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Wow you wrote that hole paragraph just for me thanx :). Well toystory I thought we played twice aswell but i forgot to mention that I found a saved replay of me beating yr Cody.Ya know ppl aren't perfect they can't forget things from time to time it doesn't make them lairs. But it's all good i forgive you. Love,Peace and harmony.

Toystory is one angry bloke ;)

Bk first to ten cunt. Yeah thats right I'm calling you out. Never threaten the ken masters.
All you kens out there I'll take one for the team.

Well I can't always win hahaha ;).

Yo hecki I'll see ya down at ss2K12 ayyyy

Toystory You out poked me dude we won a game each then you left the lobby leaving me with king black boo. Yeah you also forgot the time I beat you when you were playing Cody ha.

Anyway I'm not here to argue just wonted to know if other ppl from ozhadou have the same problem of them being kicked from yr games over somthing stupid.

Kingtau der stop jumping ya dooooggggg

Haha hecki you funny cunt :) that kick comes after I let you win :)

Has anyone here played toystory. I have played him twice and he has kicked me out the two times I have played him due to that I'm Kara grabbing him with ken. It's not my fault he can't tech.

Anyone here have the same problem with him.

IN4WAR, great stuff you're going to SS2k12! I hope you show Aus what you've got because online you're a beast! Are you training up with anyone offline though? I guess you'll get a lot of practice during casuals yeah... : ) Ways, I'm hoping to see your Ken on the stream against the top Aus n international guests, imo you have the best Ken online but oi you gonna be busting out your Evil Ryu or what?!

Thnx for the inspiration ;)

Nah my ken isn't that good compared to kuratami,bcvw or jlynx I just lucky when I win. I haven't started playing offline yet but soon I will be. Ummm about evil ryu I'm not sure if I should use him at ss2K12 prob just use ken&ryu.

What do you think ryu or evil ryu ?

Well said there hecki.

what the boys are cooking up down in Melbourne is really somthing not just getting all these international pro players but organizing one of the biggest tournaments if not the biggest of the year. Keep it up boys

Michael tan will destroy me but thnx for the inspiration :)
I really do hope that playerjune will come down.

Any word about MOV or banana ken ?

I hate to intervene but all is disputing is killing this thread. You guys all need to chillout but if you boys still won't to continue on disputing just do what gamogo said just private msg each other so all us civilians don't get caught in the crossfire.

Kingtau der don't jump ya dooogggg :)

I have finally made up my mind and registered for shadowloo showdown. Now I have a reason to come down. Any other ken players coming down besides Michael tan. Where is playerjune and MOV ahhhhhh get them down here boyz ;)

Allyoucaneat it's the other way around yr gonna beat me down not me beatin you down :).

About king black boo like the first 30 or so friends I selected from his list it's said that are from the US, there are also some from the uk.

He picks randoms mostly but he has got a 5k blanka and 10k Honda. He is good but not 5k good. I beat his Honda presuming that his main.

Just remembered I went through king black boo friends list and all his friends are from the us.he must be down here on holiday or he has really good connection.

I've noticed IN4WAR takes a slight step back before the kara throw, obviously that's just one of the set ups though.

Is this before or after his random dps / ex air tatsus? lawl

Me doing random dps / ex air tatsus allyoucanteat Really REALLY yeah its true i admit ;)

yo allyoucaneat i haven't been seeing you on lately, up for sfxt

Ps does anyone know who king black boo is ? he's got 5182pp

GGs to ntr the dragon, gold exp, jin smiff and pauka der

I might go for either kazuya/ken or kazuya/Heihachi

Hahaha HW you funny cunt. When I beat him he sent me " it's a nice day why don't you go outside". I replyed back saying "how did you get 2100pp ? " then he replyed back "Go back to ozhadou you fag" Hahahahaha this guy has issues big time. I do advice every one to avoid fluxofaeon unsless your planning to argue with him.

Goodbye ken say hello to m.bison Mwhahahaha

played some dude flux of aeon and that guy is the biggest sook ever lols. firstly i beat his ken a few times in ranked so then he kicks me alright cool whatevs then i happen to join endless and when im about to beat the other player he leaves the session while he's host on top of the trash talkin on the mic some people need to grow up. funniest thing is my Medium punch is not working properly LOLS

Yo yo heavy he did the Same to me. He is one of those ppl on centerlink that never leave the house :). He sent me like 15 MSG's the retard.

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