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A whole bunch of words

Of course your questions where hypotheticals, my reply was meant to be more of a troll that turned into a semi serious reply the more and more i though about it. Also I wanted to get another great novel-esk post as I love to read them. They always state your arguments clearly and precisely.

Actually I agree with you on all the points that you have brought up, I love the heterogeneous distributed system nature of the FGC. It all kind of just works with sudo unspoken rules and standards which have been ingrained in the communality over the last 20 years. Except for maybe Japan where the tourney defaults are still single game single elim, but even that is slowly changing with places like NSB and Godsgarden becoming more and more influential and the way they run their tournaments closer to the FGC standards.

By the way I am not giving up on trying to get an interview with you good sir, it will happen :D

I don't think the issue is with Brazzers, I think this highlights rapid changes and external interests with respect to the FGC without any measured and controlled authority. If a handle isn't put on it soon a lot of potential could be lost or things will continue to get even tattier in terms of disjointed and decentralised standards and expectations. So Joe wants to be sponsored by a porn company. Neato. What? You say he can't? Why not? How come? Who makes the rules? Who said you're in charge? And how about this other guy who is totally cool with Joe brandishing his sponsor? Doesn't that set a dicey precedent? Exactly who does the FGC represent? Is this acceptable now? Why? Who gets to say?

To be honest I missed this thread as I don't read the forum very much, but I must say that Gamogo you hit the nail right on the head.   

But to answer some of your questions:
So Joe wants to be sponsored by a porn company. Neato. What?
He sure dose, neto.

You say he can't?
It's not up to me or you or everyone else, it's Joes decision.

Why not?
Because Joe is a grown man and he can make his own decisions.

How come?
Because he is over 21 years of age and in the eyes of the law he is an adault.

Who makes the rules?
This one can be seen from many different angels. But trying to stick to the subject of the FGC in general I would say EVO to an extent. The rules that they make/made where kind of adopted over the years but the rest of the community with an exception of Japan. This is due to a number of factors both due to them starting running tournaments and being pioneers in getting the community up and running.

Who said you're in charge?
The people in charge are The Cannon Brother's, S-kill & Mr.Wizard. Who said they are in charge? Well no one really, but I guess they run the self proclaimed world championships of fighting games. Which is the worlds biggest fighting game tournament and they have almost 20 years of experience in running FGC events. They started a community website to gather, help and promote the community and it's events. While this doesn't make them in charge but it gives them quite a bit of power and influence over the community.

And how about this other guy who is totally cool with Joe brandishing his sponsor?
He is a cool guy :P

Doesn't that set a dicey precedent?
It dose and it dose not.

Exactly who does the FGC represent?
The people who participate in FGC events in any way shape or form. 

Is this acceptable now?
It has always been like that. Nothing has really changed.

Because without the participants there is no FGC.

Who gets to say?
The FGC members in theory. But in reality it's Evo.

To be honest what I am trying to say is Joe is a grown man who can make his own decisions. But what I am more interested in pointing out is how much of an influence EVO has had over the years and continues to have. In a way they kind of represent the FGC because they host the main event. They have one of the biggest sites that represent the FGC as well as their connection/relationship to Capcom though Seth. They started may of the trends in the community by simple trail and error one of the best examples is the double elim brackets, which have now become the default standard. Even though EVO is not in charge and they will never claim to be in charge of the FGC they have enough weight and influence in the FGC to swing things in their own direction. Something to think about :)   

I'll have everyone's sticks and equipment that I borrowed for ST. So if you need to get your stuff back urgently it will be there.

Got my monitor?

I'll be at CCH

You better believe I have your monitor. :D

Post Event Discussion / Re: [MELB] SS 2012
« on: May 08, 2012, 11:41:29 AM »
Just some feedback :

I didn't go this year, but from what I heard from my friends that did, it looks like you guys took alot of the feedback from last year on board and the spacing and placement of equipment and seating was done much better. Also pools were run like clockwork and everyone got into the venue much quicker so congrats on that!

As a stream monster this time around I think my feedback for next year in order to take SS to the next level :

- More preparation in setting up the stream with regards to stream quality and stability (it was locked on low quality, alot of complaints about that, some sound issues came up, stream was cutting in and out sometimes)
- Consider getting some fulltime commentators over ( James Chen / Ultra David / Mike Ross / Gootecks / Xian / Zhiii etc. ) which adds another whole dimension to the tournament and getting those eyes on the stream from overseas. Commentary this weekend was...there were quite a few legitimate complaints on stream that I must say I can't disagree with :) (Ryan Hart / JWong and F-Word were awesome though)

Good work!

