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Yeah Dante is definitely high execution, but I think for this team it will be well worth it as it all revolves around levelling up frank to level 5. You can keep away with him as well its just its not as effective as say Doom or Morrigan when it comes to that.
As you said, Dante's really all about helping Frank out, but I'd still like to be able to use him in case Frank gets blown up early. I'll do some research and start learning him.

Who else can do the psuedo DHC glitch? I thought Wesker could with his counter super at first, but it has just enough recovery time that you can't hard tag Frank back in without X-Factoring. I know Wolverine, Ryu and Vergil, I'll have to experiment and see if Morrigan works as well.

I'll probably still go back to Dante in the end if only because he also has the Million Dollars super that can also help Frank level up rapidly.

I'm thinking about changing up my team that I've been running pretty much since launch. I've been using Frank (Cart)/Ghost Rider (Chain)/Skrull (Tenderizer). While Frank and Skrull work great together (tenderizer assist is a god-send for levelling up Frank) I found that Ghost Rider, while fun, wasn't really working in the team set-up. Chain assist caused a wall bounce which was often hard to capitalise on unless in the corner and didn't have the cross-up ability of beams etc.

I think I'm going to change to Dante, he just seems ideal for this team and can get Frank to level 4 or 5 with a simple combo that only needs 2 Bars (or even his THC option).

I've never really used Dante outside of some training mode and missions this last week. While a lot of his moves aren't as difficult to do as they looked, he still looks pretty high-execution. Is he the sort of character you really need to have flawless execution to play him or is he forgiving enough/able to play keepaway etc?

well it seems the patch is causing something so that I cant play online anymore....

It'll reach the character select screen ok but then it'll just hang there with sychronizing on screen....really sucks & I really enjoyed this game too...seems Im stuck with offline play only for now.....

This happened to me on Sunday after I downloaded the patch too. Try doing a power-cycle (turn off Xbox, unplug the modem from power-point for about a minute. Plug modem back in, then turn on Xbox again). It worked for me, good luck!

I played against rksolomon yesterday and I thought the connection was great. We are both in Sydney though, so it should be smooth.

anyone on xbox still play?, i all see soul calibur v and ssf4ae :(

Feel free to add me for some matches, i'm in desperate need of practice in this game.

Getting in with Frank on point (esp. Level 1 Frank) is pretty hard. Best advice I can give is use your assists to help get in if you can and don't forget that Frank has projectiles of his own, they aren't great, but they have their uses. B, F+C Zombie can hold the opponent in place, but it's easy to dodge. You can throw out the A version and wave-dash in behind him too.
F+C throws the pie, which does little damage and isn't very durable but it's fast.
QCB+Atk is pretty useful as well, since it has an odd trajectory that can hit characters who like jumping back a lot.

Others will be able to give you more advice on using assists to help getting in, but they can be really useful (I use Ghost Rider's chain of rebuttal assist, which does okay, but it's not great. A beam super would likely be better).

Finally as for levelling up, I personally have a system that's pretty team specific involving Skrull's tenderizer assist. Apart from that unless you use one of the proven methods with certain DHCs/THCs just hit up training mode and see which assists in your team will help you extend combos/get that extra snapshot in. Once you get to level 2/3 things get much better thanks to the roll and enhanced weapons.

Kelly and I had one match last night and then called it quits, prior to the patch we had a 3 bar connection, last night it was 2 bars...

I'm not sure if I can say with certainty that the patch was a failure, because we played some UMVC3 afterwards and we had some severe lag spikes and two drop-outs during the session as well (usually it's butter-smooth), so it might have been our ISPs or just some bad luck.

Marvel VS Capcom 3 - General Discussion / Re: Is it worth it?
« on: January 04, 2012, 08:03:33 AM »
I bought an xbox about a month ago and got umvc3 and AE with it. I managed to find one game of umvc3 online. Lol. I gave up sitting there refreshing ranked and endless about 2 weeks ago. Seemed dead from the start to me.

