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not talking about me  :) im talking about somniac who did make top 8 at boxhill the week before. I think its hard for you to comment till you see the bracket because then your just going on assumptions.

The brackets make it easy to seed 4, so with 2 brackets 8 seeded should be no problem.
1 top
1 bottom
2 in the middle basically.  :D

yup.. with 64 its easier to seed 8.. not so much with only 32..

as for top players meeting early on.. there is no such thing as an "easy road" to the finals.... 
if you want to pair up all good players with average players in the first round.. then all the good players will meet in the second stage of winners anyway.. the idea of us seeding top 4 is so that we dont get last tournaments winners playing each other early on..

in the end.. you need to be good enough to beat everyone to win..  worrying about who you will fight in the 2nd , 3rd or 4th round is pretty irrelevant..

on the good side.. this shows how much melb has improved as a whole.. many ppl are now able to challenge for a spot in the top 3 at any given tournament..

i think in the coming few months we will start to see many new upsets as ppl begin to level up newer/less popular characters as well..

i dunno man seeing toxy vs sol (example) in the 1st round or me vs somniac imo is wack especially when somniac then had to play naruga then toxy straight after you dont think theres someone on the other end of the bracket getting "The easy road"

but i do agree that you should have to face good players and not complain but im just saying that side of the bracket was rough and is extreme thats all i dont care if i have a good player to face 1st round or second but 3 in a row at the start of the tourney lol.

One other thing we need to look into is seeding.
When seeding the top 8, even while using two 32 man brackets, you should have those top 8 in the spots with the lowest numbers.

I dont think there really is a need to seed top 8.. especially with only 32 players.. top 4 will usually suffice..

i normally only seed top 4 at boxhill..

and top 8 at big events like BAM etc..

i disagree andy. The amount of strong players we have now has increased seeding is so that top players/performers dont play eachother and we have strong finals.

gg guys was a great 1st tourney and im really happy that gc has finally started to head in the right direction i feel melbourne was crying out for another arcade to run tourneys. the seating was a little low but i found it fine (and i always complain about setups lol) main thing is buttons on the side and seating for spectator. I think that this will be better mainly for watching the good matches everyone will have clear view of the screen instead of having to push past ppl etc. i dont mind standing but i know others get a bit tired. Yesterday was just not my day and i feel lately that melbourne is getting tougher to place. I had the hardest first 3 matches lined up if i was to win and it feels as though in the past 3 tourneys we have had top player v top player 1st 2nd round. I understand that maybe one will not be seeded but yesterday was full on somniac was seeded yet he still had to face mole then toxy??? i think with time we will work it out but yea this never used to happen in vanilla days. Anyways again one match off top 8 really disappointed but again i lost to somniac and toxy so bit hard to complain both of those matches were very close gg guys.

Well done to SOL mate your doing me proud see you stick with your main and you did so well imo unlucky to wrap it up in the 1st match of the final.

somniac good shit mate youve been plucking away and finally nailed your first tourney win congrats (though i feel abit hard done by in our last two outings)

baz good work again mate good to see someone go from top contender to top 4 in the last 3 tourneys.I need to play you more these days we only get 4-5 matches at most.

Welcome to combomaniac look forward to playing ya mate as baz mentioned its good to have another strong player in melbourne especially a fei long which i dont think anyone in aus has tapped into the brokeness and this is sagats hardest matchup so i hope that we can learn from eachother.

hoppa guiles too soft!

all in all great tourney see you guys next gc tourney  :ggf: :ggf: :hk:

agreed maybe $5 will be better

in my eyes i lost respect for daigo when he did that cos he pretty much admitted magos main was better then his at that stage.. and thats japan and u.s standard aus is nowhere near that so b4 ppl pick other characters how about they learn how to play properly with one... jack of all trades master of none enough said.

First of all, Guys lets calm down.

I don't mean to take either side in particular (HW or Ali) but with all due respect, why can't we run it with one character for GC tournament given we have Boxhill tourney which allows you to change characters.

There is no real need to have two tourneys with the identical rules.
You can practice your main at GC tourney and use multiple characters in Boxhill if you want.

Tournamant is mostly run for the competing purpose.  Thus, usually the only REAL reason in tourney for switching character is to counter-pick and it's not because players get BORED using the same character.  The top priority for tournament is to compete and it is serious business.  Some people may want to have fun in tourney but you can do that in casual as well.

In addition, what Chris said DOES make sense.  I personally believe one of the reasons some of us is not as good as where they can be is because they don't stick to one character in tourney.

I once said to melb player he is S**T (no offence to him though  ) because he can't stick with one character.  Then he said it's boring just using one character.  My answer to that was, "Do you F**king expect to only have fun and do whatever you want and be one of the top players in Melbourne, let alone the world?"

Being really good at something does not come with just fun and happiness.  People who know the taste of salt and work hard to overcome by their best endeavour will only reign in the end.

For me, I hate to turtle but sometimes I have to if I don't want to lose.  Criticising the opponent's playstyle after losing the match is just pure rubbish.

At the moment, I'm doubtful I can make it to tomorrow's tourney but see how it goes.

P.S. Sorry Melb player for using your example...

lol this man reads my mind amen

People can leave when ever they like, we can't stop them, or call it disrespectful. :P
you miss my point but all good cya guys tommorow

At the end of the day rules are rules while i will be honest i am not a fan of this rule at all i won't argue to get it changed as most people in Melbourne can only play one character (Not a bad thing) so back on topic everyone have fun tomorrow hope all goes well :)

well said

the reason its later is due to parking chris discussed this with myself toxy and eddy and alotta ppl who coming from the s.e will struggle to get there earlier . parking will not be free also and ppl will be forced to pay to park as well finding it hard to find a park.
Also theres hotter girls later ;)

Casual Event Announcements / Re: BOXHILL
« on: February 15, 2011, 12:37:20 PM »
cool see ya there yea ziggy will prob move it to where he see fit.

I'm interested in coming down just depends if i gotta report for duty to the mrs.

Casual Event Announcements / [MELB] BOXHILL
« on: February 15, 2011, 11:11:56 AM »
Thought i'd start up thread for Boxhill timeout meetups. I'll be heading up tonight anyone else up for some games? $1 tuesdays is the shiznit. The wait between games isn't as long anymore as there are 8 cabs. Most are aware of this already but thought i'd mention it again in case anyone missed it.

that will be awesome will the same happen for gc tourney?? i also think if maybe recording matches before top 8 is fine e.g toxy vs naruga or akira vs toxy type of thing would be cool cos sometimes matches before top 8 are better lol

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