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somewhere I matched Niah since over few month.
I m disappointed he still bad about teching.

Plz everyone just keep throwing him untill he learn tech habit.
I know always tech habit is bad, but he should learn it first and then he should switch to variable choice.

Niah, this is not blaming u, its for ur practice :D
and dont forget 4 buttons tech.

Hey man..I have problems with my tech game too. Can you further explain 4 button tech?..ive heard of that along with late tech etc but don't know =)

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Yeah it was the same guy that did it. That's why I lost my cool and confronted him about it ..all be it in a harsh tone.

He said because his buttons weren't working and that I didn't let him play properly. He says this as if he was the victim. I said so that means you can take it out on me when you should have just come to me and said wait and get the staff to come over.

He played twice and did rekkas and techs so it was a dirt lie. Anyways I raged on and he ends up saying "I'm fkn sorry man".

This point I just walk off.

Fkn tool.

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I'm fkn so angry right now. I beat some dude at lunch. He's got a cap on ..dark skinned Asian .. when he walked off he lightly slapped my head I thought was in light hearted ggness ..weird since I didn't know him

Guy walks pass me to play tekken and deliberately kicks my chair. Told the staff but tempted to either take a picture of him and shame him or actually approach him myself. Absolutely disgusting and I want to punch his retarded face.

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Haha I remember you went for the overhead and the ultra worked..

Yeah I'll probably go check the Melbourne scene later on this year.  I wanna see the other blankas besides cfr in action. All I got is knock down wall gimmicks =p.

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Could be me.. I used Cody once lost then switched to Blanka =$.  Landed some clutch vertical ultra 2s bwhaha

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Who was the Dudley at lunch time?

Gave me so much trouble

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Played some games on PC today to kill some time while i was feeling down. I  was too lazy to plug in my stick so was playing on my good old ps3 pad. Brought back some nice memories. Ggs all.

played heaps today
gg norri & in4war.

Post Event Discussion / Re: [SYD] - YSB #16 + OHN 11 Qualifiers Results
« on: January 23, 2013, 12:03:49 PM »
Best ryu here according to niah. Clean play.

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Don't they only have 2 machines ?

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quiet forum eh,

gg to ldpipeddream/alexk?  & kellynuts

that cody ultra was amazinggg.. never seen that happen

yo soji
so salty when i pmed u a complement
why so rage

yeah it probably was me, I was there that evening using Honda a bit.
gg all

oh who plays the bald guy @ lunch time hours? the one that used to rage and swear full on
any who, he wears glasses now and he barely rages and just smiles now.. better yet, he's improved dramatically now too! his guile is actually ok!
good on you dude! (if you read this forum)

haha thanks, gg

Went there today for 30mins after work.

I hopped on 4 machines and each had one button that did not work, could not believe it.

The staff guy gives me back 4 credits on one machine. Can not believe how crap the machines are now.

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