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Ok so if anyone wants to play me just let me know via pm on srk, or fb or however we happen to talk.

Im home till the 28th or 29th so ive got time to play.... Finally... Think ive got some good shit as well, but need to play some peeps before i know for sure.

Gah... I need to play.... Withdrawls...bah, stupid work taking up all my time.

Want to play against folks and age on post patch... Much better netcode than slowgirls... Need to try out my new teams...

Its bunk as hell having such a small scene.

Tomo, have you played against folks or age yet?

You can't call assists during a Fiber Upper jump but I found it easier to swat Painwheel with j.HK than I did with Fiber Upper anyway.

What do you mean by "cat claw thing" anyway? j.MP, 214 LK/MK/HK or something?

I know my team is a little odd now haha, but I basically built a team of all characters that have brutal reset opportunities at any given moment in a combo, for obvious reasons.

I need to get used to using the head, never played a puppet character before, really.

Really? Hmm... Well it seems that mike does know what hes doing... Kinda. Anyway even if you cant call them after fiber upper... You can probably call them WHILE doing fiber upper... maybe look at things that would put that aspect in a positive light...

Maybe look at calling assists during the strtup of her rekkas for some serious shenaynaygans...

Jugz was using filias hk hairball combined with pcocks boxcar to make the hairball not only safe, but advantaged on block and since only the last hit can be pushblocked... Its a rather dumb safe pressure string that can be done again and again... Perhaps fortune has something like that with some assist...

I use painwheels mp stinger with peacock because from fullscreen i can st.hp +stinger then teleport... The st.hp will put them in blockstun and the stinger will crossup... I hit you with it... It isnt particularly powerful at all... But thses are the knids of things you need to be finding with your team imho... Specific things that can be abused situationally speaking... You arent going to get an awesome neutral game move from these character scause their neutrals are based on movement... Whereas the character with the worst movemenet (parasoul) has probably overall the best assortment of assists...


Tldr... Find gimmicky stuff with fortunes assist that is situational.. Its probably the best you are going to get.

I really need to check this place more.

Anyone that actually plays on PSN, my name is Tomo_009_aus

Need a decent Ms Fortune assist still, having more trouble picking an assist for her than with Painwheel, nothing quite feels right. Nothing particularly useful, may just end up using throw or something.

Well imho shes like painwheel and val... Much more designed to be point than to be an assist having painwheel and her in the same teamis going to cause problems for your synergy imho... HOWEVER:

Though it isnt THE BEST option you might want to look at her sweep...seems like good synergy with both painwheels jump and flight attacks and it should be good for filia as well.

It locks down and hits low and may not even be a true blockstring (which would be a good thing as an assist)

And remember the most important thing is to be flexible in your assist choices... ESPECIALLY With the point characters... They all have throw, sweep, anti air move, grounded rush move... Etc etc

In the end your best assist may well be matchup dependent more than anything.

Though yeah id use her sweep..., even if it isnt comboable off of it still gives hard to block situations and allows guesses on wakeup... Better than a no range gtfo move that doesnt knock down... Though that move could be god cause of its non knock down properties by setting up airthrows and stuff...

As far as what assist to use to help her on point, i thought that updo wouldnt be good... But i was being stupid... I theory fightered up doing mfs dp kick that is an invincible way to get in the air... Then calling updo as soon as mf recovers... Basically having invincible way into the air and invincible stuff coming down... Hell you could probably do dp kick into the air then do cat claw thing in the air while simultaneously calling filia... There are other things, just keep your mind open nd you will find some stuff im sure.

Stop flying when I do ghetto air movement tricks that let me call DP assists. :V

So YOU get to move and do what you want and i dont?


also it wasnt your dp assists that were getting to me... It specifically was vals ability to move around while not giving a crap about my own dp assists that was bothering me..
 But actually, naw even that wasnt it... It was the COMBINATION of vals ability to move around and avoid stuff while also having such good air options. Painwheel also has good air movement of course but she has bad air normals (or more specifically...her air normals require more finesse/precise spacing)

In the end its just a matchup that i have to get used to i guess, i have big problems with folks val and filia as well, for pretty much the same reasons.

Oh and this is neither here nor there but pw used to be able to avoid bomber by flying forward... Yet i got caught trying to fly over bomber a bunch of times... I wonder if its a stealth nerf to pw or buff to bomber... Hmmm.

Anywho ggs, im thinking of stuff to do to val anyways... Getting beat is always such a good motivator to actually put in lab time.

Played pichy, got destroyed 1-8... Im terrible against val... Dont know what to do against divekickers/characters that ignore important parts of their said game.

Anyone have any advice on what to do against val im all ears... I feel like i know how to play against filia and double... Just val i havent a clue...

