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Post Event Discussion / OHN11 Results
« on: February 24, 2013, 12:29:25 PM »
Below you'll find the top 8 results for all 5 official tournaments at OHN11. I'll update this post live as the finals unfold, so refresh for the latest and post your shout-outs and feedback below.

VF5:FS Finals - Results

Finals bracket

1. [VIC] AlexMD2011
2. [NSW] Megadeath
3. [NSW] kientan
4. [NSW] MadeMan
5. [QLD] NefeliousG
5. [NSW] Chill
7. [NSW] CrowdPleasingMoves
7. [VIC] Berzerk!

KOF13 Finals - Results

Finals bracket

1. [QLD] ON|Colonov
2. [WA] derrace
3. [NSW] Chen
4. [VIC] Ero_Oyaji
5. [SA] Nerk
5. [NSW] Alexk
7. [QLD] Qmar
7. [SA] A1Major

TTT2 Finals - Results

Finals bracket

1. [NSW] MMT
2. [NSW] Kantoro
3. [VIC] X
4. [VIC] talons
5. [NSW] Zhan
5. [NSW] Lord Silver
7. [QLD] Marimo-San
7. [NSW] Meat

SSF4:AE - Results

Finals bracket

1. [VIC] gb
2. [NSW] ShangTsung
3. [VIC] SL.SoL
4. [NSW] robsux
5. [VIC] DB ToXY
5. [NSW] Genxa
7. [NSW] Punk
7. [VIC] Zgeus

UMvC3 Finals - Results

Finals bracket

1. [NSW] Arnold Desu
2. [VIC] Antman
3. [QLD] Ghandi aka Low Blow
4. [QLD] NefeliousG
5. [VIC] Somniac
5. [QLD] Baxter
7. [QLD] Tyrone
7. [VIC] DB ToXY

SF3:3S OE DIY Results


1. [NSW] Genxa
2. [NSW] MN
3. [VIC] DB ToXY

DOA5 OE DIY Results


1. [VIC] Berzerk
2. [VIC] AlexMD2011
3. [VIC] Gab


Check the semi-finals brackets below to find out who made it out of pools today at OHN11:
The last few pools are wrapping up now. Visit the schedule page for links to all of the pool brackets.

Semi-finals for AE will be kicking off on the stream at 7.30pm Sydney time, with UMvC3 following. You can check the stream out at

I apologize for asking so many questions

But I see there is an extended gap between the SSFIV Pools and UMvC3 Pools from 1.30pm to 3.00pm

The extended gap is used to setup UMvC3 right? Can I use this time to get the wristband?
Earlier is better if you can make it but otherwise we'll do our best to get your tagged promptly when you arrive. Please bear in mind that things get pretty busy once the pools start.

Can we get our lanyard on saturday?
Yes you can, but please understand that we've got to kick off pools right away and it might take longer than usual to get you sorted when you arrive.

Pro-Tips for Enjoying OHN11

As someone that grew up reading numerous video game magazines like Gamepro, the term "pro-tip" carries a large amount of nostalgia for me. The OHN series also carries much nostalgia for me as it's been running for over 10 years and has crowned dozens of National Champions across a wide range of fighting games.

This weekend we'll be seeking to crown the 11th set of OHN champions. As we all embark together on this journey to prove who Australia's strongest players really are, I thought I'd take a moment to share some "pro-tips" to help everyone attending OHN this weekend have the most enjoyable experience possible. People are travelling from all around the country for this event so we should all strive to make the most of our time together in Sydney.

Without further ado, here are my 10 "pro-tips" for enjoying OHN11.

1 ) The Registration Desk
Upon arrival at OHN11 on Friday everyone is required to queue at the registration desk. We'll ask you for your region and gamer tag, then confirm your list of official games (if any). You'll be ticked off our list and issued with an OHN wristband which must be worn for the entire weekend. They're waterproof and tamper-proof so don't take it off unless you're done with playing games at OHN11.

