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Ryu Fighter 4's name made me laugh for a solid 5 minutes... Then he whooped my ass for a solid 30.

Also "smooth" with a 3/4 second latency is still shit.

The Pope has spoken!

About to set up a lobby for all you fiends that are still awake. Come join!!!

Probably $300, You forgot to add interest :p

whelp... as much fun as getting bodied is.... I hate everyone :D

also soji... as kind as your offer is... Nope.avi

Came across some Oni player... All I took out of it was "how may I serve this cross up to you? With Ultra on wakeup? or without?"

Name – Samuel
Gamer Tag - FithAlucard
Nationality – Australian
State – NSW

Main Character – Yun
Secondary’s - Sagat

Salt Levels -  Low to rare...

Achievements – Own a limited edition MvC3 Comic book and have 100% unlocked everything in MvC2 on my ps2...

History in fighting -
Non competitive:
Sf2 when i was hella young (button mashed), garou, Tekken 3-ttt2, Soul Cal 5, BlazBlue, MK9
Competitive - Super Street Fighter 4: Heart Break Edition, SFxT and UMvC3

Self proclaimed skill – Can do most Yun tech

Playing times - All day every day (PC mainly) and I want to start to play offline more. . . but never sure of any events

Weaknesses - Forget Yun's hard kick dive kick is the worst thing in the world 20% of the time

Just starting to Play on PC/ Street fighter in general... Quite a fun experience...

Besides sagat.

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