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I probably main Asuka and Ryu. 

I'm from the Gold Coast.

I'm upgrading to Telstra Cable next month. Hopefully its an improvement over my adsl 2.

Thanks for the games v1p3rau1.  Your Saiki was pretty hard to beat. :'(

That's the first time I've had a 3 bar match. It felt like an offline match to me.

What state are you from ?

I main Andy, Billy and Mai. Though some times I sub Mai for King.  But there a plenty of interesting characters in this game that I want to learn. 

So who is everybody maining in this game ?

I got mine from play-asia.  Though you can get it here cheaper:

I live on the Gold Coast.

Depends on your ISP. When I was with telstra, my ping to Japanese players was probably around 100ms, maybe even less. Still felt really smooth and playable. Now that I'm with optus I absolutely cannot play anyone outside of Australia without major lag issues unfortunately.

I guess I lucked out because my connection with Japanese players is smooth and playable most of the time.  Though I'm having a tough time beating them, especially the good Kula players.

Wait a minute...

Here in Australia, i don't think we have good connection to outside countries...

What kind of Connection and ISP are you using?

I'm with iprimus.  I'm new to playing games online though. KOF XIII is the first game I've played online, so maybe I'm not as fussed with the netcode as some are. I played a few games of SSF4  the other day, and it lagged even more then KOF xiii.

I'm playing ranked mostly, and most of my matches are pretty smooth online.  Most of the players I come across are Japanese.

PSN: BushinBloodbath

Add me guys.

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