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There was a recent FT5 between 34's Dudley and Mighty Kurokiba's Dee Jay on YogaFlame24's Youtube channel, have alook at that for a bit of extra insight.

GGs Reece, Cabjoy, Stekoh and AtomicX3. Dunno what was up with my connection today, but when it's lag free, we'll have some fun.

I've never been that impressed with stest's Gief, but I'll readily agree that noseses' Gief is the real deal.

Reece, people have started calling me the best Dee Jay in Australia, you need to switch back because that's some seriously mistaken bullshit.

Botman, Soji, I look forward to playing you again in a connection that isn't as orange as Dee Jay's pants.


I feel that after using Deejay more, i get the feeling that he is much stronger than his previous version

He is! He also has some gaping weaknesses, but he's reasonably good.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: Bluehouse
« on: August 14, 2012, 11:45:53 PM »
I haven't seen people around the last few times I've stopped in, but I'll keep an eye out in the future.

I haven't played Sharks enough, the only Abel I run into is Stekoh, who is also very good. I think he's playing more on XBox, though.

Botman, when the hell do you play? I'd like to get some more games in with you sometime, but I never see you on.

i tried to add you on steam but it still says pending :(

I don't see the request, can you resend it or pass me your Steam ID so I can add you?

Botman, when the hell do you play? I'd like to get some more games in with you sometime, but I never see you on.

Sharkows, I'm missing CCH, let's get some games in on PC one of these days.


I still am game to show you some Hawk tricks. Buzz me about it next time you see me online!

GG KellyNUTS, geese effect, and some others.

LOL at pHanterPantz for booting me from his lobbies after he took one loss.

yeah i know now it was a misunderstanding but i dont know where u pulled the ego ish from i mean yeah i got one but at the same time outta alotta the players who place high im the one who tries helping ppl the most and it kinda shits me how certain dudes throw it back in my face probably should just not waste my time . and let ppl post whatever they want wrong or right and just post ggs from now on over it

I need to run another bunch of games with you exactly so you can savage my mistakes. It's too bad you had to leave early the last time, I think we could have had a good chat about the Sagat/Dee Jay matchup.

i dont think there is a limit on how good a char can be :/

Try playing T Hawk vs. Blanka  :D

I'll be there with a PC AE setup, but no sticks.

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