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Tournament Announcements / Re: [QLD] SantaSmash 15th-16th December
« on: December 05, 2012, 05:41:12 AM »
I'll be there on the sunday helping to run KOF and Marvel again.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S (on the SNES) please.

Haha we actually had a scene going for that at one stage.

Breakers Revenge is where it's at though.

Sounds good, ft5 in kof for $20?

I'm still learning but i've got a good trainer haha

Hey pyro wanna do a ft5 or something?

Also vic vs qld marvel 5 v 5. Let's do this.

Qld vs SA was already in the works for kof.

We easily have players to cover it.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: Touched by the Hand of God
« on: November 20, 2012, 07:05:49 PM »
Proof of onus is on the one making the claim. You claim fairies, you prove fairies. It's not up to others to prove they don't exist.

n1 but you are doing it wrong, read carefully and try again

also thoughts

Basically sums up the pointlessness of debating on the internet.

Enjoy your evolution destroying peanut butter.

Birth of life as we know it.

Agreed. The finely tuned life hypothesis is exactly that, a hypothesis. I neither agree nor disagree with it's premise, since it has no experimentally verified data behind it.

Street Fighter IV - General Discussion / Re: Touched by the Hand of God
« on: November 20, 2012, 04:58:21 PM »
I swore my days of internet god debating was over but whatever.

can you explain to me your proof that a god or gods do not exist?

Proof of onus is on the one making the claim. You claim fairies, you prove fairies. It's not up to others to prove they don't exist.

i'm not too knowledgable on the accepted big bang theory or w/e but i heard if the particle explosion (?) was a teency bit off (and there was a high chance of that happening, like 99.999999%) that the world would not exist. i think there has to be some sort of higher power dont you?

That's a big conclusion to draw from that statement. Here's an analogy.

Pick a number between one and a billion. There was exactly one in a billion chance that you picked the exact number that you picked. You picked a number that was statistically improbable to pick. Therefore god.

Statistically improbable things happen constantly, all day everyday. None of them constitute evidence of a 'higher power'.

Also what you were referring to is most likely the concept that the fundamental physical universal constants (speed of light, gravitational force etc) are finely tuned for 'life', and that the smallest change to any of them renders the birth of life unlikely.


Flights booked.

See you at OHN.

Marvel VS Capcom 3 - General Discussion / Re: "Proper" button layout?
« on: October 31, 2012, 02:40:28 PM »
i think ill start using the

L H A1 (Fraud Button)
M S A2 (Fraud Button)

setup. thanks for the help guys :D

I like your style.

Also just for a quick reference if you're playing zero, viper or vergil it's easier to play tvc style

L  M   H
S  A1 A2

since you have to hold a button to charge at points. 2 button dashing can be a little odd if you play mvc2 style layout but it's doable.

Like if you want to get the most amount of jump lightnings, then you hyper hop (db,d,df,f,uf)

So that's how you get the full 5 reps!

I always cut it short at 4 and don't bother with the standing heavy fireball.

When Tom went was 2010, it was  fair bit cheaper to travel then, unfortunately it's gone up a lot since.
For eg, last years EVO myself Antman and Daichi went the tickets themselves were 2,300.
If you really want to make the trip to EVO book as soon as you see good ticket prices, cause the way of the world these days is increasing plane ticket prices on a daily basis.

Ouch, tickets cost me 1500 in 2011 and i got them late as well.

When do people normally come online these days?

I've jumped back on for a few matches here and there and can't seem to find anyone in Aus in either ranked or endless.

I went on roughly $2500 AUD, with an exchange rate about the same as now. I was only there for 5 days though and didn't do anything too extravagant outside of eating and drinking.

At least 4000 if you're going to be there for 2 weeks, maybe even a bit more.

Is there anything better than Dreamcancel to learn KOF from?

I'm finding that if you don't speak Japanese the more in depth stuff is hard to come by.

The game is far more visceral than SF4. You don't get 60 million years to plan your next move.

There are still though situations where you get a pre planned set up though. Beni's non ex command grab is a good example, can't be combo'd off so you get a solid pre determined mix up.

I love the fluidity of this game, always feels like you have a multitude of options at any one point (unless I'm stuck in a clark vortex, then I mostly just have the option of dying).

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