Have your OHN11 registration receipt handy (print out or electronic) so that in the event of a dispute we can quickly confirm your details. If you don't have any proof of payment on you then we will automatically assume that our records are correct.

We advise everyone to get their wristband on Friday night if possible. We'll have an ad hoc registration desk available on Saturday morning but as shown in the schedule we are wall-to-wall with pools on Saturday and have had to scrap any formal registration time. Remember that there will be casual play and "exhibition matches" taking place on Friday night, so come on in if you can to get registration out of the way and have some pre-tournament fun.

2 ) Reporting for Matches
Whether pools or finals, everyone must report to their tournament matches on time. Judges will issue a maximium of 3 calls for absent players, after which time (2 minutes at most) you will automatically forfeit your match.

We recommend players report to the venue at least 15 minutes prior to their allocated starting time (where possible). Stay within earshot of any announcements from the judges and make sure you have a controller with you.

3 ) Bring Your Own Controller (BYOC)
OHN is a "BYOC" tournament. This means that we provide the consoles but all players are responsible for providing their own controller to use. Make sure you know which consoles (Xbox 360 or PS3) are being used for the games you'll be playing and arrive at OHN with a the correct controller (pad or stick).

No controllers are provided for tournament play OR casual play, so it's entirely up to YOU to have a controller if you want to get your money's worth in games out of OHN. Players are welcome to share controllers but remember that if you do not arrive on time for your tournament matches with a controller ready then you WILL be disqualified. We will not take "my friend is using my controller" as an excuse for delaying the tournament!

4 ) Announcements
Over the weekend there will be numerous announcements made. Some will be localised e.g. judges calling-up players for tournament matches, while others will be made over the in-house PA. We understand that players will sometimes be unable to hear general announcements while playing games, but if you know you're waiting to be called for something please keep your headphones OFF and pay attention.

The most common cause of disqualifications at tournaments is players failing to listen for their gamer tag to be called during pools, so avoid disappointment and listen carefully when your tournament bracket is under way.

5 ) No Alcohol in the Red Room
OHN is a family event where people of all ages are encouraged to participate. Since "99 on York" is a licensed venue we are under very strict guidelines while allowing minors into the premises.

No alcohol is permitted in the Red Room at any time during OHN. Breaking this rule could get OHN shut down, which is obviously terrible for everybody involved. Please respect this rule at all times.

Remember that people are welcome to enjoy a social drink at any of the "99 on York" bars which are open provided they do not bring any alcohol into the Red Room.

Remember that we can't tell if that glass you're carrying has alcohol in it or not so we'll always ask people to keep their bar-purchased drinks outside the Red Room. This also prevents any unwelcome accidents (i.e. beverages and electronics don't mix well).

6) Keeping up with the Brackets
As mentioned previously all the brackets for OHN11 are updated live online via Challonge. It's very hard for us to show people the brackets while the tournament is under way. Rather than pestering (very busy and stressed-out) judges for a look at the brackets, please bring along your tablet or smartphone and look them up yourself! This saves everyone time and means you can study the brackets anywhere, anytime without having to wade through a packed room of tournament players to find a judge.

7 ) Casual Play
Everybody wearing a wristband is entitled to casual play at OHN. People should form orderly queues at casual play setups to indicate that they'd like to play next. After taking a loss a person should look around to see if anyone's waiting to play. If they are, step aside and let the next person on to the machine. You can then join the end of the queue, join another queue or otherwise amuse yourself.

Do NOT give up your place on a setup for anyone not wearing a wristband. If people are not respecting the arcade-style rotation process please raise your concerns with one of the OHN staff members.

Remember, everyone has paid their share and set aside time to play games at OHN. Fighting games are about learning from your losses and playing a wide range of opponents, so instead of hogging setups, step back and analyse your losses and give yourself a chance to test yourself against as many different opponents as possible.

8 ) Hygiene
Video game tournaments involve a lot of people crammed into a relatively small amount of space, sharing the same air and touching the same surfaces over and over for several days in a row. This provides an ideal environment for anything contagious to spread like wildfire.

