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Vince showing some rage on the thread, that's hilarious :)

Puaka ya scrub ft10 cunt Ohhh what a fairy.


And NTD;  phero/Phar4oh?  One and the same?

They are differant players

Post Event Discussion / Re: OHN11 Results
« on: February 25, 2013, 09:46:29 AM »
Congrats to genki for winning ssf4 and Arnold for marvel. Great job guys

Yo gamogo I wouldn't mind setting up a challenge to puaka ft10 to ft5. What days are you free and what times are best ?

Yo C.F you keep saying last tourny. Did you go the ohn qualifier tourny 2 weeks ago ?

I meant last tourney in the one before that I guess, as far as Iím concerned wasnít that the last one? If there was one 2 weeks ago, I didnít know about that, did you go ??????


Yo C.F you keep saying last tourny. Did you go the ohn qualifier tourny 2 weeks ago ?

Sol bro your give me a bloody chance when it's deejay vs Cody faahhhh that was a rage session. It's always great playn with ya. Anytime your on inv G

 Sol you coming for ohn

Now it begins. HW and crazy don't waste your time with this guy, he is obviously trying to be a worrior behind the keybored. Let him talk shit that's the only thing he is good at.

hahahaha crazy you funny cunt. Ay you going to OHN

Any one heading down to timezone tomorrow

Does good games still have street fighter cabnits or any one up for sf4,GW down in china town

just walked past Gw it's going up for lease. And Tz has one sf4 cabnit working

Wow this Xbox thread is the best. Ggs to pooman you freak, puaka, swingman, Ldpipedream,Mickey Au and suited distress.

Puaka first to ten cunt, only mains ken vs guile.

What Ay fairy

Ggs to robsux, mike the tv, furyblitz, corkscrew, rumble, for the games. Man I feel at home when I'm playing ryu, It feels so good when zoning with him.

Just host private games then. Or leave the lobby. If someone comes into my lobby plays in a way i feel i have nothing to learn/gain from i will just leave the lobby and go to another one or create another one. if they join again just leave and make it a private one. I dont think ive ever had anyone xbl stalk me apart from my buttercup david gaz :P

It's my room though, I should do as I please.

I've personally been kicked from Bksama, Shangtsung, IN4WAR, Gamogo and Robsux and not once given a single peep back. I know they are kicking me because they don't want to play me for a reason, be it lag, my playstyle, the character.

Yo NtD have I kicked you before ? I can't remember if I have. Forgive if I have

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