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Street fighter 4 baybeh lol kents have a crack at eachother on forums.... sharp

gg to the ppl i played today

Nicely said HW (sfstu) street fighter shit talkers union is back :) about time I was getting bored

I don't usually post anything on this thread but some of you may know me from either online games or we have met and hung out in person at some of the  Ysb events. I play a lousy Dhalsim and go by the gamer tag  "losersville" for obvious reasons.

I just wanted to say cheerio to some of the good guys I've met in my travels. It's dawned on me that I've been interacting with some serious fucktards and can't be bothered anymore. So in no particular order I'd like to mention the following people.

Gamogo- Nice dude. The hospitality you showed me at my first ysb was appreciated as I was new and didn't know anyone. You make new players feel welcome. Thank you.

Sweetgrolsh - Nicest dude I've met in the "community".

SupderChina- what an absolute piece of shit. Thank god I've never met you in person as I'd probably chew your face off. Good balrog but what a Fucking wanker. As if destroying me and then immediately in the following match mirror me just so you can show me how adept you are at pressing buttons better than I can. Fuck off and die.

Toystory- elitist piece of shit.

Gregornz- you don't lose games very gracefully. I thought sim was pretty hard to use. Evidently I should "pick a character that takes skill". Different story when you win though. Zoom zoom zoom. Fag.

Toothlesstigernz- Another elitist moron. If only you spelt as well as you play ae. Suck one.

Anyways this is getting boring.


mwahahahahahahahahahaha cant breath ribs hurt. About supderchina he's pretty cool thats just how he is. but everything else seems to be about right :)

GGs to Puaka rigged rose and alexk i wanna have some matches with you in a friendly lobby in not ranked. Your ryu is always a challenge great ground games and footies

Yo allyoucaneat GG for the ranked games yesterday there champ. I'm pretty sure you won way more games then 5 games. Your ryu and cammy are very strong man it took me awhile to adapt. but there was lagg in our games at one stage I stopped using e.ryu's bnb knowing that I can't link it. It did try linking it in the later games though. :)

Ps I dont save ranked match vids if I'm playn with mates

I don't know about you by my mum has been offered sex more than i have over XBL ... that's depressing :(

I think that's largely to do with the fact that there's no skirt wearers playing the game. Unless you want to swing that way ;)

Bwahahahah Meeks your a classic :)

This thread is the funniest ;) yo moderator can we change the thread name from SSFIV XBL - Post match feedback to ssf4 shit talkers union that sounds way better :)

too much shit talk and not enough playing! - everyone get your asses online and help me train

Exactly ;) right on zgnoud. We all should be training for ss2k12 is just three days away Mwhahahaha I'm stressssssinng out :).

GG to every one i played last night ive got to keep my ground game tight.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / C.Viper practice
« on: April 27, 2012, 05:08:32 PM »
Besides robsux's c.viper due to lag is there any other viper willing to give me some sets. I need the matchup practice because I might have to verse M lizard at SS2k12

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / SS2K12 Room sharing
« on: April 26, 2012, 06:44:25 AM »
hi As we all know that ss2k12 is just a week away and a lot off ppl are going down. i know this is a bit late but is there anyone who has not organized a place to stay and wants to share a room with us ?


I flipped the lag switch for IN4WAR but mine wasn't working against you Subzero! Bahahaha

Allyoucaneat that laaaaaggggggggggg killed me Omg ;).

Subzero yr Gouki is off the chain :) great matches.

Yeah tililililililit was humanbomb :)

evry1 needs 2 chilax der n toystory needs 2 battle it out and the loser shuld jst STFU!!!!!! >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

Puuuaaakaaaa der You,me ft5 let's go

evry1 needs 2 chilax der n toystory needs 2 battle it out and the loser shuld jst STFU!!!!!! >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(
I love how we can't ignore them and how in4war and BKsama have the same gamertag listed under their names on these here forums. :P

Hahaha godly you top bloke :). I'm the real bksama

Jump on bk lets go

Toystory I would like to show the vid to prove im right but the vid is on my original in4war account which I banned for life. Yeh I know it sound sus but it's the truth.

Bk first to ten cunt. Yeah thats right I'm calling you out. Never threaten the ken masters.
All you kens out there I'll take one for the team.

i beat u already , but if u want to lose again -ok . play tonight (friday) after 11pm when i get back from work

And So have I well settle this tonight make it around 12 I won't be home at 11

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