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lets play someonme

GGs tonight to bksama, Jamakunfarda and, of course,  :bort:.  Was great to have an almost lag-free set with  :bort:, even when  :bort: and I were on mumble.

#2 chun in aus

Where the sfxt and skullgirls at

I don't normally say gg, but GG's to bksama.

I know you're very very good, but after that stint with Cammy... I was like f*** this clown, safe bullshit, scrub, herp derp, auto mixup safe +100frame advantage on block and hit, +100frame advantage on crossup divekick, jump in, instant dive for 500 damage (can't use normals to hit her out of sky, ex dive > all normals). one and a half combo for stun. broken shithouse dp 100 damage, fadc, 2nd dp does another 100. special cancellable drill, hits low 3/4 screen, safe when spaced. WTF dp hits 3/4 screen, free jetpack to safe distance on some of the cast. ultra, huge damage, destroys fireball, comes fast. W@#*)&^(%@^&($HKFAIGGT!)*#&Y. 950/950, shes also built like a man. Yang's a girl in comparison, fml. Not having a go at you, but damn, why'd you have to use Cammy...

I had a ball, except during those 10 games of Cammy. I get one game off your Ken, you switch I was off my face in salt for the next 20 games we had.

Nonetheless I felt like I leveled. I was pressing buttons at the wrong time and etc. etc. poor choice of normals, poor anti airing, generally impatient play after being mindf***ed for a good half hour. Well you don't really get mindfked by Cammy, you just see her get picked at character select and you proceed to play tentatively hoping she screws up majorly or you are forced to take risks which are uncharacteristic of what you train for.

Anyways, you read well, adapted fast and gave me a lot of pause. I need to work on my reversal windows, I'm picking the right times a ton in my head, but then I see a new string start on me, or no dp when I want it.

Rant/bitch/cry over.  Please add me on steam, that way I can't get mad at you.

Have a good day gentlemen.

u got best rufus in australia !

i think im still the best in sg

anyone still play sg tho

Any umvc going on

Casual Event Announcements / Re: [SYD] Macquarie University Casuals
« on: October 09, 2012, 08:46:03 PM »
not going too far

Bksama where did you place at the York st qualifier? If you would have been eligible for a pass down spot I can put you in

only top 8 umvc, never entered sf4 in ysb (mad regret now)

any space so i can come? i had work on friday =(

ssf4ae top 8

winner side
yusuke (sk)
somniac (bi)
afterdeath (za)
cypherion (ib)

loser side
toxy (ak)
heavyweapons (sa)
phero (guy)
carnage (ca)

solidd top 8 nbcie geroge

nemsis (typing wid 1 hand) if u know what i maen

Tournament Announcements / Re: [BAM2012 DIY] Skullgirls
« on: September 07, 2012, 03:24:50 PM »
we need that patch yo

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