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Tech Talk / Re: TV setup for a store
« on: May 28, 2013, 04:31:31 PM »

I am trying to work out where in Sydney is a good place to source wired/wireless Arcade/tank stick controllers

Tank you say?

Bit pricey, but they might discount for a bulk purchase. They also sell a bunch of other sticks, Hori ones are only $98 for example.

Casual Event Announcements / Re: [SYD] EOI: North-West Meetups
« on: May 27, 2013, 09:29:24 AM »
Boxxed in sounds pretty good for a regular meet up. How late are they open on weeknights if people were to come after work on say a Thursday?

Also, how do they handle online? Can we bring a USB with KOF DLC etc and then sign into our account on their machine to get access to it?

NSW has a VF army for the exhibition match now!

The Hot Wild Vision - Made Man
The Iron Palm - Toto
The Arctic Wind - Chill
The Centurion Nugget - STOZ
and of course;

Victoria, DO YOUR WORST.

GGs to JiendoAU and Toto yesterday on XBL. Awesome session, and I felt I really learned a lot from yesterday's games. I'm worried I'm plateauing a bit in VF, so I'm always keen to play more matches against anyone who's up for it.

I'm also wondering if Wolf is really suiting me as much as I thought, I had some pretty good success with Goh and Jeffry last night. I wonder if this is just because playing them forces me to rely on fundamentals more because I don't know their moveset as well? Maybe that's a valuable lesson to take from it...

Either way, I always find VF so satisfyingly fun to play  ;D

This is a pretty minor question, but will we have custom costumes for VF on the stream machine? Should we bring them on a USB or make them beforehand?

Post Event Discussion / Re: [NSW] YSB 17 + BAM Qualifier Results
« on: May 06, 2013, 12:09:23 PM »
Chill finally placed second.

I need to be sick less.

I was wondering where you were on Saturday. Would you have been rocking the Brad Show or Jean?

A few of Sydney's finest were absent for VF unfortunately, MN and CPM didn't seem to make it either.

Having said that, we did have the new generation of VF'ers in Tactile, Shmick, STOZ and AlexK. Great showing from all of you, hope that you'll keep it up! HOT DOG!

Post Event Discussion / Re: [NSW] YSB 17 + BAM Qualifier Results
« on: May 06, 2013, 09:54:47 AM »
GGs to everyone, had an absolute blast. It felt like the day went by so quick, but looking back I got in so many matches across a bunch of of games and players.

Special mention to Toto and Renzo, you guys had my number in VF! I'm going to need to hit the dojo before BAM methinks... Renzo, our tournament matches in particular were SO DAMN CLOSE.
I was glad to nab #4 though, I think that means I get a seed for Melbourne at least.

Yeah online is still pretty strong as it's new. I think I might enter at BAM for fun, but I'm almost certainly dropping the game after that. It's fun, but it's really not my jam. Also I figure I can only really play 2 fighting games semi-decently at any given time, and KOFXIII and VF are going to be hard to knock off.

Fuudo is one of the 'Gods of Virtua Fighter' though, officially recognised by Sega as such too. Speaking of which, does anyone have that full list of players? I saw it somewhere else but can't find it again now. I just remember Fuudo on there and Chibita was like the 'Eternal Elder God of Virtua Fighter' or something ridiculous.

But yeah, Myke did so well, I remember watching him beat Denkai in straight sets and the commentators were losing their shit, saying he's one of the best players in the west. Congrats Myke!

I missed the whole top 16 unfortunately because I had to leave around midday yesterday, so I want to go back and watch the archive when it's available. The matches that I did see were all very good and the event was just really well put together. I hope they run it again next year!


Should start around 2-3AM sunday morning

I managed to get some ranked games in, and it's pretty poor. The fact that you have to stare at a 'finding opponent' screen sucks (waiting in arcade/practice should be mandatory for fighters now), and I didn't see any filter for connection options so I had some matches with a bit of lag which means Sinestro spamming boulders becomes unblockable.

Yeah i tried searching on ranked for about 2 minutes then quit and set up a private match instead.
My layout is
1 2 3 M

Where M is meter and T is trait. I ignore the other buttons.

Just a reminder to all VF fans, the VF Cup is on this weekend in LA! Australia's own Iron Myke will be participating, I can't wait to watch the stream and see him take on America's finest. Some big name Japanese players are also going to be attending, and there's $16k prize money up for grabs!

Oh, is anyone going to be playing Injustice or any chance of an Injustice tournament? I have some friends from work who are getting into the game and said they'd be keen to enter/check out a tournament if one were to take place.

*expresses interest*

You'd better be bringing Lion to the Virtua Fighter tournament this time Alex!

Hey Luke between you and Chill do you think you'd be able to bring a DOA5 casual setup?  Get sharp for BAM, get some interest going in Syd and maybe get some non tournament players in from the cold... I'll be promoting on in a mo

I can definitely bring a copy of the game, but bringing a setup might be a bit difficult. I'll see what I can do though.

AlexK, why you gotta pick on fools?

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