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Tournament Announcements / Re: [SYD] YSB #31 - 2nd May
« on: April 28, 2015, 12:15:59 PM »
Just a heads up
Guys it is likely MKX is going to be run at 2pm.
So please turn up on time so we don't need to push the tournament back.
With the number of new people, its likely this tournament may run longer than normal.

Anyways hope to see you all there.

Can I use spectral Ermac?

Hey guys haven't posted in while, but I guess I might as well do a shameless plug as the first post of 2014.

on April fourth I'll be doing an Online Tournament for PC, if you're interested check out the post I made for more information :)

Hey guys it's time for another "Prestigious [IXL]FithAlucard Tournament" which is being hosted on the 4th of April at 5pm (UTC+10:00).

So, because it's an online tournament there will be no entry fee, because there are just too many variables with online it'd just be too annoying for a consistent game.

Rules/Other stuff
If both players find a match to be too laggy and both parties agree the person with the bad connection will be DQ'd (Sorry about that)
It will be a double elimination bracket, matches will be two out of  three until grand final which will be a three out of five.
As an incentive to come and play First place will get a copy of "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" on steam.

If you have any other questions don't be afraid to ask.
If you wish to sign up to this just send me a message on steam or facebook, Links below, and remember to tell all of your friends about it :D

Oh and one more thing, some of the games will be streamed here and don't be afraid to like TheNinthLegion on facebook and twitter :)

anyone running usf4 pc mod? lets play

Get life lead with Ken, wait for opponent to heavy knockdown you, use Delay Wakeup, never get up.
Time over win

Man, if matches play out like this... it'll be hype as fuck.

Tournament Announcements / Re: [SYD] YSB #19 - September 21st
« on: September 24, 2013, 04:54:46 PM »
Top 4 reults from each game at YSB.
Injustice has been posted already, and I will get Marvel results soon.

AE Top4
1. robsux
2. ShangTsung
3. thirdeye
4. Genxa

VF5 Top4
1. Myke
2. Megadeath
3. Chill
4. Genxa

KOF Top4 (Majority of the top placing players cant make it to EB, so tickets were handed down)
1. Chen
7. FithAlucard
7. Niah
9. Afterdeath

DoAU Top4
1. Aaron
2. Genxa
3. Zephyr
4. StreamMonsters

Does that mean you win 3 tickets?

Gg's To marth Last night

and to all of those who are somewhat still interested I moved the Online tournament to next friday... So if you want to come play just PM me your GFWL

Hey guys just wanted to tell everyone about this:

And Sorry MikeTheTV and Bort. . . I kept the horrible name :p

GG's Delusional11. . . Sorry I didn't play for too long :3

I missed this place

"your thawk is fucking godlike" -- my optometrist

I am actually speechless of how brilliantly stupid this is.

Good games to tstaraw, FinalBlast123!!

Since nobody has mentioned it yet, I thought it might be worth mentioning that the steam summer sales should be coming up soon so you might be able to snag it for a heavily discounted price.  :MvGame:

Thank you very much for notifying me, I was about to buy games for full price like a chump!

Random convo I had with Genxa one day:

Genxa: How did you even lose to my student? (Yun player)
Me: You know who his playstyle really reminds me of? He played like a freaking Soji WTF
Genxa: LOL serious?
Me: Yeah, I just can't comprehend in my mind why ANYONE would want to play in his style. 8)

Is that regarding Fith? Because if so, that makes sense.

I'd doubt it... And that hurt ;-;

That and I've never versed after death hahaha

If I can generate interest of more than 8 players for 3S, I will consider running a "qualifier" for BAM,
but as far as I know, out of the 3S player only thirdeye and I are going to BAM anyway.....
maybe SA1 Chun/melvin....

I'd be happy to play... but I'm horrible at that game :p

11:02 PM - [IXL]†FithAlucard: Mmm
11:02 PM - [IXL]†FithAlucard: I had a dream
11:02 PM - [IXL]†FithAlucard: of us sleeping together
11:03 PM - [IXL]†FithAlucard: It was magic
11:03 PM - [IXL]†FithAlucard: You watched me
11:03 PM - [IXL]†FithAlucard: until I fell asleep
11:03 PM - [IXL]†FithAlucard: and I woke up later that night hungry
11:03 PM - [IXL]†FithAlucard: and you served me a plate of whale blubber

This is for you Fithy


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