If you're not feeling well we strongly advise you not to come to OHN that day. Remember that the stream will be broadcasting the action live all weekend long and we'd rather people look after themselves than risk further harm to them (and others) by coming in sick.

Make sure you wash your hands regularly and use the sanitary wipes provided. Take care with your hands and you'll greatly reduce the risk of catching the much-maligned "OHN plague".

Also remember that it's going to get pretty warm in the Red Room, so please do everyone a favour and do your best to arrive clean and fresh each day. We all need to be in close proximity for hours at a time, and in these conditions a little deodorant goes a LONG way.

9 ) Saving Space
You're at OHN, your pool is done, you're not in the mood for casuals right now but you're not watching any matches or ready to eat yet. If you're doing nothing, why not do nothing outside for a bit?

We're going to be short on space this weekend, so while we welcome everyone into the OHN venue we also hope you'll help us to keep the cramming to a minimum by taking yourself out of the venue for a while if you don't need to be there. You could hit the lounge outside the Red Room, go downstairs for awhile, or head out for some fresh air and explore the local area. With your smartphone in hand you'll be able to keep up with the progress of the brackets while you're away.

This is especially important on Saturday where we know we need around 80 people in the venue at any one time while running the pools, but could have 230+ squeezed into the Red Room. Clearly it'll be more comfortable for everyone if we don't all try to be in there at the same time while the pools are underway.

10 ) Hype vs. Respect
The whole point of OHN is to bring together Australians who are passionate about fighting games. We're a diverse, enthusiastic bunch who rarely get the chance to meet face-to-face now that arcades are almost dead and we're forced to play online all the time. Take the opportunity to introduce yourself to fellow players. Make connections that will improve your game whilst sharing your passion for fighting games with like-minded individuals.

Also remember to treat everyone with respect at OHN. The competition will be fierce and the hype will be loud but remember that at the end of the day we're all at OHN for the same reasons. A little trash talking can be great fun but we still expect everyone to treat their fellow players with respect and decency throughout the weekend.

After that wall-of-text you'll be thoroughly sick of hearing from me. :P Luckily I don't have much more to say this late in the proceedings. :)

Good luck to all of the OHN11 competitors. I look forward to seeing all of you this weekend at the 11th OzHadou Nationals, Australia's longest running fighting game tournament. :D

Some excellent ideas.
Quite a few of these things crossed my mind as I was putting the data together but I wanted to get the core stuff (i.e. the bracket seeds) out to the public as quickly as possible. Now that's all done and I've got some time up my sleeve I've implemented some additional things, many of them in line with your requests.

  • The attendee list once again has the rank seeding points included. (I wasn't sure if people still wanted to see that data once seeding was done but I guess they do. ;) )
  • The schedule page now has links to all of the Challonge brackets (both pools and finals) so you can navigate around the brackets via the schedule page if you're so inclined.
  • All of the Challonge brackets have been updated with additional information including the starting time(s) for the bracket, the date and location for the bracket and the relevant stream link(s) for that bracket (if any). There are also links back to the OHN website, OH forums (specifically this thread), the schedule page and the attendees list.
Hopefully that's enough links and data replication that anyone can navigate around the OHN11 details seamlessly whether at home on their PC or on the go with their smartphone.

Hey, for some reason, im not on the attendee's list or in the brackets... whats goin on? I have the confirmation email and everything...

edit: i wasnt put in pools either the past two years... is it something to do with having an x in my name... haha

Please email us immediately with your receipt details. If the payment came through we should be able to find it in our records. If not... :(

I assure you there's no conspiracy against you. :P However you really need to be more proactive about confirming that your registration has been processed. This is why I constantly ask people to check the OHN website after registering so that we can catch these problems and assist people while we still have time available. If people wait until registrations are closed there's simply no time left for us to reopen registration if your payment didn't come through.

Live Online Tournament Brackets

Visit the OHN11 website for full details.

