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Yes love me some CCH! Encore pizzas sales are going to go up 200% just for that night haha. Awesome to see Miss Brie again too! :)

GGs GirlsDigMyScore, that Seth is nice!

Since we're on the subject I also got a snarky message from Pacardu last night along the lines of "Sigh at 'good players' not re-joining" ended up playing him 3 or 4 times anyways so maybe that satisfied him.

GGs to everyone else if we've played recently!

Cheers for the games Norri, play again soon man, you'll probably destroy me next time. I'm trying to play more online now in endless to hopefully try and improve a bit to try and not suck so much. If any of you guys see me feel free to play me and add me and come and body me and have a chat. :)

Hey guys, just wanted to personally thank mutton, jlynx, pyro, Loki and anyone else who I got the chance to speak/play with today. I had a lot of fun, and you guys made it easy for me, being so welcoming and what not. A bit ironic that I got to meet the melbourne crew before most of the sydney guys but whatevs. It's motivation for me to get to more of the offline meetups. Thanks again! :)

Great to meet you man, no probs!

GGs Toothless, I enjoy playing your DJ! Had to let you finish me after I threw out that ultra in that round, wouldn't have been right if I lived! Cheers for the games.

Tech Talk / Re: Direct Capture Setups/Info
« on: June 21, 2012, 02:44:06 PM »
The converter is much cheaper on ebay, round about $50, but yeah it is a bit of an extra pain I agree.

Tech Talk / Re: Direct Capture Setups/Info
« on: June 21, 2012, 12:44:08 PM »
All I use is this converter:

So my setup basically goes monitor hdmi cable into the converter, component cables running from converter to the gamecapture, and component cables running from Xbox to gamecapture.
That's probably the best way I can describe it without being right in front of it at the moment.

Tech Talk / Re: Direct Capture Setups/Info
« on: June 20, 2012, 09:58:20 PM »
Hey Age,

I got the Avermedia GameCapture HD a couple of weeks ago and it's quite good. I have it hooked up to my Asus monitor using a component to HDMI converter which you'll need to buy seperately though. When the recorder unit is just turned on ready to record and you are playing I notice a tiny bit of lag but once you actually press record there is no lag for me at all. I tried recording in 1080i however I got lots of interlacing (lines and stuff in the video) then I set my 360 to 720p and now it looks fine. Hope that helps!

Community News / Re: Vox Eminor Sign Shangtsung
« on: May 02, 2012, 07:08:43 PM »
Congrats Shang that's great news, well done!

Yeah I'll have a shot too, count me in!

IN4WAR, great stuff you're going to SS2k12! I hope you show Aus what you've got because online you're a beast! Are you training up with anyone offline though? I guess you'll get a lot of practice during casuals yeah... : ) Ways, I'm hoping to see your Ken on the stream against the top Aus n international guests, imo you have the best Ken online but oi you gonna be busting out your Evil Ryu or what?!

Thnx for the inspiration ;)

Nah my ken isn't that good compared to kuratami,bcvw or jlynx I just lucky when I win. I haven't started playing offline yet but soon I will be. Ummm about evil ryu I'm not sure if I should use him at ss2K12 prob just use ken&ryu.

What do you think ryu or evil ryu ?

Thanks for the kind words man I appreciate it but your Ken is better then mine for sure! I'd say you, bcvw, kuratami and LUCKIERdragon (from NZ) are all top beasting Kens IMO.  :)

Same here, I'm a sucker for a cool intro.

half confusion / half saltiness i suppose :D apologies!
Serious question tho 3700pp is reasonably high. I'm assuming it's the ex tatsu / dp shenanigans ?? perhaps just your style?

Just wondering cause our games were very random, although i seem to struggle against ken's overall.
Would be good to run more sets another time, it was pretty even.  i added ya :D

It's cool man. Yeah ranked I tend to do well in, tatsu, dps, kara throws and my own style seems to all work. I enjoyed the games with you, was challenging for me, hope to play again soon! :)

@Sherby Thanks for the honesty, I play an unorthodox Ken but always looking to improve. :)

Played some good games with Ignattious, has a good E.Ryu however after I messaged him and complimented him on his char he responded with "bad ken. air tatsu randomness. how u get 3700pp?? gg tho....." which was a shame.

Holy shit Street Pussy! Playing AE 2012 in 2010 & 2011 is gdlk!

Good catch man, hahaha my bad.

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