I reccommend going into training mode and turning the fight request on rather than using the Ranked/Player matchmaking screen. I think you'll get better results that way, and it's just less annoying since the game does all the searching etc in the background while you play.

Marvel VS Capcom 3 - General Discussion / Re: Is it worth it?
« on: January 03, 2012, 01:17:11 PM »
I find it's a massive improvement over MVC3, which was pretty terrible. I've played matches against a number of other Australians and found the connection to be fantastic, so I would say yes. Some more accomplished players may notice more lag, but for someone at my level I thought the netcode was really good for inter-Aus.

I fell out of playing MVC3 over the holidays a bit, but planning to go back to it now. Main team is Frank (Cart)/Ghost Rider (Chain)/Skrull (Tenderizer).

Using this team, I can get Frank to Level 3 with a braindead easy combo using Skrull assist. Basically hitconfirm into launcher, air combo, call assist, Snapshot. While they are caught in skrull's multi-hit move I have enough time for a second snapshot and into 'Tools of Survival' super. From there I can DHC into Ghost Rider's Maelstrom super if I want, or just keep playing with Frank who now is much more effective.

If i DHC then I can use Ghost's jumping S in conjunction with Frank's cart to pressure the opponent as well. Then of course I have skrull who's really good with meter, but I really need to work on using Skrull better, I feel like I'm really not doing him justice.

My secondary team is Nemesis (Clothesline Rocket), Ghost Rider (Chain), Dormammu (Dark Hole). I find that I have trouble getting good team synergy in this team, even though I really like all the individual characters. I initially ran GR with Hellfire assist intending to use it to OTG and extend Nemesis combos, but found it wasn't all that useful/reliable for some reason (Maybe I'm just rubbish). Ended up going with Chain again to help control the horizontal field and get in better with Nem. Would I be better off using Heartless Spire for GR's assist?

HAHAHA, I cant believe that armor, or u reckon it could have been a hitbox issue as well? Damn I wish I saved the replay to study it more. Im hoping after training she will be my anchor. Did u like her outfit colours? Remind u of anyone ;)
LMAO how many supers did I waste like that, 3? Maybe if I jumped in closer/higher I could do her lp version to change the trajectory of it, might work.
I think I might have to check out that DMZ thing, I really want the netcode improved for me, sounds like im having alot more trouble than everyone else.
But the other night I was hardwired, game installed(like ALL my X360 games) and I played Castrol, he lives in the same suburb as me and the game was unplayable for me   :'(

Haha, yeah I think you must have burned about 3 bars doing V-Slashers that just got denied by Vapour Cannon.
But yeah, definitely try out the DMZ thing, it couldn't hurt and it's much easier than port-forwarding I found. How bad was it on your end though? On mine I had maybe a few frames of lag if that, and the absolute worst it got was maybe half a second for brief moments (which were few and far between).
Then when we played UMVC3 it was silky smooth again.  :o

GGs to cabjoy, had some good matches the other day. The connection was quite good as well, I don't have the game installed yet, but if it makes an improvement i'll definitely get onto that ASAP (I am hardwired and DMZ'd already though).

I think I'm liking Ralf, Raiden, King in this game. I used to use King first in '98 but I find that I prefer her in anchor position in this game seeing as I'm using Drive bar and meter a whole lot for drive cancels and EX moves with her. I also played KellyNUTS yesterday with Maxima, while the connection wasn't ideal (it wasn't too bad for me, but apparantly a whole lot worse on Kelly's side) I discovered that Maxima really has a disgusting amount of guard points on a lot of moves, I might have to try to learn him a bit more too.

Only got this game yesterday, pretty scrubby when it comes to KOF but if anyone is keen for some games feel free to add/invite (Xbox 360, GT is username).

Hey all, new here and looking for some matches online. I'm not very good yet, but if anyone's keen for some games please hit me up. GT is MadeManG74.

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