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Haha nice stuff, good your peacock is becoming so strong.

I found another cool thing with her, decidedly gimmicky... But meh:

Knockdown with bomber... Or ranged assist.. Call boxcar timed to hit as they tech towards peacock (everyone techs toward this girl dont they? Lol)
Crossup with teleport.

Its gimmicky cause they can always tech back or they can simply tech forward and block crossup... Still though i think this style of mixup might be right up peacocks alley... Need to try and find more points to try this from as well as a non crossup option.

Right now im trying to find as many uses for lvl2 item drop as possible... Basically to attack with it.

Did my advice work?

Haha, folks team so cheap, too funny and only getting better with the patch... Sigh.

Any character with bike or tear shot assist should give peacock trouble... Its a free anti peacock move that doesnt need to be charged, super cheap against peacock imho.

Well ill be back to play you guys on the 22nd... And we can start the rivalries anew!

The online is waaay better with the patch. Way waaaaay better. The only problem is asshats that dont use ggpo recommended frame delay in high pings.

When i recently played tomo the lag was almost nonexistent, and i think hes in melb or sydney... Im in perth.

I also played a game against an american east coaster... And it was actually somewhat playable.

This netcode is nothing short of amazing. It is by FAR the best netcode yet featured in any fighting game.

Its DIMEnsion_eXit

Dime x capitalized...

I wont be home for a few days though gotta go and work.

I got the patch and ps3... Painwheel is completely turned around... Peacock looks stupid buff cause of bomb cancels.

Online is way to godlike... Played a dude at 85 ping  set to 3 delay and it felt like offline... Butter smooth yo.mpsn isnt as goid as xbl so i expect great things once patch hits.

Let me know on fb or srk if you guys want to get some games on xbl.

i think it may be awhile before the patch drops for xbox… im thinking about picking up a ps3… more opponents once it goes dual console as well…problem is idk where to get a TE stick that is ps3 compatible QUICK

other high level SG players that i doubt any of us could touch:

jailhouse (ataconazi)
masta cj

and a few more that i cant remember

severin isnt even that great… pali makes him look 3rd rate… have you seen palis parasoul? thats where sev gets all his best shit from.

though i like your enthusiasm. confidence is needed to take on the best players in the world… but if the confidence comes from 
a place of false knowledge… chances are you will choke and not play your best when you realize that these players are no joke and that you may be in over your head.

what you see on vid only ever tells half the story… if that.

stone cold son


my peacocks getting slightly better but  think i suffer to much from lag… cant really do anything online on reaction the way i could offline… movement and combos are the biggest things that suffer for me… cant tell when ill jump or not so i end up holding jump instead of tapping it… getting owned because of this… really sucks.

but meh.

peacock is a ton of fun to play though i think shes a complete B**** to play against… lol hate chasing characters all day.

holla at me folks… where u at?

and watch that smack talkin on srk… duckie will infract that ass with the quickness if you push it.

Yep, folks age and i all play regularly, age and i play once or twice a week when im home and folks and i play on the weekends.

Theres real competition between the three of us, though age still beats us weve gotten much closer.

Double assist is easy to counter... But it is good, its getting nerfed in the patch though it will still be something that you have to be on the lookout for.

The real cheese in skullgirls is the corner and resets in general, its very easy to have your entire team die to ridiculous resets that are favored for the attacker like 4-1 and safe on block while allowing an option for further mixups... It gets dumb but since its sg and its known that thats how the game is, salt doesnt get as bad as other games

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