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With BAM7 just over 2 weeks away, get your tournament practice in by entering Throwdown Thursday 7!

Sign up here:

Tournament starts at 6pm AEST. No entry fee and no prizes, just play to get ready for BAM!

Because this week, we are expecting a big tournament turnout, here are some specific rules:

When signing up, please use your steam alias (or something that lets us identify you). Alternatively, after signing up, please add either Kay ( or Hablaskakaf ( to your steam friends list. This lets the tournament organisers know who you are and so can call you into their lobby for your match. There will also be a steam chat created whereby the TOs will invite everyone in the tournament to join, which will allow people to connect with each other easily for matches. If you sign up and the tournament organisers are unable to locate you for your match, you will be disqualified.

Firstly, this is a double elimination tournament, BO3 until grand finals (GF is BO5). Matches in the winners bracket will be streamed to either or

All round 1 matches will begin at 6pm, and is expected to end by 6:30. Most will be played off-stream but only a select few will be chosen to play on-stream. Off-stream matches are conducted privately between you and your bracket opponent. You and your opponent will be informed about this when the time comes. If you have not shown up for your round 1 match by 6:30, you will be disqualified. Disqualifications up to the discretion of the tournament organisers.

Round 2 matches will begin at approx. 6:30pm. These will be selectively streamed, so some matches will be played off-stream. If you have not shown up for your Round 2 match by 7:30pm, you will be disqualified.

Round 3 matches will begin at approx. 7:30pm. These will be selectively streamed depending on the numbers. Expected time of completion is by 8:30pm.

At 8:30pm, if time permits all Top 8 matches will be streamed. Otherwise, only Top 6 matches will be streamed.

Tournament expected to be concluded by 9:30-10pm.

For more information, see this post:

Bracket link:

Stream links:

Just had time to catchup on the stream of yesterday's TT6 grand final.

Congratulations to FUNBUN for taking out Throwdown Thursday 6!!! Good to see you having fun funbun!

so so lame I am

The TT6 tourney is on again tonight at 6pm AEST!

Don't forget to sign up here!

Will we see a new TT champion?

Next time you don't need to enter Niah we'll just give you 5th place!

Throwdown Thursday 5 results:

1st Shang Tsung
2nd Vindk8
3rd Phero/fknbun
4th Furyblitz
5th Phero/fknbun
5th Niah
7th IAT | Andruthless
7th babijoee
9th bksama
9th furagon23
13th Achilles
13th The Assman
13th Youngbl00d|2G
17th Bakemono (Kyou_S)
17th Dreamtime
17th fkn Rossco
17th hanbaobao1130
17th Render
17th Yuki
17th Sedgehammer
25th Zola
25th 67P
25th QewQew

Phero and fknbun self-dq at the same time before their winners semis match due to other commitments
Rossco self-dq before 3rd round of losers due to other commitments
Zola self-dq before 1st match of losers due to other commitments
Niah was dq'ed from his first round match for showing up 2 hours late, but subsequently fought his way to 5th place on one life

Full bracket here:

Thanks everyone for participating and sorry for the delays and sound problems and what not. The main tournament organiser couldn't make it and poor Hab has never done this sort of thing before so I stepped in to help out. I tried to be accommodating for everyone but the end result was that some matches were delayed like crazy and that caused some players to drop out. I take responsibility for that so my apologies for that guys. I hope that hasn't soured people's experience too much. :( The usual TO is less noob like me

And Shang Tsung has entered the competition! OHHHHHH SHIT

Throwdown Thursday 5 begins in about an hour an a half! 6pm AEST

Here is the sign up page if you are interested in competing:

When you sign up, make sure you add Hablaskakaf to your steam friends list. He is the tournament organiser for tonight and he will invite you to his endless lobby when your game is up.

Tourney rules:

Preview of tonight's tourney:

The stream for tonight will be at

Potential 1.05 update coming soon

Any thoughts?
My thought: Hugo doesn't need any buffs, but heaps of people are calling for buffs, so he will probably get unnecessary buffs again.

oi max

I don't like the cut of your jib at all!

stop making my loses prominent!

Actually I'm making your victories prominent! 5th place is an amazing achievement given your skill level.. congrats Niah!!

Results for Throwdown Thursday 4

1st cran pibae (Hugo)
2nd phero the sandbagger (Ibuki, Gouken, Cody, Evil Ryu)
3rd x5.Presto (Ibuki)
5th Niah (Vega)
5th Katabami (Balrog)
7th m00ie (Evil Ryu, Rolento)
7th aClem (Ryu, Balrog)
9th arnold desu (Elena) *dq after second round because of other commitments
9th IAT | Andruthless (Dhalsim)
9th Keistar (Decapre, Ryu)
9th shano
13th Achilles (Rose)
13th Bakemono (Sakura)
13th Hablaskakaf (Chun-Li)
13th render (Cammy)
17th Dreamtime (Ryu)
17th KingoftheKingfish
17th QewQew1 (Rose)
17th saico
17th The Assman

Best of 3 all the way until grand finals. Only grand final is bo5

Throwdown Thursday 4 is on again this Thursday at 6pm AEST

What happened to 3 you say? Well, even I didn't know about it... so yeah

Sign up here!

That means you Toxy! Are we gonna let Naruga sweep through this one again? Will Phero get his revenge in the runback? Will Niah eat some demons from maxsze and finish in the same place as Dan once again? Will the Thursday 3 champion Katabami show everyone what would have happened in Thursday 2 if he had entered? Will Rossco get his revenge on the trolling Biebershiki/Sexy in Pink from Canberra?

Or are we gonna see a new contender come and blaze through the tourney? hinthint Arnold, Vindk8, Zola, ZG, Carnage, Somniac, Sildenafl, Brodsta, ShangTsung... (please join, one of you guys..)

What the hell we don't want Niah!

How many people do we have for state v state lol
Alternatively we can just make it a smaller team bracket like teams of 2-3 or something like that?

Also can we get the VoDs for Throwdown Thursday 2? I missed the grand finals when it was live lol

so a recap of Throwdown Thursday II:

1st Naruga
2nd Phero
3rd maxsze
4th cran pibae
5th Pink Nipples
5th Niah
7th fkn_Rossco
7th yangrr
9th fknbun
9th m00ie
9th x5.presto
13th beef
13th pm4n
13th Hablaskakaf
13th IAT | Andruthless
17th AvatarK
17th x5.Baxter
17th KingoftheKingfish
17th Nezs
17th Render
17th shano_

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