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What's this? username is FavouredKnave?  :pogchamp: :pogchamp: I thought steelz is FavouredKnave btw weezer doesn't play Evil Ryu, he mains Dudley


obviously same person, as proved by the posts above and the threads Iv'e deleted 2nite.

lol i have 99 fake accounts but username ain't one of them

What's this? username is FavouredKnave?  :pogchamp: :pogchamp: I thought steelz is FavouredKnave btw weezer doesn't play Evil Ryu, he mains Dudley

Now, where's my apology?

+1 for quick reply

this forum is going downhill so fast, share the love people! just ignore people you don't like and we'll all be best friends with no drama

plus pope needs to stop his downvoting propaganda against me just cause i'm sexy >:(

I beg to differ. The forum has never been better. It has a new look now and has added new systems such as the like/dislike post system, it now has icons for forum members and I believe mods are trying to implement a chat system. Sorry, who was I replying to again?

even im shit , win or lost , i dont fken inbox people and told them how shit they are !!  thats very sadd...

If you complain one more time, I will permanently ban you from this forum. This thread is for gentlemanly feedback only. Consider this a formal warning. PM sent.

You had me at halo.

Hello motto.

Hello boyfriend.

Hey Binken,

Can you please tell us your email address, home address, age, contact number, sexual orientation?

Be amazing,


are you here to start an argument? Alot of people on these forums are just asking for it and one of them is you. Attitude? What attitude? I didn't come on these forums saying I'm a offline tournament player.  I should be the one saying about your attitude. I'm not like you who comes on this forum everyday and start talking shit to people and troll people like there is no tomorrow.

How old are you?

I sometimes wonder why I even bother commenting on these forums when I'm just trying to be honest in all things I'm saying but what I get back is trolling and shit talking. I think I'm just gonna let my skills do the talking from now on

And all this time I thought you were acting like an idiot for our amusement. It's because we cannot understand your incoherent babble about how you are an offline tournament player and you bitch and complain about lag when you are the one based out in woop woop using TPG.

I bet if I changed my Internet to whatever Internet that you think is good you won't play me because of the latency problem right? Well a lot of people that I verse doesn't have a problem with it and it really shows because they are doing 1 frame links on me easily

Even if your internet connection improved, we still won't play you because you've just proven by your attitude that people have already made the right decision by kicking/avoiding you. In regards to the 1 frame links, it depends on how bad the lag is between you and the player hitting those links. All lag is not the same.

I'm sorry pope I can't show you my skills coz you saw me online and entered my room and left before even playing me. I do like to verse you though but i think you wont. hahahaha

That's a nice bit of fiction you got going there.

bort you should just quit playing street fighter online if you hate lag so much. I'm also thinking of quitting playing this game online once I reach 10k bp or I might switch to playing on Xbox and see what the competition is like

You're a joke and can't be taken seriously.

All connections are shit compare to offline. It's just not the same. offline is where it's at

Fair enough but I'm still joining your room to annoy you and i will be laughing  :P

Typical FinalBlast reply. Instead of accepting that you are wrong like the man your mother is, you resort to personal attacks and troll tactics. Pathetic.

All games that I like to play are online but street fighter is my favourite offline game to play because its fun to play with friends. Unfortunately I don't have time to play offline with someone due to personal reasons

This is a hypothetical to get people thinking along gaming lines:

Can one piece (a game piece), take over the whole world (with a winning strategy)?

Do you think, you could play strategically enough, to win absolutely everything?

It has been said "First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women" (I'm quoting here, this is not my view)... is this a kind of winning strategy that would conquer the world?

Bonus to you if your reply mentions Pinky and the Brain.

LOL SOJI IS FKEN KID , HE cry over a game srsly , the cunt inbox me the whole time !! everytime i beat him lol , sad ..

damn you bort i keep getting bottom of page posts but cannot deny the greatness of your post

If you read my comment I did say TPG is not the best for gaming so this thread is pointless.
David Gaz/steelz/FavouredKnave how many names do you have? lol

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