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Pretty sure 350 no meter and 400 with meter is the stuff you're looking for, of course varies by character.

Asuka hits like a fucking truck....

Asuka 2012 bnb no meter = 418
Asuka 2013 bnb using c.hp now, still no meter = 431.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4 AE 2013!
« on: January 30, 2013, 07:48:07 PM »
I'd take that with a grain of salt. It's not like their online or arcade scenes are dead.

There's a difference between dead and bored. a SF5 in 2014 would be way more hype then a 4th update. Yeah I'm sure a lot of you guys will think SF5 is crap, a lot of SF3 players felt the same about IV, it happens.

That troll is from like week 1 of SFxT Will, please get new material.

Fun fact, I was the one who made that gif.

That gif is all over the place lol, thanks again for making it at my request. Could you do a version though with SFIV and UMVC3 boxarts over the two girls faces?

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4 AE 2013!
« on: January 29, 2013, 08:17:16 PM »

It's coming!

Rather them unveil Street Fighter V for Orbis/Durango (Sony/MS) @ E3.

Day fucking 1.

Vanilla sagat would rape ae yun, real talk. Ae sagat gave him a little trouble vanilla would laugh at him. Hopefully we get this version of sfiv sometime next gen.

I think it was decided near the end of AE that Yun was actually advantage over Sagat.

But yeah, Vanilla Sagat would rape AE Yun hard.

Yeah Yun had the advantage for sure, just some characters gave him a little trouble, little trouble for AE Yun being 6-4 matchups lol. Even though Vanilla Sagat is a way better character he had Akuma to keep him in check whereas Yun could do whatever the fuck he wanted.

Vanilla sagat would rape ae yun, real talk. Ae sagat gave him a little trouble vanilla would laugh at him. Hopefully we get this version of sfiv sometime next gen.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4 AE 2013!
« on: October 13, 2012, 01:39:13 AM »
The key people working on other things

....isn't that a bad thing for the new things then?

Yep, means fuck all chance of anything being added to SFIV, maybe in 5 years time on the next gen systems they'll release a version letting you play all versions of SFIV characters against each others, didn't the release a SF2 like that?

Anyway they're probably working on Darkstalkers now.

Of the current newly released games, skull girls, kof xiii, vf and soon to be released persona, it's the worst game of the bunch.

Soon? Haha fuck Atlus and that region locking, I'm sure we'll get TTT2 and DOA 5 before Persona Arena comes out in PAL.

Community News / Re: Interesting post-EVO interview with Daigo
« on: August 03, 2012, 03:31:09 PM »
Don't pretend you know anything about Justin's training regime. He was saying all year long AE was the game he was training hardest for.

Well that's a change from the last few years where he was telling everyone @ tournaments he never trained in it and only played it @ tournaments since Marvel is his #1 game.

Also, it makes me laugh that Daigo has beaten Justin every time they're faced for 8 years, but as soon as he loses once he's not good anymore.

You mean losing to a rival you generally beat isn't an indication of a slide? Ignoring how the last two fights should've been scored... (last one was a disgrace and I'm half filo) if Manny Pac fought Marquez a 4th time and lost I'm pretty sure most boxing experts would say he's done, that's how it works. What did he finish @ Topanga A-League? You can fanboy Daigo all you want, he's slipping it happens. He's Roger Federer now instead of Roger Federer 6 years ago like he use to be. He's still bloody good but he's not what he was....

He's getting paid by Square-Enix to promote Gunslinger Stratos, if he generally enjoys it I doubt that leaves much time to train for SFIV like he used to, especially with all his book writing and other shit he's doing outside of gaming lately. But fuck maybe he'll win SBO for the first time in SFIV this weekend and you can bump this post and laugh!

And while HB had a tougher bracket than Daigo in theory, Daigo would have had no trouble with any of those players apart from Poongko. I can't say the same for reverse though. Latif and Gamerbee wouldn't have lost to HB, and Gamerbee showed that in Top 8. Real talk.

Quite a few players who lost to HB you would've said the same thing about not losing.., Latif hasn't done shit since last Evo except whine about not being able to mash EX Seismo and actually having to block against Iperu. Wolfkrone's always been the better Viper, take out last Evo and Latif would still be "that guilty gear player with that GG execution!"

Still people worked out the brackets for Top 8, easiest was firstly Infiltration and than Daigo, on the Finals one proved themselves beyond doubt, the other didn't.

And please noone bring up the "you can't do better" argument, it's dumb as fuck since I'm sure you diss sports stars you obviously can't do better in their field.

bought it, played this for the first time since the swap costumes came out months ago, was surprised @ how quick I was getting games, most of them within 30 secs for 3 hours, the netcode sound issue is finally fixed and the nerfs to air tatsus are quite noticeable. Still think the game needs a lot of work.. heck if any Capcom fighting game needed another disc release for a revision... this was the one.. I know games can change things heaps, look @ Gran Turismo 5 and all those changes.. but that's a Sony game and Capcom paying the costs so they can patch it to that extent.. MS would charge a fortune. I'll be more interested when the full blown rebalance patch is released.. only reason I even tried it again was because of the bullshit region locking with Persona 4 Arena... that game has ruled Japanese arcades since release.... wanted to play it bad.

Community News / Re: Interesting post-EVO interview with Daigo
« on: August 01, 2012, 10:50:13 PM »
Daigo had an easy run to the Top 8... (compare it to Bombs for instance...) Gamerbee was a total choke artist in that set which was his only real tough game... Daigo plays Gunslinger Stratos now and seems more focused on pushing "himself" to the nico nico crowd than training in SFIV. And fair enough he deserves it for the massive amount of work he put in.. but as a player.. Justin vs Daigo @ CEO says it all... and it's not like Justin trains for SFIV or has for the last couple of years.

It's a pretty shaky example, but if rayray and fanatiq played 2/3, rayray would have won. And it's pretty clear he wasn't the better player in that set, he lost the next 8

Like fanatiq would've played the same way if it was a best of 3 set, if you have games to give you might as well take advantage of them....

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: First to 10 thread
« on: May 29, 2012, 05:54:17 PM »
Anyone want to do some FT10 today? Can't see me leaving the house, having a lazy one.

Invite me if I jump on today, feel like playing AE for once.

fuck you to all the people hating on brazzers

brazzers has helped me through some hard times, very hard times

Not to mentioned that Brazzers have stepped their bigwetasses game the fuck up in the last 3 months! ZZ|LI Joe ftw.

I do like his Ryu more than his Yun though. :| Daigo and Ryu just work well like bacon and eggs.

His AE Yun was a lot more dominant than his AE 2012 Ryu though.... (and I'll argue his 3rd placing @ Evo with Yun was in a way tougher field than his 2 prior wins with Ryu...) Daigo putting a lot of work into Akuma and than Yun again shows he's not too sure on his selection of Ryu... heck that TOPANGA charity cup he said he was playing Ryu because he wasn't serious about that character.. got blown up by a Sak IIRC.

Can't see him pulling a win with Ryu... too many international players since you would expect more than last year... and Ryu 2012 is nowhere near as strong as Yun AE... not to mention that Fuudo and Mago's Fei Longs will be waiting. (the main reason he was even trying out Yun and Akuma.._

I really don't know why he never jumped on the Fei Long train... that character would've suited him...

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