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Just came to give In positive rep so he's back to neutral. :3

Tech Talk / Re: Larger low input lag LCD panels (24" +)
« on: December 24, 2012, 12:58:54 PM »
Cheers mogo, just gotta track down where I could find one post christmas on sale!

Tech Talk / Re: Larger low input lag LCD panels (24" +)
« on: December 24, 2012, 10:02:25 AM »
Hey guys, what's the largest BenQ monitor some of you guys have found that has little/no input lag. Looking for a new monitor to play on but I want it to be quite a bit bigger than the one I'm using now. (From memory, around 21" or so)

Lulz, he didn't even look like he had to work for that :P

GGs Dave! Feel like I'm learning again slowly. Athena is a mad whore and so is Kula, but Athena is more so of one. I don't have the patience to come up with a new plan so just eat you AAs constantly. o_O Also, even though I love Vice I think I should just switch back to Andy. I'm so much more well rounded with him than I am with Vice.

Oh and that Clark HD combo fail. That was abysmal on my part =_= I was so excited because I knew it should've ended it, or close to, so I started tring to cancel my DM before I even input the running tackle part of the EX grab. Sigh, oh well. :P

Getting bodied for free!

Yo Darve, you know how you say from time to time we should play again and test your connection, and I keep pussying out saying I don't play anymore and that I'm a scrub? Well, wanna try playing some games again soon? :)

Same goes to you Zuzu, and Jarop, and Mademan, and anyone who's online and wants some games. :)

Also, are there gonna be any KOF meetups before OHN? Doesn't seem like YSB is coming up anytime soon...

Yeah EX Iori's always a safe bet. Might give him a go if I don't like some of the others. Don't wanna play Karate or Billy though, have tried them a bit and don't fancy them.

Who's the most heavily used characters at the moment anyway? Everyone still naming Karate as OP and Billy as braindead or are there other characters being learnt and improved on lately?

PS: When is the next YSB? I know this is the wrong place to ask but I have limited internet time to search stuff to figure it out and I know you guys in this thread are where it's at. Thanks guys :D

Yo so I'm gonna start grinding again and come to YSB and OHN and all that business since I'm on UNI BREAK!!!! Gonna stick with ?, Clark and Vice, or Clark, ? and Vice. Thinking I wanna try learning Daimon, Maxima, or Ralf to fill the void. Wanna give Andy the shtick coz he's so boring. Anyway, see you guys when I get back from Japan!! What are your opinions of the team I should make also? :P <3


On the plus side, I go to Japan the week after  8)

Ash is so god damned fun! His more basic San's Coulotte combos aren't that bad, and shouldn't take too long to learn. But yeah he's still harder to use than most. Funny thing was I used to do his sans coulotte combos thinking I had to hold charge....

It become so much simpler when I realised that the point of sans coulotte was to remove the charge time haha. Ahh well, I always use Ash when I play for the fun of it, even if I'm not great with him :)

Random Discussion / Re: Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters
« on: September 30, 2012, 04:04:18 PM »
Went to write a report, saw this post.

2 hours later I'm only just starting my report =_= Damn was that good! I wish my brain was solid enough to comprehend half of the stuff that they're doing, it's just amazing!

The Hawny Devils are now recruiting! :P Let me know if you wanna join. To join, you need to main someone with horns (ie DJ or Ogre hahaha). They wouldn't let me have the name Horny devils so had to go with Hawny :(

Also, how are people getting those awesome alternate character cards? As in the ones that come up before the fight starts :)

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