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Thanks for the tips man  :), yeah your right I gotta watch my uppercuts something shocking.

When you taunted that guy back it was great. Replays of people taunting would be entertaining I'd give it a watch!

i like to mirror ppl sometimes with characters that i sorta know how to use to test out their basics if ppl take that as disrespect then blah watever lols. like oil said if you lose in a mirror then you still need to improve i mean sure someone can beat you once or twice or it could be laggy etc but if the connection is good and you lose more then 2-3 times then either your playing shit or the other person is better at the matchup.

On another note, i dont understand everytime i'm in an endless and i'm on a decent winstreak some random dude has to come in and taunt lols. It used to piss me off but now i find it quiet cute. i think i might make a highlight reel of ppl who taunt me then get slapped. i mean dont get me wrong i taunted on the stream cos i was using dan and ppl in the chat asked for comedy so i did it for the shits n giggles. anyways if your losing why taunt ? isn't taunting supposed to be showing off ?why would you show off when losing or when the game still up for grabs?

Hey ggs Heavy for our matches the other day, sorry I'm not really a challenge for you! That Sakura/Balrog guy that came into the room taunted you and I was like "WTF this Sakura's getting bodied why taunt?!"

I'm all signed up and ready to go, I can't wait! 

Sounds great to me, I'll be there!

Not sure, I do know they will have a booth where you can get some Mad Catz gear though.  :D

I would love to get one of The Beast shirts if they have those, fingers crossed!  :)

I'm wrapped Mike Ross and Gootecks are coming, really like to meet those guys.

But you haven't even announced mike ross, gootecks or valle yet! ;)

I'd be wrapped having those guys come down. Mike and Gootecks crack me up and I would really like to see them play. Valle as well, would be awesome.

Picking mine up from JB HIFI Lonsdale St this afternoon, yes!!!  :D

Thanks Ali! Can't wait! So glad it's closer then I thought it would be. Then a month after heading off to Evo gonna be a huge couple of months!

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