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We all have different experience and opinions on ISP's. There's really nothing much to say

FinalBlast is master troll.

I would be inclined to make a fourth option:

Finalblast/Binken2001/Redsense/howmanynamesdoyouneed is an offline tournament player and loses online because he can't take it seriously but if he plays offline he will body you so it doesn't matter what internet you use because Perth doesn't lag horribly and every other state does.

Let us strive again for gentleman-like conduct  :Kappa:

Fine.  GGs to m000iee and the ever-salty disABELer.

Thanks Capcom

I just read the last 4-5 pages, feel like I need to leave the internet for awhile.

F**king hell Chocobunny, take your bitching and complaining back to the Cammy forums.

Ty  :bort: for helping me pass my plateau

4 more pages to go...

i just realised we broke 300 pages, and steelz got the first post, haha.

we've almost surpassed xbl too! :bort:

 My plan :bort:

Wow, I met the most ASS player of my life tonight FavouredKnave., no sportsmanship at all.
Joins his room, had one game and kicks me, sends me a message:

"This is a big room for big players, not for kiwi cunts like you"

Soji... ur a really nice guy compared to him  ::) lol.

that's steelz on the forum, resident troll

That wasn't me, I'm not into insults, but I would of done the same as FavoredKnave because I don't get to play as much these days and wouldn't want to waste my time on beginners like Zosla too.

P.S Zosla sh!t talks at his local tournaments in NZ saying that he is better than pretty much everyone in Australia.

Real talk.

I might come down for this. Need to sort a few things out in Melbourne too.

Backpacker Budget accommodation. Is it any good and is that near the tournament place? I also need to go to a Kittens strip club which is a 2 min walk from the backpacker budget accommodation. Or does any one else know better accommodation that is both near Kittens strip club and the tournament place? Cheers

GG's to soji last night, please don't block me bro I like them points.

Yun player? I wouldn't bother. Not worth your time.

He's blocked me already no doubt. He's a great player and all, and I played him in a frequent number of sets for the past few nights. Yes I'm not that good, still learning. I'm happy to say he completely destroyed me in style. Won every match of the 20? But I always keep coming back, never take it personal, never get upset. Because I value the challenge and experience, and I'm happy when I'm outplayed.

But tonight, all admiration and respect I had for him, is gone. Cause we had a few games with lag, noticeable lag. He was winning all of them of course. There was one point where the game must have lagged so much, that it kind of froze? First time, I've experienced it. Then it was hard to tell, if the lag went away, or if he was giving up that round, due to oddly, insurmountable life deficient. So I waited 10 seconds, nothing, so I just finished him.

After the match I get, some kind of hate message: "Get stuffed, f*** off with your lag"? Is this how, this dude, rolls? Cause if it is, I'm put off with playing the dude. I mean, lag, isn't intentional and it's not like I caused it. We were full green bars prior to play for all matches. Is this behavior the norm? I mean, I don't care about winning or amassing meaningless BP points. He'd give mine away if I could. Can you?

Also, shout outs to all the people I've played. Everyone other than Soji were great. (Soji was great till that thing) Played dan, oni, kens, ryu, goukon, abel, fei, and more than my fair share of Chun Li's.

Good game to all, most appreciated. Sorry I wasn't much of a challenge, tried to bring it to a 3rd round. But I'm rusty and lack match-up knowledge.

NEWSFLASH: Evansgambit rage quit on me when I beat his Zangief with Ken (not even my main character.) I baited and punished yet another mashed SPD and he AltF4 like a typical online scrub. He then sent me salty messages wishing harm upon me and my family and called me names such as "disabled" and "pu pu hed." I can't believe he is calling out others on a public forum when he is guilty of the same thing, just like everyone else here. There is no need for this nonsense in the community.

Stay free saltynoob.

I am even tempted to go and I'm not from Melbourne.

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