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Put niah on melb team and it should even it out

Thought I'd do some anti-niah research.

Love it after 5 minutes in.

The Steam beta client that features the netcode changes went live earlier today for those NOT in the beta program (i.e. the changes have been rolled into the standard client), so it is safe to say that over the next couple of days everybody will benefit from these changes now regardless.

It should be interesting to see how this pans out. Results insofar appear to be quite mixed, though the majority seems to be enjoying a noticeable improvement.

Looks like I jumped the gun like a complete retard. Not all changes were rolled into the public client.

Update from Valve:

"We have been finding more cases of short hangs with Ultra Street Fighter IV's usage of the SteamWorks P2P APIs and will be rolling out a Beta Steam client next week with fixes for these occurences. Problems might still occur when playing against users that have not yet updated to the latest Beta client, so it might take a few days to observe a consistent improvement.

If you have played against a "pgriffais" recently I apologize for my poor performance and the matches that I abruptly left, as it was during attempts to track down the cause of the problem."


Placebos working as intended

I feel for Nicholas, the exact same thing happens to me sometimes and I feel robbed at not having a chance to make that magic pixel work.

Can't wait to see cran pibae in KOTISIII!

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: Potential Lag Fix - PC Users
« on: February 10, 2015, 06:40:49 PM »
Giving this a go!

Yea i just played red rocket whatever or something. guy's an egotistical scum sucking scrub.

free to me forever. finally gets a win with a magic pixel and he kicks lol i can tell he was getting mad salty cos his fraud tier 3k pp scrub slayer style was getting exposed.

im only making this post cos i feel it was 10-0 my way and he scrapped one after i missed post demon setup for chip.

Everyone else is a gentlemen.

Edit: Oh it's girlsdig. i humbly apologise to xbox' sojiclone.

I can't break 3k pp, so I'll stay in endless like all the other scrubs.

I don't even play Rose.

She's my fun character. Jokes on you, Hugo main guy.

damn it sucks having awesome korean internet but no pc and street fighter to make use of it...

maybe I should head out to cafe id..

.. for shirtless poongko?

Hey lads, just started playing SG and having some fun just doing the combos in training room. Got a question on the IPS though. Using Fukua because she seems one of the easiest and straightforward to play and I think makes for an easier time if I pick Filia as a second character.

For example the combo that makes perfect sense to me is;,, s.hp,,, s.hp,
j.hp,,, s.hp,,,
s.lp,,, c.hp xx H Platonic Drillationship xx The Drill of My Dreams

No problems here but how do specials and OTG work with it? I mean what counts as a chain when juggling stuff on the ground with some of those moves. There are also things that appear inconsistent.

For example the following combo needs some clarifying;,, c.hp xx H Forever a Clone,
otg, c.hp xx M Forever a Clone,
jump,,, s.hp,, j.hp,,
s.lkx2,, c.hp xx H Platonic Drillationship xx The Drill of My Dreams

How can the 'watched', s.hp chain allow for the following, j.hp, chain afterwards?

Thanks! I'll check out the Steam group too.

Yang's final trial.

Omega mode move list!

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