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Name – David.
Gamer Tag - visualdee_ (PSN) | the7resh (XBL - shared account).
Nationality – Filo.
Age - 19.
State – NSW.

Main Character –  SSF4AE: Ken/Seth? | UMVC3: Zero/Strider/Dormammu or Zero/Nemesis/Dormammu

Secondary’s - SSF4AE: Yun/Viper. | UMVC3: Dormammu/Hawkeye/Sentinel

Salt Levels – Very Low.

Achievements –  None. :/

History in fighting - Brought into Street Fighter starting with the EX & Alpha series as a kid by older brothers and played other Capcom fighters somewhere then. Tekken 3 followed, played amoungst family friends and cousins for a few years. Played CvS2 on PS2 casually with my twin bro during early high school. (finally learnt what  :dpf: meant). Played Tekken 5 - PS2 / Tekken 5 DR - PSP, throughly with twin bro.

Tekken 5 DR was my introduction to Arcade fighters, but only played casually until Tekken 6 released, which was played "competitively" with the local arcade scene. Tekken 6 BR died off, and Street Fighter 4 came around, which I switched over to and ended up with a PS3 and thats pretty much where I started with SF4, which begins a whole new chapter.  ;D

Self proclaimed skill – Intermediate? Average? or as I would say, decent.

Playing times - Usually when I'm bored at home, which is random.

Match up and improvement needs - Specifically the Chun-li/Abel match-up, only know matchups at a general level and delay teching.

Weaknesses - Overthinking, neutral jumping, backdashing, wake-up game, throwing specials at the wrong distance (ie. Viper's Seismo).

Marvel VS Capcom 3 - General Discussion / Re: Locations for EarlyUMVC3
« on: November 16, 2011, 04:12:15 PM »
woo. picked it up from GAME at Macarthur Square not too long ago.

about to play it. yeahhhhhhhhhh.

Tech Talk / looking for someone to dual-mod my stick?
« on: November 13, 2011, 01:48:10 PM »
as the title says.

i own a PS3 Madcatz R2 TE Stick, and ive had it for almost half a year now.

since attending the Sydney 99onYork/YSB events a bit more frequently now, i feel it'll make things a bit easier if i brought my own stick along. but considering that the majority of setups there are 360s, and my stick is only ps3 compatible, well.... yeah. u get the point.

oh and aside from that i own a 360, but only have one stick for it, which is my brothers HRAP2SA + converter.

so, anyone willing to help out? hopefully it isn't too expensive.  :P

im looking to get that discount at YSB events.  ;D
LOL nah im just kidding.

wait... i dont get how this works?

which do i need to purchase? the unlock bundle?
i see a whole bunch of avatars now though. au ps store btw. :/

I don't really want to spend $70 on a game for 4 new characters either (call me cheap i dont care, haha)....

my local jb hifi has AE for $40? i think its $40, a friend of mine bought it on the weekend.
unless you would rather buying a PSN card (once they stock those PSN cards) so you can pick up AE + 3s online edition :D

recently bought ex2+ from ebay, but macarthur square gametraders has it for like $50?

also has XvSF & MSHvSF for $100 each. :/

first event ive attended (besides EVO APAC), and i had a really good time. ;D

arrived a bit late so i didn't get to play casuals with that many people. also didn't enter the tournament, kinda wish i did though. but my brother dustin ("3deekei" around here.) and my two friends gerasim and jamie entered though. it was fun watching them play through their matches. good experience for me/us, as new blood within the scene.

oh, it was really cool seeing people playing ex2 as well. aha. :P

but i'll be sure to enter the tournament next time around. can't wait. :)

uhhh. just a little confused with the registration feature at the top.

is it just a confirmation of attendance?

myself, and a few others are looking to attend, but we're just a little unsure with "registering".

Jesus , talk about a rude awakening...! I'm surprised you didn't think you'd accidentally connected to Japan.. ;D

ahah. got perfected by sildenafl's yun during final round, same as crazy freeflyers seth. and i was using seth too. :(

Welcome to XBL :) 

I noticed at JB Hi-fi that they are selling the Tekken 6 + wireless hori stick for $69. Sure it ain't no madkatz but should be a good cheap stick if you need one. Plus you get that silly foot hitting juggling game called Tekken 6 as a bonus :P

Lol that was my first stick too  ;)

It's def an ok start, but once you can splash out for a better one you will REALLY notice the difference.  :P

thanks :)
yeah i can play on the controller, its just annoying knowing i can play better on stick.
i have a TE for my ps3 and a modded fs3 as well. and the pcb in my brother's v3 is stuffed. :(

hori ex2's are all sold out in my area, so i might start looking around for the tekken bundle.

Get a PS3 controller converter to Xbox. Then you can recycle that arcade stick!

ps3 controller converter? dno. i can play on ps3 pad pretty well, obviously not as well on stick. but i might just save for a new stick. kinda low on money after buying a TE for the ps3 and now a 360 though. :(

woo. first night on xbl. even though i was using the "good ol" xbox controller (execution is a killer), felt better than psn, connections felt smoother. all i need now is a stick and i should be good. :)

anyway. played ldpipedream, sildenafl & crazy freeflyer? as much as i got bodied, ggs.

quite the experience. :)

Buying and Selling / Re: WTB: XBOX 360 Arcade Stick? / WTS: YLOD PS3.
« on: June 23, 2011, 09:46:52 PM »
thread updated.

xbox 360 purchased. looking to buy a xbox 360 arcade stick.

PSN: visualdee_
XBL: the7resh

psn user making the transition to xbl.
playing on controller until i get a stick for the xbox. :(
main ken & using seth/bison/fei as secondary chars. also been playing yun for a few months on the side. :/

Buying and Selling / Re: [SYD] WTS : 360 Elite + SSF4 + 10 month Live
« on: June 18, 2011, 12:38:27 AM »
interested in the 360. :)

Buying and Selling / WTB: XBOX 360 Arcade Stick? / WTS: YLOD PS3.
« on: June 17, 2011, 11:48:58 PM »
looking to buy a stick for my xbox 360.
not looking for anything in particular, just something decent. something relatively cheap?

something along the lines of a HORI EX2?

just need a stick to use on the xbox, nothing spectacular.
anything better than using the controller. -.-


and as for the YLOD PS3, just want to get rid of it. already have another ps3.
shoot me an offer, that is.. if anyone wants the thing.


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