ae 2012.

Random Discussion / Re: League of Legends
« on: November 21, 2013, 12:43:19 PM »
Wow lol player add me ppl, I use my xbox gamertag in4war


Random Discussion / Killer instinct
« on: November 21, 2013, 12:40:40 PM »
Anyone getting killer instinct for the xbox one ?

GG to all the ppl that demolished me for the past few days. I'm am so bloody rusty,it's been like 6 or 7 months since I played ssf4 and also have to get used to the timing of my hdmi tv(rip my lovely crt tv). So guys if I join yr lobby just play all out cause I have to get up to scratch again. I will be playing evil ryu most likely just to get used to the onlin timing delay.

So cheers guys

How ppl lose to crazy i dont know ;( he is not even that good.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4 AE 2013!
« on: July 20, 2013, 11:19:37 AM »
-Faster walk speed.
-Crouching Hard Kick has a shorter start up.
-Standing Light Punch combos into Crouching Hard Kick now.
-Ultra 1 does more damage when it connections without the full animation playing.

WOW ken is looking good for 2013 :) thats if they dont change him before release.

Now waiting for evil ryu, what ryu needs

- his HK sweep to start up quicker and to recover quicker on block.

- his teleport to be further like akumas

that is all for evil ryu.

Funnily enough you play a bit like Crazy Freerider (maybe you've been playing him too much!) but without the reactions and the execution. Also Freerider just takes some crazy ass fucking gambles that blow my mind.  8)

Crazyfreerider is a scrub;)

Ay puaka stop hiding BRO.

wea uve in4whore? lol im plyn on pc now, money match u ne day.  :P

Yeah puaka I've been working plus my gold ran out, can't be Fukt for xbox at the moment Ay hopefully soon ill grab some gold then ill jump on where we left off me kicking yr ass

Ozhadou is the place for long ass replys, I fell asleep reading one of norri's write up's sooooo bloody long :).

Ay puaka money match me cunt.

I'm back bitches :) wow this thread hasn't changed.

Any 1 up for a few tonight I'm so bloody rusty.

sol as if you played with crazyfreerider, bro the guy is broken him and his OP el furete ;)

Ay ggs to Pauka, Jethroxx, chinaaustralia and crazy from a week ago.

crazy play other characters besides god tier characters like  El furete ha.

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