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I'll be there.

Tournament Announcements / Re: [AUS]OzHadou Nationals DIY Thread
« on: January 09, 2013, 01:25:13 PM »
There was talk of an DIY ST tourney over the Holiday period on GGPO.

Looks at kyokugen  ;D

Any motivation to do one?

Time to look for flights.

As a pseudo resident DeeJay player I feel obligated to respond. Ryu .vs DeeJay is a hard match for DeeJay believe it or not. This match is all about the life lead, whoever has the life lead can dictate the pace of the match. Whoever has to approach or is forced to approach is at disadvantage because both characters have good anti airs and generally good defense.

In the fireball game Ryu has the advantage because he can wear DeeJay down and force him to neutral jump/block every third to fourth fireball. As the Ryu player your mission is to get DeeJay into the corner and put him in Ryu's fireball trap. DeeJay has a very hard time geting out of the corner trap. Also build super as quickly as you can because once Ryu has super Deejay canít throw any more fireballs unless they are from full screen away. If you force DeeJay to jump forward at you, there are several options. Light or Heavy DP are good for AA but you have to do them late otherwise you can trade with DeeJays jumping normals. I would recommend a well placed crouching roundhouse for a trip grad then throwing a wakeup jab or strong fireball to force DeeJay to block and push him back out to ĺ screen, followed by a fierce fireball which can act like a frame trap. Please correct me on the fireball patterns as I am not a Ryu player. One final thing if you get an AA fireball around ĺ screen do a quick short tacu to build meter. 

In footsies donít poke with low forward from max distance because DeeJay can stuff your low forward with his low strong. Instead use low strong. Ryus low strong will pretty much beat out any of Deejays pokes. In the air to air game use Ryuís jumping strong, again it should beat out all of DeeJays jumping normals. You can tacu over DeeJays fireballs but itís not as eazy as Guiles.

Last piece of advice is donít get knocked down as then DeeJay is at an advantage. He can put his mixup game on your with corssups, tick throws and ridiculous frame traps which usually lead to more knock downs.

According to Hazi this match is 7 - 3 or a very hard 6 - 4 in Ryu's favor. He says that Ryu is harder than O.Sagat for DeeJay. Just like many other matches in ST this one is very knowledge dependent, if you donítí know what to do or how to handle the characters strengths or weaknesses the match can be very overwhelming even though itís in your favor.

How often do you guys play HDR on x-box live? I haven't touched my x-box since Shadowloo i primarily play on GGPO, but if there is enough people playing HDR i'll join in.

I am usually on most nights. But these days I tend to troll Vette more than I play. But am always up for games.

Sorry to say guys I want be making this event. My tax return is not pretty this year (I owe around 2k) and I need to pay that off. I will be tuning in if there is a stream. Hope the event goes well.

Calculating prices now, really want to go to this as the QLD guys have supproted Vic events and I think it's time we repay the favor. Heavy don't you mean head up? :P


it's not a big deal as the tourney will prob be over in an hour i would think. the game won't have many entrants.

i think if there is doa somebody gotta run an st tourney *looks around igor ahem.

Hmm ST tourney, not sure I am going to be in the country to run it. My housemate and I have been planning a trip to Japan in September.

I'll accept that and im sure if freerider comes down he'll be keen . Theres no salt between us. apart from seth v sagat.

I just think it's an interesting match to watch. With Seth having such low life but having a crazy mixup game while Sagat having a nice damage output and trying to keep him out. Just think the matches would be good and exciting to watch.

Also Loki is Marvel going to be 3 out of 5?

I'm gonna put the question out their directly. Are there any ae matchups you guys would like to see? I wanna see Shang tsung vs SOl and robsux vs toxy

Not trying to put anyone on blast.  I want to see Heavy Weapons vs. Crazy Freerider first to 5 or first to 10 exhibition or money match. I just think it would be an interesting match.

Got 2 DC's. Love them both. The bad thing is I only have one light gun so we cant really play House of Dead 2 in co-op T_T

Good new's I have found my legit copy of JoJo's as well as some other DC games. Also tested out the moded TE sticks and they work really well. Anyone interested in playing Power Stone 1 and 2?

Like mutton said in the first post I'll be bringing JoJo's Bizarre Adventure on DC. With the scheduled HD release of the game later on this year I figured I'd bring it along so you guys can check it out. I'll also see what other games I can dig up, I know I have a copy of Garow Mark of the wolfs and heaps of other fighting games for the system. So I would like to request the use of the CRT TV that's at CCH as my DC dosn't have VGA output. I lost the cable years ago T_T

If I am not to jet lagged I'll be there.

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