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gifs! where are they?

Congrats to Naruga showing that even after taking time off, he can still smash faces.

Honourable mention to Niah who finished 6th. Poor Niah...

I'm down for a 20 v 20 Melb vs Syd like what they do in Japan!

The Thursday Throwdown 2 tournament begins in 15 mins! 5:30pm AEST

Featuring such killers as Phero, SOCHSHORTS, Niah, Rossco, maxsze, Baxter, fknbun, m00ie..

Bracket is here:

Stream can be found at:

Check it out!

Thursday Throwdown II is tomorrow at 5:30pm AEST.

Are we really gonna let that FRAUD Niah walk all over everybody???

Sign up now!

never happened to me when i play him, my wins are too legit because I lose every game

I fixed your grammatical error, Niah :)

maxsze.... you bastard!

oooh this looks like fun

my list is:

shangtsung (If I Was King) - bison, seth, the whole cast
somniac (NoKingRulesForever) - bison, decapre
carnage (IKENBEDEM) - rolento, cammy, adon, ryu
The Sugar Company - dhalsim, decapre
ZeeGees - rufus, zangief, rose, yun
phamtheduy - guy, evil ryu, yun, cammy, most of the cast
crazyfreerider but I've never encountered him myself

I'd also add falco (gief) and renzuo (chun) but I haven't seen them play for weeks
Also, Niah (vega) has a lot of points?!?!? whaaaaa?

Other strong players you should challange:
Arnold (Garfiend desu) - elena, poison, viper, a lot of girl chars
naruga (SOCHSHORTS) - chun, blanka, viper, sakura, juri
Zola - sagat
shaaaaa - hakan
Stekoh - abel
Rossco (ZROKLL) - boxer, rose, seth
fknbun - ibuki
maxsze - only if he uses rose.. his other chars can't anti air so you can jump in on him all day long...

Last night I dreamt that I was playing Niah in a Honda mirror match.. And I hit you with a cross-up sumo headbutt on your wakeup. It was godlike.

You were so salty you switched to Claw afterwards.

I woke up pretty satisfied with myself actually.

I don't know who he is, but he sounds like he has THE BEST ROSE IN AUSTRALIA

you hear that maxsze?

if he takes his shirt off for me... i am doing something very right (or very wrong, either way)

damn it sucks having awesome korean internet but no pc and street fighter to make use of it...

maybe I should head out to cafe id..

Niah! I just beat the real you apparently!

Also, maxsze's Rose makes me want to quit Hugo forever.. so sad

dammit why am I the one to be surrounded by jerks...

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