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whoa then theres a fake soji running around? name was SojiOkitAu and he was runnin adon and sim...

Hahaha, it would seem so.

Ahhhh, it's Suicine94, I'm guessing.

I can't believe you could play him and not immediately notice the fact it's not me.  ???

Suicine is on PC now? That guy was a riot.

There;s a update on steam (again). Not sure what that does. Also it's weird, most players show at least yellow for me but then flicker to orange and back to yellow. I wonder why they changed the netcode? Did we ever get an answer on that?

If I had to guess I would say it's preinstalling libraries for Omega. I feel sick.

You insisted on bringing that 18 inch steel claw into the tournament and now you are complaining that you lack the tools to fight back?

Gamgam misses vanilla.

Fireballs, shoryukens and teleports would abound.

Niah is now 10% Ikuya approved, making him think he is 5% cooler.

Ikuya hasn't even accepted my steam friend request. I am feeling the burn. We played 2 casual games offline at a major - I thought that makes us besties.  :BibleThump:

Last time I actually checked (over a year ago I'd say) the player who RQs loses the points, but you don't get awarded them unless the match ends. So essentially RQing doesn't save you the 'disgrace' of losing your points, but it's a serious fuck you to the other guy who walks away with 2 minutes of his life gone and only a salty screenshot to show for it. I assume they chose that solution to stave off boosting.

EDIT: It bears mentioning that I think I was only looking at PPs. BPs may be awarded/deducted entirely differently. Specific observations were: my modem dropped out, game disconnected and when I got back on my PPs were reduced. Another occasion a player disconnected and I stayed online. I kept an eye on my points for the next few days and the PPs never went up (yes, I knew what they were before the match began).

Definitive version now is apparently an imitation of one of the more dodgy hacked SF2 Champion Edition PCBs. It's quite disappointing to see that Capcom have been sinking their time into this tripe rather than resolving game breaking bugs. Yes, I understand they are probably different dev teams, but the company could stand to reassign its priorities at this point.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: USF4 - Red Focus
« on: September 19, 2014, 05:51:51 PM »
Bison could instead of scissors randomly EX psycho.
I had to laugh.

PC thread now has an unofficial celebrity guest appearance!

Maybe I am just not nearly familiar enough with the big names these days, but the only ones I recognise in pools a, b and c are Daigo, Momochi and Fuudo. The other pools look crowded with recognisable players. Is there some next level seeding going on?

I'm actually only 4 feet tall and have hairy feet.

Aw crap. That was you I was chatting up at the bar?

Gamgam, may we please have FailFish?

X-fade, this is what we were discussing a little earlier. Starts with Gamgam's post below and we had a little chinwag about it afterwards. Results are mixed. The beta for the new netcode is an opt-in. You can go back into the beta tab in steam and disable it if you want to revert back to the unpatched USF4 build. It doesn't take long to undo it.


The opt-in beta for USFIV is now available. Details here.

There is one key point - anybody who opts in for the beta CANNOT play against those who have not.

So I'm curious: is everybody signing up for this? I'm keen to, but I think I might hold off to avoid being denied the ability to play against the usual suspects. Or, is everybody going to dive in? I assume most will but I wanted to hear other people's thoughts first.

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