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Get a PS3 controller converter to Xbox. Then you can recycle that arcade stick!

I was thinking about making the transition to Xbox for the better competition and reduced lag.

If you look it up on google or something those controller converters exist and range from inexpensive to really costly. Not sure if there would be any input delay as a result though...

I'm up for training against people on PSN, my PSN: maxsze90, send me a message or something.

I'm training NOT TO JUMP. AT ALL.

Anyone for these types of handicap matches? No jump? No fireballs? No EX? :D

I use Dudley and learning NOT to jump at all and still pressuring is a BIG BIG thing. You are not meant to get jump ins and face it, once you hit 2000pp+, people just don't get hit by jump in free combos. Sure there are safe jumps and etc, but I really want to build an insane ground game and just read people instead of just jumping in, baiting SRK or empty jump throw, jump tick throw etc.. Not jumping also keeps you safe!

BP doesnt' mean anything really, just means you play alot. BP looks like it slows down quite a bit after B, well for me it did anyway. I guess you really do need win rate greater than 70% or grind ALOT to consistently grow your BP.

PP on the otherhand shows a bit more, top players at sub-4000 PP atm on the PSN network. Now that's hard considering everyone started from scratch :x

And we haven't taken into consideration Asia doesn't seem active on AE online, I'm guessing it's not released in its entirety, or they simply play in the arcades anyway! I believe Xbox has all the serious competition :(

Means I have to sign up for XBL, buy a splitter for my stick and get a copy of AE though >.<! Apparently it's worth it too.... hrmmm..

What do you mean by next AE to come through? This one is final.. it's the arcade port!

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSFIV AE DLC
« on: June 16, 2011, 04:15:49 PM »
It sure feels like Yang has massive frame advantages everywhere but after a few more matches its ok. Just be very safe and don't get counter hit, they have evil pokes and punish your whiffed pokes with nasty hit confirms that close distance.

Read the first post about price, sure didn't cost $15 as promised. Thought it'd be less because I thought it was American dollars ahahaha. But how wrong I was. Bet the price was already addressed in the thread...

Btw, the whole Ultra costume pack is going for $6.95, get it before they correct it! Pretty sure they messed it up with the price of one costume pack. Haven't checked it as yet, but it was $6.95 a few days ago. That's right! I paid for costumes... :S

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: Joystick vs d-pad
« on: June 16, 2011, 04:08:42 PM »
Joystick? ARCADE STICK! Isn't a joystick that flimsy controller they had for PC games yonks ago that looked like a big handle with buttons along the top?

But I will definately play on an arcade stick. I started out with controllers for both Vanilla SF4 and 3rd Strike for a fair while, went to arcade, got my stuff handed to me.

Had a Hori 'Soul Calibur 4' Stick for PS2 which I practiced 3rd Strike on, at first my 1st player side was weak for dp and 2nd player side weak for dashing. Now though, it's  freedom of expression, FADC after Ex into another Ex, tight links, anything. Everything flows on a stick and when you don't even double tap anymore button commands and just need to hit things once, you know everything has finally paid off.

Currently playing on MadCatz Round 2 TE Arcade stick, it is crispy. Square gate on the stick that I've grown to be comfortable with. Though I think execution on the directions may be even neater on an octagonal gate. I tend to not finish QCF motions before hitting buttons or having messy DP commands (has an diagonal-forward-up in it sometimes, yuck). But this can all be cleaned up even on a square gate as long as you focus.

Definately a stick, arcades will always use the arcade stick.

Wow SSFIV:AE on PC? I'm gonna buy a capable laptop just so I can find a room at uni library and pull out my Round 2 Tourney Stick. Sad? Yes. Noisy? Yes. But it's SSFIV:AE on the go...

But it's ok, there's an arcade in the city.... maybe after uni I guess. :x

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4 AE load times PS3
« on: June 16, 2011, 03:49:14 PM »
Ahaha all Ryu/Ken players are scrubby to me, but I'm just impatient.

Once I'm on a losing streak it's literally rambo and spamming meaty attacks ignoring all Shoryukens. I don't even hold back anymore cos I just want to see Dudley's fist fly at them.

Seriously when vsing people with DP, if you so much as miss a link a shoryuken rips your face off no questions asked. (learning to block mid-combo is wow)

LP.dp --> Metsu Hadouken makes me cry. I've learnt to stay grounded.

