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GGs, Stream Monsters! Even the ones you played Blanka in! =D

GGs, Jagged, and while I'm not godlike in the least, I think every Dee Jay player has way more Ryu experience than the converse.

Live events are fun, I'd recommend them.

GGs to ItalicClub, those were some tight games and it was nice playing with you! I'll learn the Blanka matchup yet!

weird, i remember i absorbed reversal srk's before....and only from ryu as well! this happened in ae before 2012, was weird

thats bc he did a delay uppercut... u gota time the reversal for it 2 work... so dp straight away i think when wake up will be a reversal.

nah, i remmeber it was definitley a reversal, as in there's an actual word on the screen that says reversal. before ae i already know all reversals break armour, but after a few instances where i tried to bait for that srk, i screwed up and ate a srk....but i absorbed it as well, with the reversal word coming up...doesn't matter now, all reversals are armour breakers. or is it??? haha i.e. fireballs :D

If I'm not mistaken, only the first hit breaks armor, so if you were far enough away, you may have only been caught the second hit ad absorbed it.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: SSFIV PC - Post match feedback
« on: February 14, 2012, 08:34:08 PM »
Feel free to add me as well, MikeTheTV99. I've played some people in the thread as well (Artless Art, united, among others) with either T Hawk or Dee Jay. I'm on too often anyway, might as well play with you lot!  :D

Casual Event Announcements / Re: [Melb] Chris' Club House R01 13-01-12
« on: January 11, 2012, 12:59:28 AM »
Can't make the next two, but see you in February!

Casual Event Announcements / Re: [SA] Live @ Arena Thread
« on: January 11, 2012, 12:56:23 AM »
I'll be visiting from Melbourne in a couple of weeks and will try to stop in.

Buying and Selling / Re: Melbourne - Qanba Q4RAF - Black & White
« on: December 21, 2011, 11:58:43 PM »
I'm interested in a black one. Drop me a line by PM, and we'll sort out the details.

I had a great time, I hope to be at future ones with more friends in tow!

Damnit, I'll bring it anyway for different reasons, but I'll just be screwed and unable to use it. I mixed this event up with the thing in Springvale that uses PS3s.

I can't make the first one but I'll try to make the 2nd.

I'm new, I'm planning to show up around 12, just to play AE. I'll bring a stick that I presume is PC/PS3 compatible.

It'll be nice to meet you all.

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