Lol I think my favourite moment from our set was when we did a 2v3 and it went to timeout and I thought you won. And I was like "What is this shit Skullgirls X Timeout. What a bitch way to win. That's not even a victory." Then you told me/I realized I actually won and then I was like FUCK YOUR DREAMS. I just won a war of attrition. That there is a dominating victory. You can't stop the Taylor Swiftasoul/Jessicerrabella Simpson Country-Pop duet synergy.

Haha YEAH, and i was like THATS BULLSHIT YO! MY LIFEBARS BIGGER! This game... :(

My favorite part of the set was everytime i looked at you while we were playing... Giving you the zoolander/dr. Evil "that was awesome wasnt it" face!


Ggs to folks, owned me up good enough for me to rq in lag... Haha. Team is so stupid cheap... I need cheaper stuff... Heh.

Haha, it was awesome playg you weng, i felt dirty for not taking it easy on you except by playing random teams (solo double, solo peacock etc) it was fun showing the cheesiness of skullgirls plus watching you level up in front of my eyes was great, you took parabella and made them good in only a few games, started hitting your combos, abusing that goddamn (!) random lvl 3's hitting me... Haha.

I hope you do get into this game more, youd be damn good at it, i can tell the cheese is right up your alley, cheap is good... Plus you being on xbox means that youd have (not so laggy) competition with myself, age, and folks... They are both great players and have different fundamental styles plus we all use different characters so it doesnt get stale. And you can learn alot from both of them... Folks has the sickest incoming double/triple crossup mixups as well as the most annoying (and devastating) peacock on earth. Age has the stupid fundamentals and yomi ability, plus doesnt EVER drop combos and his neutral game is simply great.

But tbqh the biggest reason why you should get into it is simply because it is probably the easiest fighting game right now to get into from the comfort of your own home... Even on australias internet. (Besides trash like sfxt :)

This game can be lazily played for those with little time to travel or waste time going to and from a venue.

Anywho, hope to be playing you more, but if not it was cool running that long set anyways... And i might be picking up sfxt again... Just for shits and giggles :)

Oh and if you get into sg, i DO think i will play kof with you guys, i like that game.

I just threw down the challenge gauntlet to my fellow perthians:

If anyone can beat me in a first to 10 they get $100

If anyone takes at least 1 game out of 10 they get $10

Lets see if anyones got what it takes.

Well your throw beats both high and low block, whereas your high is safe on block and beats low block, which is also the primary default block... Plus can beat jump back.

Your low beats only high block and is unsafe on block... Whether you like tick throws or not is immaterial... Use your characters tools to the best ability they can be used.

Throw and high should be used the most and should be used to set up for the low. Using high to set up the low is way to obvious and just gets you putting yourslef at a disadvantage half the time you use it... Filia isnt magneto..  Its hard to go low and maintain initiative on block. You have to use an assist if you want to press the high low mixup... Just make sure you use the assist when you go low, not when you go high... Though you could eliminate that needless redundancy by simply using high to setup throw and throw to setup low.

As it is right now if you threw more wed probably be absoulutely free to them most of the time.... I now for a fact that age is pretty damn free to them...hed rather jump, or reversal, or avoid the situation rather than tech a throw... Use that info to your advantage till he does something different, amd thesame against me as well...

You dont think i DONT know that your primary anti reset tendencies are mash tech/tag and jump back?

You DONT think that i dont tailor my resets to take advantage of those tendencies as much as possible?

Bottom line, hit your opponent with what they are leaving themselves open to... You do yourself age and i no favors by not throwing...

Seriously you want to make the biggest improvement to your game in the shortest amount of time?

Throw like 2-3 times as much as you already do (not with peacock), wait for your opponent to figure it out, then do something else...

If you threw more youd get over it really quickly...  She has the best safe on block rush moves in the game perfectly setting up safe high and nearly safe throw as well as safe crossup... You shouldnt go low much... I was hoping youd figure that out yourself...

Filias has a bunch of inherent weaknesses:

Minus on block
Low range
Many hits scaling bad

Bellas j.hp is really good when used as a quick overhead... But bella dont really have many blockbeater moves that have little risk to them:

Her command grabs are jumpable and can be punished by jumping them.
Her left right is stupid unsafe on block

... All she really has to beat blocks with little is the high/low... And even then the high usually has to be setup.

Tbqh just pushblocking bellas jmp in the air puts a pretty big cramp on her offense..

I think bella is one of the worst characters in the game at this time.. Though i think the tiers are hella compact... Bella is still probably B with the highest tier character being A...

You hate things with ridic hitstun?

So you are willing to give up that imba hitstun on lvl2 drop?


Also, i think my resets are the most mentally disturbing.. Everything else pails in comparison to painwheel resets.

Im kinda here and there on easy hitconfirms... On one hand i dont see how making hitconfirms harder increases skill... Just makes it so that you have to have better and better reactions... Which are not skill.

On the other hand, i dont really eant throw away easy reaction itconfirms that have little to no consequence for being used in the wrong places...

Oh come on now... You arent REALLY complaining about doubles teacup reset stun when filia has stupid bs unblockable crossup super are you?



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