But it's ok Visualdee_ I'm just venting for all the losses I've experienced and the hours spent in training room practicing links that just don't materialise when I need them and be punished by a simple SRK. :)

I think this version is in the money. Some characters will always be inherently better in some matchups or insanely good if the person's execution is very close to perfect. Imo all characters are very well done, sure there can be some small nerfs to make people happier but some characters will always be easier to play or have safer options at any given time.

Imo Yun does look mighty strong, that Super Combo and meter-build-palm as well as really safe offensive options are scary. Like Rufus on roids with a better meterless reversal and ambiguous crossups. Haven't seen any crazy one on PSN yet, probably be a few more weeks before I'll start raging against Yun.

The game is in fine form. I don't really care for anymore updates and I doubt there will be. Just waiting for 3rd Strike Online but even then I'll play SSFIV:AE. Don't care for SFxTekken, Tekken, MVC33, just don't like Tekken I guess :s

Mmm I'm with TPG too and it is rather painful to work with at times, sometimes you just get so much packet loss that your net simply cannot be used for a while. But when it is stable it is stable with good speeds. Most of the time it's the other players net, when you play around 80% of people where it ALMOST feels like offline (using 'almost' quite loosely here) and then have the remaining 20% lag, it means its not your connection.

You eventually realise when vsing some people the frames stutter alot and at random times. Best option is to avoid these players as timing is very strict in this game and it is very frustrating to drop links and eat shoryukens/command grabs!

Play Dudley, the man is all class.

As a Third Strike Dudley/Urien/Necro user, I gotta say Dudley is just so awesome, he hits just as hard as 3rd Strike, any momentum you gain from a round easily translates to a stun and you simply blow people up. Even against poorer matchups against footsie strong characters and turtles, the man waits for his chance and capitalises BIG time. He is honestly the biggest punisher ever with the most style points EVER. Who cares if you lose, you juggled the other player like a beanie and it takes fantastic execution. Pull a sick combo? Who cares if you lose now, throw the round, cos you've pulled a sick combo :)

What? So you've been beaten by shoryuken spam? Command grab spam? Dick kick spam? Who cares, the max combo they got was 2.

Oh and Dudley can still throw his rose :)

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSF4 AE load times PS3
« on: June 15, 2011, 11:15:41 PM »
Load times seem the same as before. Initially I thought it seemed slower, but I don't think so.

Hey visualdee_ aren't you a Ken player?

PSN: maxsze90

Dudley main now, I can Makoto somewhat, fair few games in SSF4 non-AE.

Looking for intermediate/advanced players! (Esp. Vega/Bison/Balrog/Rose/Chun Li)
Send me an invite!

Learning OS's atm - OS to beat wakeup backdash is hard.. :x
Learning reaction punish as well... Rolling Thunder whiffed pokes / fireballs
Learning counterhit combos..
Working on FADC 1 frame links.. ugh

First post here, just remembered this place existed when I followed 3rd Strike :)

GG to MorningFireEater (Vega) and EAZYMONIES (Yang) we had a fair few games today, also gg to nylarothep (sp?)(Rufus/Balrog), erifyks (Rufus), _soups (Makoto). GG to all the endless list of Ryus and E. Ryus and Onis, Kens and Akumas. There's just too many of you to name. Been playing alot of SSFIV lately, so I'm just going off the top of my head...

Hating on ALL Ryus and Kens, they just seem to be the biggest trolls, everything they do makes me angry. From the winning quotes (These two fists are everything to me 'derp' / Uh oh! I'd better check with Eliza) to their voices spamming 'shoryuuuuuuken shorrrryuken... ex shorrrrrrryuuuken'. Ugh. When there's 20+ dp's in one round from a ken/ryu you just go WTF, why do these people even play this game??

Some people may recognise my Dudley, I use to play alot of Mak before AE but I've grown to love to love the class.

Hey jpage, who is your main? Your in-training Yang gave me so much trouble...

SojikitaaAU or w/e gives me trouble I've only beaten him 2/7 or something. I vs'd what I believe is the best Ryu ever who is Daigo in disguise. Name is gutbell or something, that guy is insane. Spacing/execution is flawless and just went with huge combos on small openings. Couldn't even SPOT a way in :s

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