The stream quality is something that I really want to address, especially on the first day (Saturday). There is only so much you can do with 0.8 meg upload which we had to work with on the hotel internet. We could have upped the bitrate/quality but the stream would constantly lag. Stream 2 had better quality because Offcast was testing out the 4g wireless internet to see how it would hold up over the day streaming. There are quite a few issues with wireless internet and one of them is that the strength of the signal may change though out the day as well as the position of the dongle. After the test results we decided to change over to 4g for the main steam on finals day.

The sound issues, buzzing in the audio unfortunately is a byproduct of having so much equipment running simultaneously. One of the mixers started emitting a buzzing sound due to the load; we tried to cover it up as much as possible. We did extensive testing with the majority of the equipment though out the year and Bugs uses most of this equipment to stream Shadowloo Night Live every week. Itís just unfortunate that this disruption happened but again itís kind of out of our hands and we will take more precautions next time.

I have no comment on the commentators or the commentary as itís subject to personal option. But I will say that doing commentary on a live stream is very difficult and we should be pushing for more people to have a go rather than bagging them out. Australia needs more people to have a go at commentary because we will never get great commentators outside of a hand few that we have now if they are not encouraged to take a chance and get some practice at a big event like SS.

Bugs if I misinterpreted any of the stream issues please correct me.

I'll have everyone's sticks and equipment that I borrowed for ST. So if you need to get your stuff back urgently it will be there.

Glad everyone had a good time. It was great to meet everyone in person and put some faces to the GGPO names. Nice to have a crowd for the finals matches. Hopefully next year we can get some air time on the stream if I can figure out how to do it correctly with Bugs setup. Thanks to Kisou for recording the grand finals.

I really wanted one of the local guys to take it out but Tokido was just too strong. I donít know what he eats or drinks but he just put on a huge show dominating in almost every game he entered.

For those who are local to Melbourne Iíll be bringing the setup to the CCH events so keep your eye on the casual section of the forum. Once again thanks to everyone for supporting the tournament and thanks to the sponsor Gift for the Geek.

Feed back thread here:

Thanks to Gifts for the Geek and everyone who entered.

Thanks to everyone who entered the tournament. Appologies to the people who I had to turn away due to the 32 man cap. Next year we will have more supergun setups. Also only the grand finals where recorded due to the tournament running late. Any feedback good or bad please leave here. The results:

Supreme Champion:

Worthy Adversary:

Maybe Next Time:

4th place:

5th place tie:   
EG Justin Wong

7th place tie:   
Ryan Heart

9th place tie:   
Michael Tan

13th place tie:   
A1 Major

17th place tie:   

25th place tie:   
J Lynx

Again thanks for everyone who entered. More to come in the future.

shall be interesting indeed, will this be streamed?

Unfortunately there was no plan to stream the tournament this year for 2 reasons. One I didnít know what kind of turnout we were going to have. Second and more importantly we donít have the equipment to stream off the supergun due to the capture device not being able to handle the superguns video signal.

Could someone please film this tournament and put on youtube for those that can't make it? (And well in general it's always a good idea to record and document these events).

The current plan is to record the tournament and put it up on youtube at some point.

Sol just informed me that Neurosis, Michael Tan, Deshiken, MOV, Fuudo, Tokido, KOK are entering the tournament. At this point we will have more international players than local players.

Pssh, we're fucked mere fodder. :P

Besides Neurosis and Tokido I am pretty sure the rest of the newly announced players didn't play ST seriously back in the day. But i guess we will see. I am kind of hyped to see Deshiken play. He is sick in 3S but this game is not 3S.

Sol just informed me that Neurosis, Michael Tan, Deshiken, MOV, Fuudo, Tokido, KOK are entering the tournament. At this point we will have more international players than local players.

I am proud to announce that we will have an extra $500 dollar pot bonus thanks to Gifts for the Geek. Geelongís only comic book store. All single issue comics are $5 dollars. They donít just sell comics but T-shirts and other pop-culture related items, please show your support for them like they showed their support for Super Turbo. Check out their website here:

Good news everyone! I got confirmation yesterday that EG Justin Wong and Ryan Heart are entering the tourney. I am also pretty sure that Tokido and a few other guests will enter as well. Canít wait for Friday :)

Thanks for the support guys. Iíll be asking the guests to enter as well, since itís on Friday they shouldnít have any clashes in their schedules.

Casual Event Announcements / Re: [Melb] Chris' Club House R08 27-04-12
« on: April 27, 2012, 10:32:36 AM »
This time I'll bring a monitor that works with ST. If someone can provide an PS2 stick or sticks that would be much appreciated. Cactus or NickCC I am looking at you :)

I'll bring my highschool project stick again. Also does your ST machine have HDMI output or just RGB? (or D-Sub? DVI?)

It's a D-sub/VGA output but it doesn't send a typical VGA signal. It's an RGB 15.6k Hz signal. Only a few select monitors can display that signal and the E2420HD is one.

Dat supergun is racist only picks certain monitors lol

Damn straight.

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