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Can it be used by PC as well? And could you take some photos please so I can have a look.

Many thanks.

Yes it works on PC. Email sent.

I have a Round 1 Madcatz Tournament Edition arcade stick for Xbox 360 I'd like to sell.

It's in good condition and has all Sanwa parts. I can sell in person at the upcoming YSB in Sydney (November 7th) for $80 ono if you're interested (or anyone else for that matter). Bonus of exchanging at YSB is you can try it out before committing.

No sudden SFV tournie?  ;D
Unfortunately we had too many constraints preventing an impromptu SF5 tournament at OHN13. :(

Many thanks again to Capcom and Turn Left Distribution for giving us a rare opportunity to try SF5 months ahead of its release.

Street Fighter V - General Discussion / Re: Street Fighter 5
« on: September 14, 2015, 07:10:41 AM »
Was this the SFV version with Rashid?

No we didn't have R.Mika or Rashid.

We did have Ken, Necalli and Vega.

OHN13 Pool Times
We've uploaded a list of people's pool assignments with estimated start times:

Players should report to their pools at least 10 minutes prior to the estimated start time. We have done our best to minimise overlaps for players in multiple official tournaments. Remember however that official pools take precedence over DIY brackets so be sure to manage your availability accordingly and communicate any clashes with the people running your brackets on the day.

OHN13 Stream Channels
If you can't make it to OHN13 you can still follow the action at home courtesy of our live stream team:

Any chance of getting a ticket at the door? My work shift has cleared up and only found out I am free for Ozhadou today.

Unfortunately not; we don't sell tickets at the door for OHN and haven't done so for many years now.

OHN13 Pools Now Available
Once again we'll be using Challonge for live bracket updates during OHN.

All the pools have been seeded. These seeds are final - no changes will be made to positions or gamertags.

Please find your pools using the links below and use the Please OHN13 website to confirm start times for each game on Saturday. You can also check your registration details on this page.

Good luck to all the competitors this weekend!

hello! Im registered for ohn but on saturday i wont be able to get to the city till about 6ish cos i have work till 4:30. Is there anyway i can be put in the later pools so i can make it?

That should be OK. Please check your pool assignment once we announce that the pools are ready to make sure we've got you covered.

Updates to Rules and Schedule
Now that registration has closed we've made some final adjustments to OHN13. These are:
  • Given the small numbers we'll only be running the top 4 for UMvC3 and KOF13 on Sunday.
  • The order for the games on Sunday has been changed to reflect the sign-ups. Note that the gap between MKX and TTT2 will be for an exhibition (only if we're running on time).
  • We've updated the rules for USF4 (tournament is 2/3 until top 3, when it becomes 3/5) and MKX (whole tournament will be 3/5).

Please check the OHN13 website for full details regarding the updated rules and schedule.

We've also uploaded a list of registered players so please check to make sure your details are correct and contact us asap if you have any concerns.

We'll be announcing the pools very soon, along with the DIY tournament schedule. Keep an eye on the usual communication channels for the latest news.

What's going on with Volunteers this year?

We're all good for volunteers this year Vargus so feel free to come along just to play, spectate and hang out.

A reminder for everyone: registration closes this Sunday (6th Sep) at midnight. Be sure to register ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Hi all, 

I miss entering ohn so much =( just dont have the time to compete anymore.

Quick question, am i able to play casuals if i just pay the entry free for Friday? Planning to take my 1 hr lunch break and go

Please check the Friday schedule and see if it works for you before registering. On Friday we can't open the venue to attendees until 6pm.

The entry fees are for the entire weekend, so it's up to everyone to decide if it's worth it for them to pay the $35 if they can only come for one day (or even a few hours) of casual play.

I know it's not very flexible but managing day-by-day entry fee schemes takes a lot more resources (i.e. we have to police it) and we've found it's much better to invest our energy in making sure the venue, setups and tournaments run as smoothly as possible for everybody that attends.

Street Fighter V - General Discussion / Re: Street Fighter 5
« on: August 21, 2015, 06:45:28 PM »
It's been interesting to read about Aussies getting into the SF5 beta and having such good experiences given we've not been explicitly on Capcom's radar so far. It sounds like there are global rounds planned in the near future so I look forward to reading more local feedback on the experience. :)

For anyone that's keen to try SF5 but hasn't signed up for the beta, Capcom is bringing SF5 demos to OHN13 for people to try.

Street Fighter V Playable at OHN13

There will be two PS4 demo setups available throughout the OHN13 weekend, complete with arcade sticks.

Only registered competitors can play games at OHN and SF5 is no exception. Be sure to register before midnight Sunday 6th September to check out SF5 first-hand.

What are you going to replace those games with? I would have thought USF4 and would have still pulled decent numbers.

SF5 will replace SF4. (That should surprise nobody. :P) Like ST and 3S I'm sure USF4 will enjoy DIY support for years to come.

My understanding is that the Tekken community is looking forward to moving over to Tekken 7 (and would have done so already if they could).

Sadly there is no successor for UMvC3. :( I'd like to see it stay but we don't see any significant interest at YSB anymore. Sydney has abandoned Marvel and thus OHN must also abandon it.

I'd like to have KOF13 stay on as well but again there has been a vast drop in interest as the Sydney community has splintered between multiple titles (e.g. GG, Persona, etc.). If any one of these new games had significant support they would have replaced KOF13 this year.

For Sydney players looking to get their game recognised I strongly recommend you support your DIY game(s) of choice at OHN13, then follow that up with consistent YSB support. That's the surest way to get your new game of choice promoted to official status at the next OHN.

Some important updates for OHN13.

Draft Tournament/Stream Schedule Now Available
You can view the schedule over at the OHN13 website. The final schedule, including DIY tournaments, will be announced shortly after registration closes. Until then please treat this schedule as our "best estimate" of how things will pan out.

DIY Line-Up Announced
The line-up of DIY tournament games is now available. Remember that you must purchase a competitor pass even if you only wish to play casual games or enter DIY tournaments at OHN13. The DIY line-up is huge this year - 9 games in total - so there should be something for everybody at OHN13.

Registrations Closing Sunday 6th September
As always we will not be taking OHN registrations at the venue. All attendees MUST register online before the closing time of midnight on Sunday 6th September.

If you're in Sydney and prefer to pay in person, jarop will be collecting OHN registrations at YSB #35 on Sep 5th.

Remember this is the last year that USF4, TTT2, UMvC3 and KOF13 will be official games at OHN. If you're a fan of any of these titles then we invite you to join us at 99 on York next month to farewell these great fighting games.

Random Discussion / Re: Safety of 15 y o
« on: July 29, 2015, 08:17:05 PM »
The OzHadou Nationals 13 tournament is being held at the bowling club 99 On York. As a licensed venue 99 On York has strict rules regarding under 18s.

As per the 99 On York Information page all under 18s at 99 On York are required to be accompanied by an adult at all times. As we are bound by the club's rules, we also require that all under 18s attending OHN be accompanied by an adult at all times.

The safety of under 18s at OHN is the responsibility of the adult accompanying them. OHN staff will be too busy running the event to provide supervision for under 18 attendees.

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