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Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: Reducing input lag (PC)
« on: June 12, 2015, 12:05:57 AM »
Good find, Gamgam. Seems to work pretty well so far.

Shots fired. Hope he doesn't shank you with a broken bottle. ;)

never happened to me when i play him, my wins are too legit

Actually all this shows is that losing to you is unthinkable.

The irritating menu lag (which only ever appeared when searching for ranked games) is gone for me now. Overall connection quality is certainly much improved from the days just after usf4 dropped. Compared to before this latest patch? Hard to call. I'm going to say I think it's improved, but with the amount of play I get it is hard to be sure.

Recent ranked play clearly shows some people are having serendipitous disconnections.  :Kappa:

I feel filthy for saying this but Niah, for all that we like to bag him, is extremely knowledgeable regarding matchups. He's a Vega (claw) main and plays very patiently. He can probably be relied upon to tell you how he sees the matchup from his side if you ask him (what gives him trouble, what he is looking to punish, etc.), unless you are thrashing him in which case he will be mad salty. He usually plays from the dead of night into the wee hours of the morning, unless he has changed his habits lately. If Punk were around I'd recommend him if he is still playing claw - he was always happy to offer tips/training. Brodsta definitely has your Bipson matchup covered - he was solid 4 years ago and I'm sure he's still top notch and quite evidently happy to help you out.


No other entries. Wrap it up.

O' Bestpart thou art too modest. You definitely belong on that list.  :Kappa:

He also beat Poongko's random selection in a casual ft3 (I think it was 3, could have been 5).

Be honest, if it was laggy you'd prolly kick 'em regardless. The beatdown would help get to the kicking faster.

Pretty sure that's exactly what he means. As in "please just beat me up so I can boot you after the match." It's what I do when it's unplayable - just try to make it clear to the other guy that I want the match over. i.e. walk towards him and not block or attack. I really want a taunt which just has my character say "this is unplayable - just kill me so we can end it." Either that or allow kicking/leaving game during an endless match.

Street Fighter V - General Discussion / Re: Street Fighter 5
« on: December 08, 2014, 07:55:21 PM »
Hopefully all those effects are for demo purposes and the final product is a bit less jarring on the eyes so we can follow what is going on more easily. It has a very 3d fighter look to me, like MK9 or something, so I'm immediately reminded of the EX series. But SF4 looked decidedly 3d with lots of flashy effects when it was first advertised, yet the final product looked and played exactly like a 2d fighter, albeit with more glam.

GGs McLovin. Would you be Vindik8? Apologies for the random spastic shit - I really can't play this game anymore, my input delay is now officially measured in minutes and as you can tell I have no idea what the new characters can do, apart from every goddamned one of them having fucking retarded hurtboxes, of course. Anyway, you clearly know what you're doing (and what I'm doing most of the time).

And I agree with you with the game turning to shit. Going to Steam has completely ruined it. It was pretty fast on GFWL and a green bar meant green bar, but Steam is just shit. Green bar can mean no bar. And you can't send messages to one another or anything. It's a horrible piece of software.

Being able to message people not on your friends list was handy, but I can live without it. It was mostly for casual ggs or salty mudslinging. GFWL's friends limit was tiny so it kind of needed it. Steam's limit (if one exists) is so large it isn't a major concern. Btw, messages on GFWL got deleted after 30 days and it never saved sent messages at all, so it was no better in terms of message history.

As for the rest: post hoc ergo propter hoc. Steam is not cause of the current state of the game.

Yeah his Ex-Men skits were amusing, too.

Where is Niah these days. I've not played him in months. He used to be my sparring partner... :(
Have you checked between the couch cushions?

I'd vote for split personality


otherwise know as NTD (in his head).

I see what you did there.

Muzz, I'm not sure how much of the PC forum you read, but this is something Soji is very vocal about: he does not claim to be good, nor does he often claim to be better than most people. He just claims that almost everyone in Aus is garbage. It's not personal pride so much as universal contempt.

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