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This is TODAY btw. Since Shadowloo website is on maintenance and the boys are busy they couldnt seem to post the announcement here.


Melb SSF4AE Boxhill Beatdown Season 2 - Round 3 - 7.00PM Thurs 11/08/11

When: 7.00PM Thursday 11h of August 2011 (registration starts at 6.00PM and closed by 7.00PM)

Where: Timeout Box Hill

Recommended Parking: Bank St. Next to Railway.

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- Entry Fee is $5 per player.
- Cash prize ratio 70/30 of the sign-up pool less matches played.

- 1 Match (Best of 5 rounds)
- Double Elimination
- NO Double Jeopardy
- Top 8 will be seeded. Random seeding thereafter.
- Winner can NOT change character, but can change Ultra.

Random Discussion / How will arcade cabinets apply AE Balance patches?
« on: August 03, 2011, 04:06:11 AM »
I know in Japan, the machines can be updated by SFnet which are connected to the web and SFnet servers. How will all the foreign (especially Australia where it seems the updates are the mostly late compared to Europe and US).

Disc? USB? I personally have never peeked inside the cabinets and have no idea but I plan to purchase an arcade cabinet in the future so I would like to get into these kind of things.

Hi guys.

I've manage to get a hold of a small room behind an Internet cafe for EVO Streaming over the weekend.
Normally I would expect most of you to watch the stream at home where it is cosy and warm.
But since I'm such a nerd, for people who wanna gather and watch the stream together to cheer for the aussie crew, here is the address

933 Whitehorse road. Box Hill. 
The sign says 'GETO INTERNET' but it is a Chinese internet cafe. You walk in and then walk all the way to the back, down the stairs and there should be a room.

Sorry for the late notice and yes it is an Ultra small venue, 10 people would make this place noisy and crowded. I did consider the venue size since
it was a late notice and normally people would be watching the stream at home. I would be surprised if like 5 people turnout, I don't really mind having this
place myself :P

Fee $5 will cover Saturday and Sunday. You dont stay here to sleep, you just come back here the next day if u wanna lol
Stream starts at 1am Australian Eastern standard time
You can come now if u wanna just play some games (PLEASE BRING STICKS) and watch the stream later.


There will be couple console setups available to play games too :D once again... PLEASE BRING STICKS

[SS2K11] Chris' Club House. Money match sessions with International guests.

Part 1

Match Videos and Streams / Test your sight
« on: July 16, 2011, 10:37:19 AM »

Plz make comment about which one seems 'cool' and which ones are 'wtf'


Only posting this cuz I like that translator's hair :D


Buttering the internationals and making Australia look free :)


I believe it was about a week before SS2K11.


Like, Comment and Subscribe to butter me up.

Some match videos from this event will be uploaded soon.

Random Discussion / To the Melbourne guys who brought casual setups
« on: June 29, 2011, 01:06:05 AM »
Anyone got an extra copy of marvel? I think I brought someone's copy of SSF4:AE so I like have 2 copies of AE lol. If you found, have an extra copy of marvel from those who brought casual setups, let me know plz

Anyone find a phone charger? I think I left mine there. It should have been in the Shadowloohq stream area cuz I did recharge my phone once there and I thought I packed the charger but apparently I couldnt find it in my bag...

Buying and Selling / Needing Xbox360 Elite Power Brick
« on: June 01, 2011, 04:46:19 PM »
I am at Melbourne. If anyone got a working/spare power brick for elite consoles plz PM.

Please let it be a proper one cuz I dont want my house caught in fire.

Seems like shit just got real.


This isn't new but it was an article made on 26 may 2011. So I am just betting even false hope...




Beasting on a 3v3 kind of matter.

Mike Ross has some shoutouts to Melbourne community.

skip to 19:10

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