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Casual Event Announcements / Re: [SYD] EOI: North-West Meetups
« on: October 09, 2012, 02:01:08 PM »
Hmmm.. Maybe we could have the Macq event as the main one, while the Casual Gamer could be for people in the general area who wanted to meet up every now and then?

It wouldn't have to be once or month or anything like that, but those who are interested could always use it as a meeting place between "event droughts" :P 

Casual Event Announcements / Re: [SYD] EOI: North-West Meetups
« on: September 27, 2012, 04:01:21 PM »
This fkn guy!

Casual Event Announcements / Re: [SYD] EOI: North-West Meetups
« on: September 27, 2012, 12:14:53 PM »
Just an update on the potential place at Bass Hill.

I went in today and asked the guy if he would be interested in holding a monthly meet for fighting gamers. I wasn't sure how to go about it but asked if we could hire the store out for the entire day on a saturday.

He was pretty enthusiastic about it :) He said we could use any of the games he had there, along with the consoles and monitors. I mentioned that we can also brin our own setups etc in which he had no problem with.

We were only discussing for about 5-10mins but he said $20 h/r and we can use anything in the store. They have a bar fridge and there is PLENTY of parking right outside the shop. Maccas, Hungry Jacks, Shopping Centre right next to it!

I also managed to get some pics while i was there .. it is a little on the small side but even if us guys around this area wanted to meet up and play some games then a small contingency could always use this place?

But yeah, here are some pics. Make sure to click on them for bigger versions :)
( The same images but larger can be found here : )

Casual Event Announcements / Re: [SYD] EOI: North-West Meetups
« on: September 26, 2012, 07:56:05 PM »
yeah it's a little on the small side :( I didn't go in but slowly drove past the entrance and it was dead. Even if there was a small contigent that met up around this area and setup shop at this place?

I will go tomorrow to scout it out and take pics.

I can ask them if they would be alright with some sort of meet just to get an idea of what it would involve?

Casual Event Announcements / Re: [SYD] EOI: North-West Meetups
« on: September 26, 2012, 02:15:39 PM »
I was wondering what ever happened with the Bass Hill "Console Gamer" as a potential meeting place?

I just came back from the plaza and noticed how dead it was in that store, i'm sure they would be accommodating whilst also welcome a monthly meet if they received some of the entry $.

If that's how it works, i just assumed places like Good Games Sydney allowed events to be held there as they get a bit of $ out of it (and buying food/drinks etc).

oh shit i only just found this thread!

Definitely count me in  ;D I can also get there a few hours before hand to help setup and arrange furniture if need be. I'll message the OP closer to the date if you guys need my help :)

1 x Xbox
1 x Monitor

KOF, AE, UMVC3, TTT 2, VF 5, Blaz Blue's, DOA 5, 3rd Strike, Skullgirls

umm i think that's it.

Just out of curiosity ... what will the parking situation be like? I assume it's paid parking but are there spots close to the actual room with all the setups?

EDIT: Found this on the link posted on the Facebook page. My Facebook stalking skills have been put to good use! haha

Tournament Announcements / Re: [QLD] SpringSmash 29th-30th September
« on: September 19, 2012, 05:09:24 PM »
If i have the money i don't have the time.

If i have the time i don't have the money.

True Story :( :'(

Tournament Announcements / Re: [QLD] SpringSmash 29th-30th September
« on: September 19, 2012, 10:28:29 AM »

As i'm at Uni and not exactly rich i can't goto everything i like:( But seeing as i goto Melb for Shadowloo Showdown, i think i might take this chance to go see/support another state :)

Spreading the love  ;D

Is anyone playing this on xbox? :(


First Tekken game but having a ball  ;D

Everything is pretty much 99.9% perfect. I had an impulsive moment and bought this game when it came out. It has been sitting in my wardrobe ever since and have never used any of the guest passes or whatever else it came with.

I will also be giving away the account i was using to play the game. I got to the 3rd boss or some shit .. i don't really remember. But i ASSUME that you can start a new character with my account so it doesn't really matter?

Is this even possible? I have no idea .. if somebody is interested i'll look into it.

I'll even pay postage ... just take it away PLEASE!!!

So the quiz is ...

Who is hotter?

Jessica Alba:



A Toasted Cheese Sandwhich:


You have 60 seconds ... make your choice.

Personally i feel as if the community as too many "groups" or "cliques" that usually only cater for themselves. In no way am i suggesting that is in any way wrong, it just makes newer people feel segregated and not welcome.

My philosophical school of thought when it comes to FG's, is that if you a new you need to prove yourself in some way and EARN your respect.

But let's be honest (not bagging anyone out!) but we play video games ... most of us ALOT lol. There are alot of people who are shy or a little too timid to approach people and say hi at their first event. It doesn't matter WHICH state we are talking about but YSB in particular is seeing a steady increase of attendees each and every event, so things are looking very good in the near future.

My opinion is that we need to sacrifice some time pooling our resources and figuring out how to accept newcomers and integrate them into the community. This might help new people feel less intimidated when they show interest and arrive at an event for the first time?

But yeah that's just my opinion and usually it's always wrong haha I don't mean to start a flame war or tread on any toes :P Seeing as this thread has been started i thought i would share something i have thought about/heard for awhile now:)

PS +1 what Kientan said! 

Casual Event Announcements / Re: [SYD] EOI: North-West Meetups
« on: September 05, 2012, 09:28:55 AM »
nice , south west ftw


If there was a weekly i would still have no problem paying $15.

You guys who are running around actually scouting for places are the South West FGC heroes!!

Thanks again :)

Casual Event Announcements / Re: [SYD] EOI: North-West Meetups
« on: September 04, 2012, 03:54:47 PM »
I was just wondering where the Bankstown Arts Centre was? Is it in that park opposite the Library/Court House ?

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