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Valle = all washed up.

ed doherty= king fimbler

you got no idea son

gg to all i played.. a bit disappointing not to see more numbers but i guess we cant always have 45+ heads rocking up . i really do hope that ppl playing mvc dont disregard sf4 no reason you cant play 2 games. I'm relieved that i finally pulled a good result although still dont feel like my tourney form is good atm hopefully can sharpen up and get back into the groove of performing under somniac i can only have your number when your sick :P

well done toxy again proving your the champ despite playing mvc more lately.
well done to zero for making top 8 and for slapping sagat after :) told ya mate

i know a few ppl had work and thats fine but to the rest who are sitting at home and cbf or watever if we dont support tourneys things like ss will not be as big also everything is important to support guys

On another note im really pleased that cw's is back :) cw are some of my fav tourneys i have more fun at these then the others i feel the atmosphere is really good looking forward to pyro on the mic and maybe ill jump on there for some shit talk :)

End of the day $2 is a splash in the pan. if someone isnt willing to put 2 bucks in to play then whats the point of it. they will play the 1st tourney and wont bother the next. And imo those type of ppl wont be contributing to the community if this was the case then might as well make cw's total free entry because we dont wanna scare pot monsters away.

i agree. loki i dont think $2 will scare anyone off i mean thats about the price of a packet of chewis.i dont even play mvc3 but ill pay and i will go 2 and 0 lol

geese injured now hes like ssf4 sagat too soft....

Let's hope so Kyle. Japanese players have become easier to convince them that SS is a good idea.
Still working on other nations. :P

Also, didn't put ToXY (This time) so we don't upset anyone.  ;D

fuck the haters they can eat a fat one 8=====0

lol damm byes .... @ hoppa nah dont expect nothing i suck now.
my sagats free . i think its time to give him a break maybe ryu next tourney

lol how i end up 25th :( i thought i won like 2-3 games . H you lied to me you said you only won 1match and you placed higher then me . we fimbled bigtime

Casual Event Announcements / Re: [MELB] Collingwood Meetup
« on: February 25, 2011, 06:15:22 PM »
:( Chris you are one of my favorite heads in the community i'm sad that you have to retire .. CCH has done a lot for the sf scene in melbourne i really do hope to at least see you at one of the big events once in a while as your presence is nothing but positive plus you got a sharp uppercut :) good luck with everything bro.

i approve of the above statement  :dpf: :p:

Community News / Re: Weekly Show: [Insert Name Here]
« on: February 23, 2011, 02:59:14 PM »
people will play all the tourneys as long as they are not too expensive id play all tourneys just for fun. especially st :) i dont think its a waste.

Casual Event Announcements / Re: BOXHILL
« on: February 19, 2011, 12:21:05 PM »
its not mole his name is rodney too. wiki if you after sagat matches ill play you. ill be at deakin and most likely some of us will be back and fourth from them since they are so close so best to head there.wei come to deakin today

you margarine me somniac you got my number now  ;D hahaha anyways good thing is that thur we got another one and the salt doesnt sink into the paws too long

sagats too soft

thats true i guess there was just good players who missed top 8 lol.its prob more of a coincidence that theres been alotta tough matches in the 1st 3 tourneys early on.

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