A couple of helpful tips:
  • This year we're using Challonge because it's a platform most people are already very familiar with.
  • You can look up your individual pool assignments by visiting the attendees page.
  • Don't forget to look up your pool start times on the schedule page. You MUST be present on time for your tournament matches with a controller ready to use or you will be disqualified from your match.
I'm pleased to announce that, provided we run on time as planned, nobody will have to suffer with overlapping pools for the official tournaments. This has only been possible by enforcing online registrations, so thanks very much to everyone that has cooperated with the OHN11 registration process, as you're helping us to make the tournament as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

Enough waffle from me - get into those brackets and start studying! ;)

Registration Data Lockdown

We receive many requests from people after they register for OHN regarding their gamer tags. Before bracket seeding commences these changes can usually be accommodated with minimal fuss. However once registrations close and bracket seeding begins we start mass-duplicating attendee data across multiple locations and it's just not practical to keep making updates anymore.

As of now all registration data for OHN11 is in "lockdown" status. That means the data is static from here on in. All requests to change gamer tags will be ignored, as will requests to transfer registrations to other people.

The lockdown will allow us to complete bracket seeding asap, which in turn gives us a chance to get pool assignments online a few days before the tournament begins. We're working hard to make sure players won't be in overlapping pools for official tournaments, and I'm also exploring ways to make it easier for people to look-up their pool assignments. I hope that the extra data we can publish as a result of the lockdown will make things as easy as possible for all OHN11 competitors.

Keep an eye on OzHadou for more OHN11 updates over the next few days.

Registrations Closed (Again)

It's well after 6pm in Sydney so the "last chance" registration period for OHN11 is now over.

Everyone that registered during the "last chance" window, or otherwise made changes to their existing registration, needs to visit the Attendees page on the OHN website to make sure we've captured your details correctly. Please contact us immediately if anything is amiss as we're now under a lot of pressure to get the brackets seeded and uploaded before Friday.

Note that the "o" in the attendees list denotes people that registered for that game under the "last chance" constraint of forfeiting ranked and regional seeding rights. All competitors marked "o" will be seeded last into the official brackets and automatically forfeit any rank points earned at OHN qualifier tournaments.

Thanks to everyone that took advantage of the "last chance" period to register. We look forward to seeing all of you in Sydney this weekend for the 11th iteration of the OzHadou Nationals, Australia's longest running fighting game tournament. :D

I don't think any of them actually took the time to look at the fact they must register, meaning scv diy will be 3 people.
So is it still on or are you going to cancel it?

A straight answer before your fellow SC players pay would be considered "good form" to say the least.

What about people who are only attending DIY's? do they have to register by tomorrow too? most of the SCV peeps are only going for SCV.
Yes, assuming you still want to run SC5 under these conditions.

Looks like today's going to end well for some people after all...

Last chance to register for OHN11.

Get it while it's hot people, because it'll be gone again by 6pm tomorrow.

ATTENTION: Very Last Chance to Register for OHN11

Having received numerous queries about the early close of registration, we've raised the matter with the staff at 99oY. We've managed to negotiate some flexibility around the venue capacity limits.

The bottom line is this: registration is open again from NOW until 6pm tomorrow (i.e. Tue 19th Feb). There is no cap for this "last chance" registration period - we'll take anyone that gets their payment through before 6pm tomorrow.

There are however some important consequences for anyone registering this late in the proceedings:
  • Anyone registering now for official tournaments will be appended into the brackets. Nobody registering in the "last chance" round will receive ranked or regional seeding benefits. We also cannot guarantee you won't end up in overlapping pools.
  • If you use this time to add a game to an existing registration, then the above regarding seeding also applies to you.
  • Obviously we cannot complete the brackets until all the data is collected, so we won't be able to publish the brackets now until Thursday the 21st of Feb at the absolute earliest.
  • We won't be able to update the Attendees list until after 6pm tomorrow, so you won't be able to confirm your details until after registration closes. Get it right the first time because there won't be any second chances. We do not have the time to deal with registration errors. Don't forget to supply your name, region and gamer tag in the space provided.

You can register by visiting this link:

Good luck. :)

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